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Now you can mount a hand controlled trolling motor on the bow of your jon/utility boat. WILL NOT FIT ON KAYAKS! Pro Controll EZ Mount trolling motor mount is a versatile trolling motor mounting bracket that can be used on a boat with a 3" or less top rail or gunnel. It has an adjustable underside exterior bracket that allows Diy Boat Deck Cleaner Key far an easy no. Motor mount items-Hose Clamps (worm-gear Clamps)-Small rubber to put between clamp and pipex6x6 Piece of lumber (aprox) And the fun stuff-Trolling motor (we got a 55lb thrust motor on sale for , you can get the lb thrust for about )-Deep Cycle Battery (Any 12 volt full size battery will work) This project does not require many. Apr 30, �� Re: How to build a bow mount trolling motor platform on a utility boat? Pics of what you have to work with will get you the best help for your specific design.,,, but bow decks are an easy build. Mine uses (4) 2x2x1/16" clip Small Jon Boat Motor Network angles riveted to the inside of the wide gunwales (yours will rivet to the boat hull and you may want to use 6 instead. Final:

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