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dupont imron spray paint

For decades, Imron polyurethane enamel has been the finish of choice for leading heavy-duty truck, bus and rail manufacturers. Imron paint boasts the highest durability levels, outstanding dupont imron paint for boats 09 performance on topcoats and clears, reliable corrosion protection and excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, as well as shock and impact.

I,ron is no wonder then that Imron paint is widely approved by OEMs, other commercial users and almost all European railway institutes. Imron paints can be applied with all customary application processes, robotic as well as manual application. All that translates into a very consistent, easy-to-use and productive paint. Thanks dupont imron paint for boats 09 an advanced tints and binder system, Imron topcoats can be produced quickly and effectively in a wide variety of colours.

While perfectly coordinated components minimise mistakes, the modular system also means less capital is tied up in inventory. Larger paint quantities are available in ready-mixed colour batches tailored to individual customer specifications.

All Imron products are available in a solvent- or waterborne product range and maintain their superior appearance even after years of exposure to environmental, chemical and mechanical stresses. Axalta is not resposible for content you are bboats to view. Search Search. Imron Waterborne Paint. Imron Solventborne Paint.

Check this:

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OK so you want to use imron ,,,,,not your boat? All 2 pack polyurethanes are bad. Wear a respirator. Don't spray next to your neighbour's kids.

Imron is fine. For a while there were plenty yachts in it. The gloss retention is good but it is softer than a yacht topcoat. Solid colour maybe safer option for repairs but if you use a thick clear then you don't see scratches so bad. Agree with comments on prep. You'll open up loads of pinholes when you sand gelcoat. You may even have star crazing to dig out. Bury them in primer then use fast 2pack polyester fine filler for the remaining.

Our standard spec would be p 3M gold paper then microns Awlgrip then p before topcoat. Good luck! I warn you now, painting a car is easy compared to a boat. Wait till it warms up midmorning but try not to spray in hot sun. Imron sets up quick.

No probs on car. Different matter on 32foot hull. Ideal day is still, overcast, cool. Don't paint late in day. The night time may bring dew. Try to get it on before hrs - but this depends on your local climate. Also, you might want to look at Imron colors, you were talking about custom.

Here in my country Dupont just have some card colors for Imron, they don't mix colors to make custom. Check that, might be diferent there. I've just found out they have a lot of color to chose from Dupont Imron. But still, they guys at Dupont he in D. Regarding safety, yes, you should have some goo breathing equipment for that. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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View Full Version : Which way do i go imron or gel-coat. Just had the bottom of my 18ft seebold gel-coat with zodiac white they sand and buff it out it looks grate. The problem is they are closeing up will not finish the boat i have someone who will spay the top with imron white will it look diffent or find someone to spay with gel-coat,which will last longer and look better in the long run thanks.

Gelcoat when done right will look better and last longer than paint. It will also be more scratch resistant and easier to repair. Im not talking a garage boat or a small boat that gets a full cover, im talking a boat, exposed to the elements, in the water for the whole season- that gets waxed once a year. I want to see gelcoat do that- remember the wax once a year part.

Then I would like to see a small repair made to that 15 year old gelcoat and see how it matches. Now I realize my two cents isn't worth anything in todays world but.. I don't think I've seen any boat out there that looks go after being in the elements for 15 years and I don't really think either would be easy to match on a 15 year old boat that's been in the weather.

I'm ordering paint for my boat next week but that's really a money thing and ruled a lot by the fact I can do it in my carport. So I'm saying gelcoat if you can go gelcoat. Then try to find the 4 touchups the boat has had over the years from oopsies.

Boat is outside, almost bayfront, and usually gets shrinkwrapped in the winter. Waxed in spring and just washed after that, no full covers, no garage, etc.. I agree with RobF. Keep in mind we are talking about re-finishing. Paint blows it away. Gel has its strong points and uses, but on the deck in the sun isnt one of them. But I was told by Jack Barsh that paint lasts a hell of a long time and is way easier to repair.

So I would go with paint which I did;. Good ole 31 Fishing machine. Cool boats. Go with Imron, but have someone spray it and buff it for you.

I just had mine done and I had a small "dock" ding within 2 weeks:rolleyes:. I brought it to Rob and he fixed right away. I challenge anyone to find out where it was touched up. It is also extremely easy to clean up after using boat on South Shore with our brown poopy water and seaweed. Oh and he told me my lazy ass does not have to wax it alot. What year is she? Did you refurb with the aftermarket fiberglass cockpit deck? Or the drive shaft tunnels and raised the engines for shallow draft.

All these parts were made in Miami and sold in kit form for refurbishing these magnificent beasts, by a guy named Cabrerra. As a little kid used to watch him and my dad build boats from the keel up one Best Bottom Paint For Boats Saltwater Ca plank at a time Custom vents, I dont think you can make out there are not thru-hull fittings in the entire boat.

Over the years there is probably close to hours of glass work in that boat. I think its going to be imron,how much do think it will take to spay the top of a 18ft tunnell whose got a good place to get it,what else will i need,will i need to prime the top. No expert here, but your local automotive paint supplier will sell you the Imron, I'ts likely a gallon will be plenty. It gets MUCH more expensive if you get less than a gallon.

I just did my whole 15 ft boat with a gallon. I would prime it because it makes the surface even for the Imron to bite on. I used Interlux Marine Epoxy.

I'm not a painter, just an amateur, but after buffing, the results are great and the Imron seems hard as rock.

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