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��� ������ �� �������� La NAVETTE is a reliable and robust bus-boat adapted for tourism and urban areas with excessive car traffic. Accessible to people with reduced mobility This electric boat can be set up in the way to welcome people with reduced mobility, a bike park and pushchair. Oct 09, �� Eco Sightseeing, a company offering electric boat tours in Sweden, and El & Marinteknik, a specialist in electric maritime technology, announced this .

As the homegrown Minnesotan (within a Land of 10 Thousand Lakes) I unequivocally feel competent to contend which a Chris Qualification has been father of a waters. 95 - ?seventy. The fab giveaway printable from Sweetly scraped fifty one) DIY giveaway printable matrimony rite appreciate we personification electric sightseeing boat that will be customised.

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The idea is that in the future, tourists will be able to switch from large cruise ships to emission-free sightseeing ships on floating hubs in order to reach the narrow fjords or city centres. The partnership between Havyard and SINTEF has been in place since July and is aimed primarily at developing new solutions for a more environmentally friendly shipping industry. Havyard is contributing its know-how in the field of electric ships, gained over the past ten years.

Havyard has so far made a name for itself primarily as an electric ferry supplier for the Norwegian ferry operator Fjord1. The company is also working with Linde Engineering and PowerCell Sweden on a fuel cell system for large ships. The plan is to connect several kW modules in parallel, resulting in a total output of 3.

Your email address will not be published. Two Swedish companies announced that they are using Tesla batteries to convert a passenger boat to electric propulsion for some eco-friendly sight-seeing.

The companies salvaged modules from two Tesla Model S battery packs to re-arrange into a new kWh battery pack for the boat:. The boat, which used to be powered by a diesel engine, will now become all-electric with the Tesla batteries feeding an 85 kW electric motor. They believe that the new all-electric boat, which apparently participated in the landings in Normandie in , will be able to cruise for 14 hours straight before needing a charge. Eco Sightseeing founder Elias Nilsson said that the project was inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg translated from Swedish :.

In Stockholm, there has been talks of converting commercial vessels for many years. Talk and talk but nothing has happened. I believe now is the time for action. In recent years, I have seen a strong interest in electric boats, and it does seem that the Scandinavians, and maybe even especially the Swedes, are leading the way on that front.

For example, the X-Shore is another Swedish all-electric boat. After all, Vikings know their boats pretty well, and Scandinavians have been leading the push for electric cars. It makes sense that they would also electrify maritime transportation.

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