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Taken from the Edexcel 2 year GCSE Scheme of Work, containing prior knowledge, keywords, opportunities for problem solving and common misconceptions. For more information please see the Edexcel GCSE Maths page. F5a Equations and Inequalities H2a Basic algebra, setting up and solving equations. Solutions of f (x) = 0 are where the graph of y = f (x) cuts the x -axis. If given g (x)=0 instead (Q: �by drawing a suitable straight line�) then: Rearrange into f (x) = mx + c and draw the line y = mx + c. Solutions are the x -coordinates of where the line crosses the curve. Note that solutions may also be . The JavaScript engine of a particular web browser may not be fast or powerful enough to run the applet. Try a different web browser. This version of the applet uses the MathJax system for displaying maths symbols. Glossary. equation. Equation Buster-Edexcel GCSE () Higher (UK) A: Solving Equations and Inequalities.

Universal all site questions. Kinematics studies how the position of an object changes with time. Planes 3. Area of parallelogram. Higher Level.

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