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Mini Pontoon Boats Jul 05, �� To own a pontoon boat, one does not necessarily have to spend huge amounts of money. There are small pontoon boat kits available from different manufacturers that enable a person to build their own pontoon boat. These kits give a high degree of customizability to a person allowing them the freedom to add features and components to their liking. Your source for mini and mid sized bolt-together pontoon boat kits, pontoon boat frame parts, and pontoon boat kits for recreasion, USV building, and floating robots. We use plastic frames and modular plastic pontoons. Small pontoon boat. Small pontoon boats. We also sell aluminum hat channel for pontoon boats - pontoon boat frame cross members. Build-A-Boat Pontoon Kits and Pontoon Tubes. Buy a Pontoon Kit to Build A Boat of your very own as a Recreational Pontoon, Houseboat, Work Boat, Transport Platform, Electricity Powered Pontoon or anything else you can think of. Your imagination is your only limit.

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Lloyds approved grade A steel shotblast and primed in stock. We cut for many of the worlds top designers such as the Bruce Robert's spray series and so on for the UK and Irish markets. Trawlers, power boats, landing craft, canal boats, barges and all types of craft and related products.

We also manufacture and stock valves, flanges and many other related products. Replica Schooners, Dutch barges and Coasters in steel. Plasma profile steel kits supplied of our standard designs or will custom design and supply as required. See our regular Newsletters. Dealer of aluminum pontoon boat kits, and accessories. Everything you need to build your own pontoon boat. All boat kits can be equipped with different deck coverings wood planks, plastic planks or metal plates.

In addition, fixed installed or removable railings plus suitable outboard engines are available. If you have any questions about the various equipment details, we gladly give you advise on the phone or by e-mail. We are happy to assist you in designing your handmade pontoon boat or handmade house boat. Our pontoon boat kits are perfectly suitable for hobby builders.

House Boat Platform. Leisure Boat. Depending on the desired load capacity, we can offer you a floating platform consist of 2 pontoon hulls catamaran , 3 pontoon hulls trimaran or even up to 5 pontoon hulls.

These pontoon tubes are composed of our individual floats PT01 or PT On this boat hulls a massive framework made of wood, aluminum or steel can to be screwed. To attach a deck flooring made of wood or plastic , it is recommended to screw extra profiles e. So it's possible to attach the deck flooring by means of SPAX screws.

In this context it's advisable to have a floor opening in order to connect the house directly to the supporting structure of the platform. If you want to order a house-framework or roof-framework, no problem. Just give us the desired dimensions, then we are able to calculate an estimate price for you. However, an exact price calculation is only possible after definition of the window and door openings, the desired room partitioning or rather the roof design.

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Facebook Twitter. Clear filters. More Filters. United States. Awesome It was a breeze to put together. Was this helpful? This mini pontoon boat kit includes: 4 all-welded aluminum pontoons The hardware for bolting our pontoons to the frame you build A list of the materials you'll need to build your own deck Complete assembly instructions Download now Free shipping.

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