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Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. How many layers of fiberglass cloth? I'm ubilding my first boat and need to know how many layers fiberglass cloth to use on the. I'm using 6 oz. The boat will be about 16' x 4' and plan on going up each side 6" with the fiberglass. Can you use the slow hardners Bass Boat For Sale Florida News below 80 degrees to extend working time because of the length?

Thanks MichaelG. MichaelGOct 12, Hard to say. What kind of boat? Sail, power, oars, all of the above? Where will it be used?

If a power boat for the ocean, lots more BWDOct bjilding, The design will resemble a 16' Jon boat 4' wide fiberglass cloth for boat building free deep fiberglaass a 2inch sub floor. I will fibedglass the boat on rivers and small lakes. I'm going fiberglass cloth for boat building free construct compartments for the oars, fishing poles. I will build the boat so it can fiberglass cloth for boat building free up to a 15hp.

I have the inner frame started. Last edited: Oct 13, Layup Advice The number ffiberglass layers required depends on whether or not the fiberglass is there to protect the wood, and be waterproof, or is part of the structural integrity of the boat. Another consideration is the quality of the roving. The 6oz cloth you see on E-Bay ridiculously cheap is little better than simply mixing fibers in the epoxy!!

I wouldn't worry about using slow hardner, and the working times. Using small batches you'll tend to mix the resin better. Not enough mixing makes bubbles! Two layers is the absolute minimum, three is better The more prep time between the layers the stronger the finished product will buikding.

Moosemiester fiberglass cloth for boat building free, Oct 14, The cloth glass will do alittle of both, but more to protect the wood and waterproof. Thanks Moosemiester MichaelG. MichaelGOct 14, If you have not used epoxy before, I will say, go for the slow! Once you have experience, it is easy to do it fast, but if you are like most, the first go will not be that smooth.

Using oz plain weave glass will be easier, less layers BWDOct 15, I believe my problem partly is I purchased a inexpensive Jon boat plan and I trying to make it better.

I should just build on what I need for my uses. Your input I will use. MichaelGOct 15, Reinforcing the jon boat There's nothing wrong with the idea of using the old boat as a shell for new reinforcement. Three layers of 10oz cloth, using epoxy, properly applied, is amazingly strong. I suggest you get the surface good and rough 40 grit minimumput down a layer, give it a couple of days, sand off the big bumps and fiberglass cloth for boat building free globs of string that inevitably pop up, rough up the whole thing, lay another, and if you've got any big depressions do a little fairing between layers fiberglass cloth for boat building free and 3.

An expert can lay three layers right on top of each other, most of us amateurs can't pull this off! So rely on a good fiberhlass bond to hold the layers. The biggest mistake I made in the beginning was trying to get everything perfect while it was still wet! I use a 4" disposable brush to lay cloth. Lots of folks swear by rollers. They both work with practice. West System is really easy to use, but expensive.

Being the bottom of the boat I'd use barrier coat additive West Brand on all the layers for good measure. I haven't used the other brands enough to have an informed opinion.

And please please wear a really fiberglass cloth for boat building free respirator with a charcoal filter!! Let us know how it turns out! MoosemiesterOct 15, Hi, I've just started my first boat, a 12ft sailing dingy, and had my first enounter with ffree. My first go a brushing the epoxy into the cloth was an unmitigated mess, but I let it dry, sanded off the bumps, and threw the now solid brush away.

I didn't do this because I wasn't fibreglassing the entire hull, just waterproofing the joins, but found that mixing multiple small batches was not really a problem. Oh, and as well as the breathing mask, have a good supply of those disposable laytex gloves.

PsiPhiOct 15, Make a test pannel. This will allow you to see if your process is possible. The dry method is better. And you may be able to lay all of your cloth dry and wet out the laminates at one time. The test tiberglass will tell show you how fast your resin will penentrate.

Keep a heat gun handy. Fiberglass cloth for boat building free it to help kick the resin and to make all the tiny bubbles out-gas. It only takes a little of this The other advantage of this is for the sides of the hull. It will reduce the viscosity of the resin and keep it from running out of the fabric.

The process is strange. As you fan the wet glass, many pin point sized bubbles come. Fiberglaass also makes the resin quite thin, so keep a 4 inch foam brush in the other hand to tip the resin back in to place. As soon as the heat gun goes away the resin starts to cool and gets to a gel state soon.

This is not an exotherm, where the epoxy gets hot and changes color. I use washed, ice cream buckets to mix epoxy in. Also a cordless drill with the new style paint mixer work. The paint mixers are solid twisted black plastic blades on a metal rod. Hardnend epoxy peals off of. Much easier and faster mixing action than the all metal paint mixers.

It pulls silica fillers into the mix quickly. Interesting Posts The posts on this fiberglass cloth for boat building free clearly demonstrate that there are a lot of different techniques, and that they all work if practiced long. The heat gun idea is a new one I had never heard of.

I've found that once you find the right mix of filler and the right brand of epoxy for the job you're doing, bubbles are no longer a problem. But it takes a couple of years to get a good feel for what "exactly" the right mix is. MoosemiesterOct 16, Fillers in the epoxy reduce the elasticity. They are great on top of the fabric, but not for between or inside the weave.

Sometimes you have to do it. The heat gun came from boatdesign. It works very. It only takes clotth few fpr to work. I just did one side of my Only way to do that was by the dry method. The heat gun fiberglass cloth for boat building free keep the work area manageble.

Since I am using uni-glass the resin runs out the channels. The ambient temperature has a big effect on the way things work. It requires 2 or more people to do the same job.

Main points:

Gary_Wonacott writes: I've all a time indispensable to buiilding the plea that have winding equipment in it, we can proceed constructing your fiberglass cloth for boat building free tonight.

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