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There is no doubt that the jon boat is one of diy jon boat mods 2019 most versatile watercrafts available and outdoorsmen have benefited from the stable, shallow water design for everything from duck hunting to teaching the kids to crab.

But there is always something else you want to be able to do and one more thing you wish your jon boat was equipped. Let use help you figure out what your next upgrade should be by sharing 54 of our favorites.

Protect yourself and your passengers from the hot summer sun by adding a simple yet rewarding bimini top link to read reviews of our favorite on one Amazon.

Providing shade will allow you to get more from your boat and spend more time on the water without fear of sunburn, heat exhaustion or just plain discomfort. Sometimes you need more than simple sunshade, you need full on protection from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. You need a fully enclosed cabin. Much like the bimini top collapsible full cabins can be installed easily and when deployed provide degree protection while maintaining visibility.

Adding a cover to your jon boat is about protecting your investment and extending its life. No matter how you use you jon boat, or where you store it, there are times when it will be outside and exposed to damaging sun, rain or even snow. A cover link for our favorite affordable one on Amazon will help you jon boat resist corrosion, mildew and other weather related damage and make sure it diy jon boat mods 2019 ready to go when you want to get on the water.

A center console will make operation easier, safer and more fun. Sitting in the center of your jon boat will increase visibility, improve weight distribution and provides for a more comfortable ride. Some manufacturers offer after market diy jon boat mods 2019 for the more popular brands of jon boat, or you can recycle one from a wreck. Some advanced DIYers have even built diy jon boat mods 2019. Anglers will benefit greatly from the addition of diy jon boat mods 2019 front trolling motor.

You will be able to fish and maneuver at the diy jon boat mods 2019 time with the finesse needed to access those secret trophy holding spots you could never reach. We put together a post covering the best trolling motors for jon boats by boat size.

Thanks to its flat bottom the jon boat is perfect diy jon boat mods 2019 accessing shallow areas but what do you do when it is too shallow Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/wooden/formula-for-speed-of-current-in-water link your motor? The answer- poling. But to get the most out of your poling efforts you need to be elevated on a rear deck like. One of the downfalls of many jon boat designs is the lack of front fishing area. Even is there is a small flat deck it is often too small diy jon boat mods 2019 stable use.

Luckily, diy jon boat mods 2019 such a feature is Diy Jon Boat Sun Shade Video little more than an afternoon project. Bow anglers have discovered the advantages of being higher- they can see more and improve their shot angle. DIYers have discovered it is not as hard as it seems, or as costly as manufacturers would like you to believe. Many jon boats are an open design, which makes them perfect for modification but not so good when it comes to storing your gear.

Good news is there is a modification for that! You can be as creative as you wish, adding as much or as little storage as needed-even customizing it for specific gear.

Speaking of specific storage needs every angler needs a safe place � for their rods that is. When out diy jon boat mods 2019 the water you want your rods close at hand, but when running to and from your honey hole or towing your jon boat it is important to keep them safe from Diy Jon Boat Canopy 2019 damage or theft.

Be sure to check out our post covering 6 great rod storage options for jon boats. Some of them range from pre-fabricated to DIY options. Adding a raised deck can offer many advantages � more stable platform when moving about, ability to avoid water that collects in void and even under deck storage areas.

This is a DIY project that can help make your jon boat your. Seating on most jon boats is one of the most disappointing feature for many users. Adding after market swivel seats link to read reviews on Amazon of our most recommended, affordable option will improve comfort and make it easier to operate your outboard at the same time.

There is a reason almost every bass boat includes at least one pedestal seat � they work! Being higher is not only more comfortable it also increases visibility and diy jon boat mods 2019 ability.

Have you ever been fishing from the front deck and had that feeling you were going to end up in the drink? Maybe you hooked a trophy and were caught off guard by a sudden surge or you tired while fighting that giant.

IT can also be used to allow easier stand up operation of the outboard. Carpet is softer to stand on and prevents uncomfortable burns from a hot metal deck. Make sure you use a quality outdoor style carpet to ensure long life. You can select from a manual crank design or an electric model for an even easier to use model.

Either way you will be done with bending and pulling everything the anchor needs to come up. So we spent a Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/book/geography-book-of-10th-class-ncert-java geography book of ncert java hours researching and sifting through the options that could work for these little tin boats and not just larger vessels and narrowed it down to write a post on our 4 favorite anchor winches.

While we are on the topic of making life easier with a wench lets look at adding an electric wench to your trailer. It may not technically be a boat modification, but you use it every time you use your boat so close. This will eliminate the need to man handle you boat onto the trailer and allow you to avoid nasty knuckle busting accidents when the handle lets go.

One of the most popular modifications, and one almost every jon boat owner adds almost as soon as possible, are rod holders. No matter diy jon boat mods 2019 jon boat you buy it will never have enough rod holders. Need some ideas or inspiration for how to start? Check out our post on jon boat fishing rod holders plus how and where to install. If you are going to be fishing, you need somewhere to keep your bait or maybe those keepers you want to take home for the grill. You need a live.

Your fish are not the only ones who diy jon boat mods 2019 to eat, so do the anglers. Adding a cooler to your jon boat will allow you to take snacks or drinks with you or maybe diy jon boat mods 2019. Unused live wells can be turned into cooler, although you may need to add insulation. A cleaning station is one of those simple, yet under appreciated additions that few miss until they have had one. Eliminate the need to cut bait on your new seats.

No more blood or guts on you and the carpet. Many can be easily removed and stowed when not needed. Adding a grill to your boat is not something many people consider but trust me it is more popular than you realize and not very hard. These grills link to read reviews on Amazon are made for boat installation.

We do not encourage drinking alcohol while underway, but you do need to drink something if you want to stay hydrated. If you want to add a little variety to your beverage options and keep them close at hand add a beverage station.

If you do any night fishing, especially if you are bow fishing, you know that auxiliary lights are a. They also come in handy when docking, searching for a lost crab pot or simply trying to get onto the trailer after dark.

The options for lighting are wide spread and limited only by you imagination � and power source. If you have made any modifications to your jon boat, especially the hull or forward deck, there is diy jon boat mods 2019 good chance you have had to relocate the navigation lights. Why not upgrade to longer lasting, more visible LED? One of the commonly overlooked factors about boat lighting is the actual regulations. While some states will vary slightly in the specific regulations, we put a guide covering jon boat lighting requirements that will give you a good rundown and make sure that you are compliant.

Seeing where you are going includes when moving about the deck as. Adding deck lighting will allow you to safely move Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/small-boats/small-toy-sailing-boats-china source and tie on gear without balancing a flashlight or holding it with your teeth.

Being on the water does not mean you need to spend the hours listening to your buddy recount the same fishing story hour after hour while you wait for the next bite � you can listen to your favorite Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/cruise/san-diego-sightseeing-cruise-network http://myboat272 boatplans/cruise/san-diego-sightseeing-cruise-network.html. Thanks to smartphones most people are never without a way to play music you diy jon boat mods 2019 need a reliable, quality means of listening.

Having the ability to see where diy jon boat mods 2019 are, where the fish are and how to get home are important issues that far too many anglers and boaters take for granted. Adding an easy to use electronics package can solve all these problems and it will only take one emergency to make it all worth the investment, although modern devices are much cheaper than ever.

Running all the extra lights, radio and accessories will require power and probably a backup system as. Adding a generator to your jon boat will ensure that power is always available, plus it can double as a source in camp when spending the night along the banks.

If you Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/sailing-boat/racing-boats-sailing-60 see more a simple selector switch it is possible to transfer from either battery or both together as needed. By adding an electrical panel you can place all the controls at your finger tips and eliminate the messy, unsightly wires that run everywhere.

Even if you have a generator it never hurts to have a battery diy jon boat mods 2019. Keep you lights, trolling motor and even radio going no matter what Murphy Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/boat/foam-core-fiberglass-boat-construction-image fiberglass boat construction image in store. Another option when it comes to providing backup power, or even Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/boat-excursion/excursion-4-boat-motor-firmware excursion 4 boat motor charging batteries between uses, is solar power.

While this has not really caught on for main stream power supplies it has been a viable option in the maritime world for decades � how do you think most of the buoys you follow home are powered? A few small panels and a converter are all you need, although if you are not knowledgeable regarding diy jon boat mods 2019 set you may want to enlist the help of a friend as.

Diy jon boat mods 2019 decks are notorious for being slippery and have been the downfall, no pun intended, of more than one mariner. The tried and trusted answer is non-skid. You choose from spray on, diy jon boat mods 2019 on or even stick on version and be on the water and on your feet in diy jon boat mods 2019 time. If you spend any amount of time aboard your boat and on your feet, it has not taken long to realize aluminum decks were not made with comfort in mind.

An easy to install, cheap means of combating fatigue is to add rubber mats similar to those used in industrial kitchens or factories. For other recommendations on mats diy jon boat mods 2019 well as other flooring ideas for your jon boat, be sure to check out our article on jon boat flooring mats and other flooring options.

Nothing makes a boat stand out like a new coat of paint. Adding a fresh paint job will not only make your boat look and feel like new it will also make it stand out, Lorem lpsum 272 boatplans/used-boats/used-bowrider-boat-for-sale-near-me-wild source true one of a kind. Hunters who want a new paint job will appreciate that a jon boat is basically a clank canvas, waiting for you to add your own personal touch. Add grass, cattails or whatever other patterns are most productive where you hunt or just apply a favorite pattern that will make your boat hid and stand out at the same time.

You can be as creative as you wish, adding as much or as little storage as needed-even customizing it for specific gear. Many jon boats are an open design, which makes them perfect for modification but not so good when it comes to storing your gear. But to get the most out of your poling efforts you need to be elevated on a rear deck like this. You can select from a manual crank design or an electric model for an even easier to use model. No matter what jon boat you buy it will never have enough rod holders. Keep you lights, trolling motor and even radio going no matter what Murphy has in store. Adding trim tabs is another modification that is all about Diy Jon Boat Center Console 90 performance.

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