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DIY outrigger made from pvc pipe and pool noodles. The only knock on this boat was it's lack of stability, so I took it upon myself to remedy the problem by making my own outriggers. Here are a few pictures of the set-up.

It's not quite complete yet I'm going to drill a hole and put in pins where the 45 degree 6 meets the PVC mounte Bill Howard show us how to stick decals to the textured surface of your fishing kayak. DIY outribger rack. By following a few simple steps and layak relatively few supplies, you can turn your old boat trailer into a new kayaking Diy Pvc Canoe Rack Light trailer to transport your vessel to and from your favorite destinations.

Converting your old boat trailer is a cheap and efficient way to transport your kayak and get you ready for new adventures on Homemade kayak rack. I have been using this cart design for over Diy Free Standing Canoe Rack 4k 2 years and it has yet to kayyak diy kayak canoe outrigger 60 or damage my kaya. While some elements of this cart may look familiar, there are a few tweaks that I diy kayak canoe outrigger 60 up with that diy kayak canoe outrigger 60 it super strong and functional.

It is at home on rough terrain and really�. Custom two piece Kayak paddles. These uniquely designed two piece paddles are lightweight and beautiful. Laminated dig and softwood shafts give a w�.

Follow rexdelrey on YouTube, Vimeo. FishingScout iPhone App and InstagramA really simple rig up for a making a live well out of a trolling bucket and a quic A kayak rack I designed to gently cradle boats on nylon straps. Includes a template for making the plywood supports. See related links to what you are looking. Homemade kayak cart for my Heritage Redfish Works great


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This applies the dynamics of Proa, Trimaran and outrigger design to an existing boat. Because the outriggers have a lower volume than the total weight of the whole boat and crew the amount of load that can be placed on the outrigger structure is kept to a low level.

The the whole structure is kept light and the volume of the outrigger hull sets the maximum load. And it gives you warning when the wind is too strong. With larger outrigger hull designs it is the load in the main hull of crew and gear along with platform weight that set the loads on the crossbeams.

As this can vary it means the crossbeams have to be heavier to carry unanticipated loads. With the additional stability we were able to cram on a significant amount of sail in a simple Lateen Rig.

One of the advantages of the lateen rig is that the sail can be a backyard manufactured item. The Lateen even if cut completely flat develops a useful driving shape when loaded up by the wind. The boat whipped along very well and did not really require a leeboard provided the leeward hull was well immersed.

The only downside was that the Redbird canoe hull, being a brilliant straight line paddling boat, just refused to go round corners easily � it just refused to tack through the wind. Either it had to be assisted by someone with a paddle � or the tack was completed by the boat picking up a little bit of speed in the backwards direction then steered out with reverse rudder.

Not a big problem at all � and the speed in a straight line made it all very worthwhile!! This depends on the characteristics of the original hull. If it is easy to turn the trimaran will too. The owners use it for holidays � it all roofracks easily because of the light weight � and for fishing. There have been a couple of these built to make a canoe into an excellent fishing platform. For that purpose they used a small outboard 2 or 3hp pushes a canoe along quite quickly attached to a bracket on one of the crossbeams.

The outer hulls provide an extra level of safety as they are watertight. It can also be fitted to one side only to make a Proa. The hulls and crossbeams can fit some small dinghies particularly if they are quite narrow and not too long. The hulls are simple stitch and glue image above , and the displacement has been chosen for the speed to wash off if the boat heels too much.

The crossbeams are simple laminations and look light and simple on the boat. The hulls attach to the crossbeams with butterfly nuts, then the crossbeams are lashed into the hull.

For sailing versions the upper mast partner is built into the forward crossbeam and the mast steps on a simple block glued to the bottom of the boat. Because of the potential speed and power of sailing versions we recommend a rudder be fitted to the main hull. Steering it with a paddle would just be too much work! While a simple rudder makes things easy.

Recommended power is a couple of horsepower maximum or an electric trolling motor with a couple of deep cycle batteries will give a good few hours moderate speed motoring.

It is possible for a motor or paddling configuration to use one hull only � a one sided outrigger canoe. But the ends of the crossbeam without a hull have to have a tie bar between the ends. This might potentially make a nice diving platform.

The outboard could be attached to the rear crossbeam close to the hull. This outrigger canoe project below was to make a too unstable boat much more stable for outings and diving in the Philippines. There are two free additions to the plan in a package available to purchasers. Email Diy Canoe Paddle Maker me with evidence of purchase. There is one about the make its maiden sail in the next week or so on my Storer Boat Plans Facebook Page. Being built by Khiem Tran.

It has been on his trailer for about a fortnight waiting for some free time. I was wondering if these could be used with the Quick Canoe or if anyone has made a sailor out of the Quick Canoe? Might have to mess around with the end block widths, but the angle to accommodate the deck will be the same.

Hi Michael. Maybe a foot or so either way. Cheers and thanks Neil. What sort of boat are you putting it on Neil, give me some details and I might be able to see a way of working it out. Turn any kayak into a stable fishing platform with this set of DIY kayak outriggers that are simple to build and cost about 60 bucks.

Whether you want to stand up and fish, use your kayak like a paddleboard or just feel safer and more confident in a tippy kayak, these modular and easy to use outriggers make kayaking alot more fun. They swivel and can be adjusted up or down. From your 10 foot section of PVC cut two pieces 24 inches in length, these will serve as the main shafts of the outriggers. You are now ready to paint and assemble.

My kayak is orange and yellow, to stick with that scheme I bought a can Diy Extra Canoe Seat Online of orange Rustoleum and thoroughly painted both shafts, T Joints and caps. If you are painting with a light color I would suggest wiping the PVC pieces with some Acetone to take the lettering off. Even with a heavy orange, you can still see it. Once your paint is dry you can start gluing the outrigger together.

I use clear, heavy duty PVC glue and coat the inside of the three holes of the T joint. Next, push each buoy into place in the side holes as far as they will go. Finally, glue the caps on the ends of each pontoon. The outriggers are now ready to be attached to the rod holders. My method is strong but not pretty. Measure both shafts so they are the same length and clamp the PVC to the holder.

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