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Making a Trolling Motor Mount for a Jon Boat | myboat349 boatplans Feb 12, �� The most popular type of flat bottom boat design tackled as a DIY building project is a Jon boat. This boat is very popular because it is an ideal shallow water utility boat and can be used for transportation, fishing and duck hunting in extremely shallow . Jon boat outboard motors offer advantages for boaters moving through strong currents. A lightweight and quiet, yet powerful engine gets you from point A to point B quickly. Selecting an 8 - 20 hp jon boat motor will give you enough power to propel your small boat, while . Adding a raised deck can offer many advantages � more stable platform when moving about, ability to avoid water that collects in void and even under deck storage areas. This is a DIY project that can help make your jon boat your own. Swivel Seats. Seating on most jon boats is one of the most disappointing feature for many users.
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Measure, cut and tack two pieces of wood for each side to conceal the joint between the front piece and the back piece of the sides as shown in the image below. Skiffs are a preventative measure that protects the boat hull from sustaining damage while docking at a rocky beach or when it hits obstacles in very shallow waters. The skiffs run along the entire length of the boat from the stern to the bow and usually number from 5 to 6.

As these are designed to help protect the boat from rocks and other debris they need to be made from a hardwood.

Oak is ideal. Then measure and cut to size the skiffs from solid oak stock. Just a few inches in width is enough. Attach them with water, polyurethane glue and exterior screws. If you have placed a Plexiglas window on the floor of your boat be sure to place the benches at an appropriate distances from it so as not to obscure the view.

Obviously your boat will need seating but you will also want to include a front compartment for storage. Start by cutting 2 side pieces giving them a 45 degree angle at the ends. Attach to the sides of the boat using a cleat.

Glue and screw to secure them in place. Next cut a front piece that is the width of the boat and the same height as the sides. Place it on the bottom of the boat before tracing a line along the back. You will use this line to lay down a cleat for help with support. Screw the cleat into the bottom. Measure and cut an opening for the door. Keep the cut out as you will use it as the door. Trace it and cut it to size. Tack the the two top pieces together and then attach the front piece.

Wet the area and apply polyethylene glue before screwing into the sides of the boat and tacking it into the cleat. Now take the cut out you have from cutting the opening in the front piece and attach it using a piano or door hinge. Add a handle and a simple door latch. Wet, glue and staple the trim along the outside edges of the sides, the seats and the storage compartment. Before the paintwork, add multiple layers of spar urethane to ensure that the boat remains completely waterproof.

Leave each coat a day to dry before applying another coat. After the spar urethane has dried, apply the first coat of paint being sure to use a high quality outdoor waterproof paint for extra protection. Leave the paint to dry over a period of 24 hours. For a great look consider using a good quality waterproof varnish, like this Ronseal exterior yacht varnish , on the interior with solid bright color on the exterior.

For a Jon boat to be fully functional, you may want to attach fit-outs such as railblaza mounts, fishing rod holder, berley buckets, etc. You can add a range of different cool things on your boat to fully customize it to suit your needs.

Of course now that your boat is finished you can attach oar locks, as outlined here , or an outboard motor. But why buy an outboard motor when you can make your own. This will mean your entire boat has been fully constructed by you! Not many people can make that claim. So, if you want to ensure your entire boat, from bow to stern and motor, is completely DIY, or if buying a new outboard motor is outside the boundaries of your budget, then you can easily make one with just a propeller and a weed whacker!

Next remove the nylon string head which will expose the mounting bolt. You will use this bot to attach the propeller. Most likely the nut will be too big for the propeller so you will most likely have to grind it down to size.

Slide the propeller on and secure in place. Obviously, the type of propeller you use is important as a weed whacker engine is limited in its power. To mount the motor you will need a circular piece of pine wood and some galvanized pipe as outlined in the video below. Keeping a flat bottom boat stable in calm water is not a problem, however when it comes to choppy waters things get a little more complicated.

Stabilizing a Jon boat when the weather changes for the worse can be a very tricky affair, especially if you are carrying a large load. The last thing you want to happen is for your boat to sink with people and expensive equipment onboard. Here are some tips that will ensure that your flat bottom boat remains more stable and avoids sinking:. For more detailed information about the above methods and for much more information read the article How to Make a Jon Boat More Stable. Although we have given you detailed instructions for building a plywood flat bottom boat there are other materials that you can use.

Wooden flat bottom boats have been popular for hundreds. However, due to their lightweight nature, ease of mass production and their ability to withstand abuse, the popularity of both aluminium and fiberglass flat bottom boats has exploded in modern times. Aluminium boats are the most robust of the three materials used for flat bottom boat construction.

Wooden boats on the other hand are not only very practical, cheap to make yourself and fairly easy to manage but they also look very beautiful especially when varnished. They also tend to be strong and lightweight. We put together a post covering the best trolling motors for jon boats by boat size.

Thanks to its flat bottom the jon boat is perfect for accessing shallow areas but what do you do when it is too shallow for your motor? The answer- poling. But to get the most out of your poling efforts you need to be elevated on a rear deck like this. One of the downfalls of many jon boat designs is the lack of front fishing area. Even is there is a small flat deck it is often too small for stable use. Luckily, adding such a feature is little more than an afternoon project.

Bow anglers have discovered the advantages of being higher- they can see more and improve their shot angle. DIYers have discovered it is not as hard as it seems, or as costly as manufacturers would like you to believe. Many jon boats are an open design, which makes them perfect for modification but not so good when it comes to storing your gear.

Good news is there is a modification for that! You can be as creative as you wish, adding as much or as little storage as needed-even customizing it for specific gear. Speaking of specific storage needs every angler needs a safe place � for their rods that is. When out on the water you want your rods close at hand, but when running to and from your honey hole or towing your jon boat it is important to keep them safe from damage or theft. Be sure to check out our post covering 6 great rod storage options for jon boats.

Some of them range from pre-fabricated to DIY options. Adding a raised deck can offer many advantages � more stable platform when moving about, ability to avoid water that collects in void and even under deck storage areas.

This is a DIY project that can help make your jon boat your own. Seating on most jon boats is one of the most disappointing feature for many users. Adding after market swivel seats link to read reviews on Amazon of our most recommended, affordable option will improve comfort and make it easier to operate your outboard at the same time.

There is a reason almost every bass boat includes at least one pedestal seat � they work! Being higher is not only more comfortable it also increases visibility and casting ability. Have you ever been fishing from the front deck and had that feeling you were going to end up in the drink? Maybe you hooked a trophy and were caught off guard by a sudden surge or you tired while fighting that giant. IT can also be used to allow easier stand up operation of the outboard. Carpet is softer to stand on and prevents uncomfortable burns from a hot metal deck.

Make sure you use a quality outdoor style carpet to ensure long life. You can select from a manual crank design or an electric model for an even easier to use model.

Either way you will be done with bending and pulling everything the anchor needs to come up. So we spent a few hours researching and sifting through the options Diy Jon Boat Trolling Motor Mount Key that could work for these little tin boats and not just larger vessels and narrowed it down to write a post on our 4 favorite anchor winches.

While we are on the topic of making life easier with a wench lets look at adding an electric wench to your trailer. It may not technically be a boat modification, but you use it every time you use your boat so close enough. This will eliminate the need to man handle you boat onto the trailer and allow you to avoid nasty knuckle busting accidents when the handle lets go. One of the most popular modifications, and one almost every jon boat owner adds almost as soon as possible, are rod holders.

No matter what jon boat you buy it will never have enough rod holders. Need some ideas or inspiration for how to start? Check out our post on jon boat fishing rod holders plus how and where to install. If you are going to be fishing, you need somewhere to keep your bait or maybe those keepers you want to take home for the grill. You need a live well.

Your fish are not the only ones who need to eat, so do the anglers. Adding a cooler to your jon boat will allow you to take snacks or drinks with you or maybe fish back. Unused live wells can be turned into cooler, although you may need to add insulation. A cleaning station is one of those simple, yet under appreciated additions that few miss until they have had one.

Eliminate the need to cut bait on your new seats. No more blood or guts on you and the carpet. Many can be easily removed and stowed when not needed. Adding a grill to your boat is not something many people consider but trust me it is more popular than you realize and not very hard either. These grills link to read reviews on Amazon are made for boat installation.

We do not encourage drinking alcohol while underway, but you do need to drink something if you want to stay hydrated. Simple to use, no tools are required to change products. Change your bait board to a food tray in seconds or refill your reel quickly and easily. Don't settle for�. Nice and neat More. Cup holders in rod storage door. Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays, with bimini tops for your boat!

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