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More Jon boat casting deck plans | Mi Je May 22, �� So I am doing research on building a deck for this 12 foot jon boat I got. It seems the best way to go is to use aluminum to build the support structure. Where are guys getting the material and how are they making the trusses? Are they typically having a . Mar 15, �� A casting deck is a flat surface on your boat that is used to gain stable footing while you fish in your chosen body of water. In many cases, a forward casting deck is equipped with an extra storage underneath for your fishing items, or often it has a live well beneath. 2 days ago�� 12ft jon boat with casting deck for my two year jon boat search ends jon boat with casting deck in crestliner welded aluminum jon boats sport deck boats aluminum.
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Tools For The Job To make a casting deck in the front of your boat, the very first thing you should do is gather the tools that you will need for the job. Punch A Hole The first step is to punch out the center hole of the rivet. Removing the Seats After repeating this process and extracting all of the rivets that are holding your bench seats in, you can now remove the front seats of your boat.

Casting Deck Frame- Wood or Metal? Making The Platform After completing the frame, the next step is to make the platform. Sealing The Plywood Next, it is time to water seal the plywood so that it does not take on water and prematurely rot.

Choosing a Good Cover Perhaps the most important part of installing a standing platform is to choose the right type of material to cover and protect the wood. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.

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And then cut out the plywood based on your drawing using a reliable jigsaw. Make sure that your hands are steady in the cutting process to avoid any accident. Once you have cut the plywood into a deck shape, test the fit by placing the plywood Diy Jon Boat Canopy 2019 cutout on the deck section of your boat.

If in case there are portions where the plywood is too small, you need to add plywood cuttings by attaching them using screws into the space. Once you are satisfied of the fit of the plywood, remove it from the boat and start sanding the edges of the plywood. Sanding is an important process to ensure that your deck is smooth.

Measure the size of the frame needed for the support of the plywood, and cut out the accurate measurement from the studs. Once you have all the pieces together, assemble the deck frame, and then bring it to your boat for testing.

Remember to add extra side support on the frame for added stability. Bring the frame above the plywood, and draw out the guideline for the placement of the screws. Then turn the plywood around, and attach the deck frame to the other side of the plywood with a few screws, making the screws guideline exposed on the other side.

After you have connected the frame to the plywood, turn the plywood around and use the screws guidelines to completely attach the frame and the plywood together. Once done, bring the deck formation on top of your boat for testing. To make the plywood last longer, you can apply two layers of high quality tung oil to every inch of the deck. You can also use wood varnish if you wish to, instead of tung oil. Or any other wood protectant product that you prefer to use aside from tung oil or wood varnish.

So did you wrap it in the fiberglass mesh product and paint resin over it? Or just use a resin product and paint it on? If so, what kind? Now with that said we have aluminum fabrication shops everywhere round here that specialize in aluminum boats. Check the grade of aluminum at Home Depot etc. I saw a few bass conversion videos where guys said that their stuff isn't made for support like other "grades" of aluminum.

Home Depot usually sells alloy aluminum. For building some kind of support structure, you want alloy. I suggested as Diy Fiberglass Boat Deck 51 it's more available - at least here - to general customers. My local supplier only carries and For applications that require higher strength, is typically used.

Anyhow, other than the deck, I want to attach a seat in the back to the aluminum bench that goes across. Is it okay to attach directly to the bench or should I have a piece of wood in between the seat base? Have you considered the change of the center of gravity if you build the deck up higher on that boat?

I mean my kayak is 14' and not as wide as your jon boat but standing up higher makes a difference in stability for sure. The current distance from the bench to the top is about 6 inches.

I had thought about putting some 2x4s on the middle bench and front bench to raise it but then that would be a lot more work for the platform build. I'm a welder and have access to aluminum materials Its just a hassle to have to weld or bolt everything together and cutting, grinding aluminum is no fun. I would do like the post above and make sure I sealed the wood well and it will last many many years. Any weight that raises the center of gravity will make the boat less stable.

If you add a deck and stand on it, you are raising the center of gravity by a lot. Sometimes this isn't too big of an issue but others it can make the boat almost unusable. As a quick test, launch the boat and stand on all of the bench seats one at a time and move around side to side to see how your boat reacts.

If you put a Diy Jon Boat Foam 6.0 deck on it, chances are you will be even higher than that making the boat that much more tippy. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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