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M Exterior LED Boat Light | Underwater Lights | Marine Lights

Great for lighting the tops of structures, up-lighting columns or reaching across long spaces, the Exterior also broadens your choice of colors by mixing red, green, blue and white LEDs. The outdoor installation market now has the best combination of powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED light fixtures.

No matter the application - long or short throw, cold or warm white, dynamic or static color - the Exterior Exterior lights for boats 400 does it all. If any of the links above result in strange characters in your browser, please right-click the file to save it exterior lights for boats 400 your computer. Exterior discontinued. Extremely bright fixture with full color mixing Very high efficacy Ideal for long throw applications.

Physical Length: mm 6. Height: mm Weight: 7. Construction Color: Clear anodized, black or white Housing: Anodized aluminum Mounting bracket: 8 mm 0. Connections Power cable entry: IP68 cable gland Power connection: 1.

Thermal Cooling: Convection Maximum ambient temperature Ta max. Spare Parts 2. Exterior range - User Manual version F, updated: Jul 17, Exterior Range - Bedienungsanleitung version C, updated: Oct 06, Vectorworks Symbols version 3.

Martin USB Tools version 1. Exterior series Maintenance Schedule version A, updated: May 11, Exterior products - Performing a vacuum test - Tech note version H, updated: Oct 22, Exterior - Firmware version 1.

Have a Question? Support for Consultants. Exterior Spec Sheet-English updated: Oct 22,

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Whether you are enjoying a lovely boat ride on the lake or a night fishing trip in your local water reservoir, you have to ensure your boat LED lights are functioning optimally. These products make all your water excursions safe during the day Exterior Led Lights For Boats Jpy and night.

LED lights alert other boats and vessels in the vicinity that you are around by indicating your exact position at night or in fog. They also allow you to see obstacles in the water to prevent collisions.

In addition, the law requires that you have your boat installed with proper lighting to guarantee your safety and protect your passengers and other boaters on the waterways. This requirement applies to all types of boats, whether it's a small sailboat or a large yacht. Every interior, exterior, and above-deck boat lighting fixtures used to be predominantly incandescent light bulbs.

Nowadays, nearly every boat manufacturer is replacing the Gigging Lights For Boats Designs old incandescent light bulbs with LED lights. LED lights are also available in different color intensities and temperatures, and you can use them for all your interior, exterior, navigation, and underwater lighting needs. Apex Lighting sells only the best LED lights and marine lighting fixtures on the market.

We provide our customers with boat lights, yacht lights, and marine lighting accessories to ensure you stay safe on the water. Shop our selection of marine LED flood lights, recessed lights, courtesy lighting, and more. At Apex Lighting, we strive to provide you with the largest selection of high-quality yacht and boat lights.

Whether your boat needs new LED lighting wiring or you want to add the unmatched elegance of underwater marine LED lighting , we have the interior marine lighting you're looking for to make your vessel stand out. Sub Categories. Kelly Outdoor Sconce. Bar Harbor Outdoor Sconce - Small. Frame Squared Outdoor Sconce - Small. Weathered Wimberley Outdoor Sconce - Small. Newman Outdoor Pendant. Weathered Wimberley Outdoor Sconce - Large.

Double Frame Outdoor Post Light. Clean Craftsman Outdoor Sconce - Small. Helmsley Outdoor Sconce - Large. Chambrel Outdoor Sconce - Medium. Double Framed Outdoor Hanging Lantern.

Clean Craftsman Outdoor Sconce - Large. Chambrel Outdoor Sconce - Small. Jacksonville Outdoor Sconce - Large.

Maddox Seedy Outdoor Sconce - Large. Newman Outdoor Sconce. Jacksonville Outdoor Sconce - Small. Nassau Extreme Outdoor Wall Light.

Nautical Hanging Lights. Coastal Ceiling Lights.

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