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Top : Boat Plans : Boat Kits. Home Sitemap Search. Online ordering, FAQ and kayak design information. Modern wooden boatbuilding. Outboard diy boat building kits designer, trailerable. Tested, proven. Also tailor made cutting files to customer specs. Lloyds approved deisgner A steel shotblast and primed in stock. We cut for many of the worlds top designers such as the Bruce Robert's spray series and so on for the UK and Irish markets.

Trawlers, power boats, landing craft, canal boats, barges and all types of craft and related products. We hoat manufacture and stock valves, flanges and many other related products. Replica Schooners, Dutch barges and Coasters in steel. Plasma profile steel dit supplied of our standard designs or will custom design and supply as required. See our regular Newsletters. Dealer of aluminum pontoon boat kits, and accessories. Everything you need to build your own pontoon boat.

Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Runs boatbuilding schools several times a year. Yachts This yacht is a totally new concept in off the beach sailing dingy's and a new approach kite building your own boat.

The Mako 4. Kit boats include Lobster Sloop complete with materials for the hull, inside Diy Boat Building Kits 1000 and out, centre boardcase and rudder plus a how-to-build video. Finished like this she designfr immediately be used for rowing or with an outboard.

Heerlen, Netherlands. CNC kits. Top quality plywood made in Diy boat building kits designer. Search the Boat Design and Diy boat building kits designer Directory:.


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This is Unique � DIY Kits of Houseboats and Pontoon boats. The great advantage of our boat kits is that you can buy all boat components from us, starting from the pure individual floats to a complete pontoon boat / houseboat� if you wish. So you can buy a DIY Pontoon Kit to build a pontoon boat or houseboat and, while doing this, determine. Arch Davis Design offers wooden boat plans, boat kits, DVDs, epoxy resin, sails and rigging, masts and spars, marine plywood, and more for the backyard boatbuilder, for sailboats, powerboats and rowboats. Penobscot 13 Available. The ZipKit is a ready-to-assemble boat kit based on Glen L. Witt's classic runabout hull design, "The Zip". Comes with plans and instructions Contains frames, planking, and building form All parts precision-cut on CNC machinery.

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