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CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!! (How To Make)
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It will absolutely be the most comfortable to stand on no matter where you place your decks. These numbers are simply a good starting place for deciding your deck height. You also need to factor in things like your weight and physical capability.

The important thing to consider is durability. Protect your boat and yourself with heavy-duty hinges and appropriately sized hardware everywhere else. You also need to take extra care in selecting the type of metal you use for your hardware. Since your jon boat hull is aluminum, not every kind of metal will do. The wrong metal will negatively react with the aluminum. This causes galvanic corrosion. The weaker metal the aluminum, in this case will corrode faster than it would have otherwise.

The best course of action is to use high-quality aluminum hardware on most things, saving stainless steel or other more durable metals for the places where they are most needed for structural integrity. The severity and impact of galvanic corrosion is often a point of debate among DIY boat builders, but it is definitely a real factor to consider for the long run.

You may go years without a problem, but certain metals will eventually react negatively with aluminum under the right circumstances. This is perfectly fine if done properly. For those doing their own wiring, f loating your electric system is the best way to go with an aluminum boat. You absolutely do not want your hull to be a part of the system if you want to avoid extra galvanic corrosion.

Marine carpet is made to withstand the rigors of boating and fishing. Some carpets have lots of fluffy fibers that catch on everything and make your life more difficult. That means more weight on your boat. One will give you a good, satisfying final product. The other will frustrate you while costing way too much time and money. Again, this type of project is meant to keep things simple. Overcomplicating things by nitpicking every minor detail can end up doubling the overall Diy Jon Boat To Bass Boat Guide cost of your project both in time and in money.

Remind yourself that the little things you get hung up on are likely things that no one would notice but you. A fresh set of eyes on your project is often the best thing for it. A friend or a professional may notice an important addition or modification right away. It never hurts to get an outside perspective or opinion, even when you think you already have it all figured out. These tips should give you plenty to consider and help to jump start your project.

Let us know if you have any other tips or suggestions! And make sure to show us your finished product! There is no limit to the money you can spend, but if you spend too much, you might as well buy a new bass boat. So I have kept the cost in mind so as to not be too expensive to convert the jon boat to a bass boat. If you already have a jon boat, great! You can skip to the next step.

If not, then you can purchase an affordable, used jon boat. Search for used aluminum, fiberglass, and wooden jon boats sold in the market. The best option is an aluminum boat since it is a light material and is easy to work with.

Your choice is between a flat bottom and a V-hull boat. A flatboat is less stable than a V-hulled boat. Start to overhaul the boat by unscrewing the old screws and unlocking the nuts on the bolts.

If they snap, you have to use a special tool to pry them out of their holes. Keep all the screws and bolts that you have taken off. You need them to determine the sizes of the new screws and bolts that you need to buy for replacement. The next step in our jon boat to bass boat conversion is to sand the boat. The worn and soiled surface of the boat must be sanded both inside and outside. Use no. Sand all surfaces including the nooks and the crannies. If there is old paint, remove all the loose paint.

Remove all dirt and dust on all the surfaces of the boat as well. Also, vacuum all the open surfaces, if you need to. Before painting the boat, ensure that there is no more dirt, dust, old stripped paint, oil, and other stuff that will cause the new paint coat not to stick on the surface.

Seal the surface and all possible leaks by coating the surface with black epoxy. Apply the first coat and let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then apply the second coat. Wait for another 15 to 20 minutes for the paint to dry, and then apply a third coat. Or instead of a third coat, you can apply a clear coat. To protect the inside of the boat, you can also paint it with a grey epoxy finish to seal the boat and prevent water penetration. Now, that the Diy Jon Boat To Bass Boat Location boat is painted, you can put in whatever instruments and equipment you want inside. Your boat surely needs some better seating accommodations to complete the conversion from jon boat to bass boat.

You may want to install swivel seats two would be good , or one or two benches, depending on your budget. In this final stage, you can also install a deck. To install a deck, some basic carpentry skill are needed. A video is best to follow for this process. See the below video for a great demonstration on installing a deck on a job boat:.

The following 10 tips below are helpful to keep in mind when doing a jon boat bass boat conversion. These tips can help you save money, time, and energy. If you are buying a jon boat for your jon boat bass boat conversion, it is important to choose one with the right size. Get an old wide-hulled jon boat with a size that fits your plan.

Be sure that this jon boat fulfills all your desires for a bass boat because this will be the base of your boat. Everything from here on will depend on the conditions of the base of your boat.

You should choose a wider hull because you will have more freedom to do things that you want. If you get a narrow hulled boat, you will be limited in your options. It will also be very unstable on the water when you install a deck on a narrow boat.

The point is: the wider the hull of the boat, the better. Yes, you want to economize. Safety, when converting a jon boat, should be your number one concern. You will be using the boat out in the open water so you will want to ensure the safety of you and your friends and family. If you want a used boat, give it a full and thorough inspection. You need to strip it down to its bare bones to check if it is worth your money.

Check for weak spots, holes, rotted woods, rust, and so forth. If you want a new hull, look for the strongest and toughest one that you can afford. A heavier hull is better than a lightweight hull. Jon boat to bass boat conversion is not a light thing. The full conversion process takes a fair amount of time, effort, and money. So, be careful in choosing your base boat. Tip 3 when performing a jon boat conversion is to use aluminum for framing.

If you are a DIY-type-person or have some experience in working with aluminum, this tip is meant for you. Aluminum is lightweight, so if you use it to make the framework of your boat, its weight will also be lighter.

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