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Coast Guard is How Many Blades´┐Ż.. In a quandary about how many bladed propeller might work best on your Damaged Props: Repair or Replace? Referring to the drawing, the outboard motor support bracket is generally indicated at 11 and comprises a pair of U-shaped tubular frame members 12 and 13 held in rigid spaced relation to each other by tubular cross struts 14, 15, 16, and 17 which are integrally united at their ends to the members, as by welding, to form a rigid box-type framework.

Each of the tubular frame members 12 and 13 has a cylindrical cross section and forms a semi-circular or reverse bend rear portion 18 and two forwardly diverging legs 20 and The latter are integrally united, as by welding, to a respective one of two transom mounting pads The latter is formed of a solid flat bar. For the purpose of mounting the support brakcet 11 to the transom 24 at the stern of a boat, generally indicated at 25, mounting holes 26 are spaced along the length of each pad Bolts 27 are passed through the holes 26 and through aligned holes in the transom.

Gusset plates 28 are united, as by welding, between the legs 20 and 21 of each tubular frame member and its transom support pad 22 to insure a rigid joint therebetween. Motor mounting pads 30 are united with the semicircular end portions 18 of the frame members 12 and 13 through respective gusset plates 31, as by welding.

The gusset plates 31 extend around the peripheries of the semi-circular portions 18 to insure a strong rigid connection between the pads 30 and the members 12 and 13 and to prevent bending or flexing of the latter. Each of the motor mounting pads 30 is formed of a flat solid bar, the lower portion 32 thereof being offset relative to the upper portion 33, as seen in FIG.

Such pads 30 extend substantially parallel to the mounting pads The motor 35 may be of different configurations depending on its manufacturer. However, generally, the motor comprises the mounting bracket 34 which pivotally supports the motor for adjustment about a pivot shaft The motor further comprises a power head 37 located at the upper end of a drive train housing A propeller 40 is mounted at the lower end of the housing Normally, the motor 35 is held by means not shown in its full line position shown in FIG.

However, it may be tilted about the shaft 36 into its dot-dash line position 35a when transporting the boat or when the latter is at rest in the water. It may be desirable to adjust the motor 35 vertically relative to the bottom of the boat for optimum speed and performance. For this purpose, three vertically aligned sets of mounting holes 41a, 41b, and 41c are formed in each Dinghy Outboard Mount 2.0 of the motor mounting pads 30 to receive four mounting bolts, two of which are shown at 42, which are passed through aligned holes in the motor bracket Thus, by passing the bolts through different ones of the sets of holes 41a, 41b, and 41c, the motor may be vertically adjusted to any of three different positions relative to the level of the boat.

Additional sets of holes may be formed in the pads 30 to provide for further adjustment, if desired. It has been discovered that by spacing the motor 35 rearwardly of the boat by means of the present mounting bracket 11, an increase in speed is effected, at least partly because the propeller 40 is removed from close proximity to the boat hull, resulting in less interference between the turbulence of the water in the region surrounding the propeller and the hull.

Additionally, the present mounting bracket 11 eliminates the need for cutting away or notching the transom to receive the motor and also eliminates the need for the usual water well which is normally located within the boat and adjacent the transom. Also, since the transom need not be notched, it will retain its original strength and will maintain the same freeboard height thereacross to thus reduce any tendency of swamping.

Further, it has been found that by spacing the motor rearwardly of the boat, better steering control and stability is effected, and also, it has been found that less noise is transmitted from the motor to the boat hull.

Referring to FIGS. Thus the motor support, as shown in FIG. This is accomplished by modifying the shape of the tubular frame members 12 and 13 so that the upper leg of each frame member extends downwardly at a slightly converging angle relative to the lower leg of the tubular member Also the angle of the motor mounting plate 30, rather than being parallel with the transom, may be modified to support the engine in a slightly more vertical relationship to the water line than the angle of the transom.

In the arrangement of FIG. The tubular frame members 12 and 13 in the arrangement of FIG. While the frame members are preferably made of cylindrical hollow steel tubing for maximum strength with minimum weight, tubing of other cross sectional shapes or even solid bar stock may be used to form the frame members. What is claimed is: 1. A one-piece outboard motor support bracket for securing a motor mount to the transom of a boat, comprising: a pair of frame members, each frame member being formed in a substantially U-shape having two leg portions joined by an intermediate closed end portion, transom mounting pads integrally united to the free ends of said leg portions of respective ones of said frame members, motor mounting pads adjacent respective ones of said closed end portions of respective ones of said U-shaped frame members, said motor mounting pads extending in spaced relationship to said transom mounting pads for supporting an outboard motor mount at a fixed predetermined angle relative to the boat transom, and strut means for maintaining said frame members in fixed laterally spaced apart relation, the motor mounting pads being secured at fixed predetermined vertical level relative to the transom pads to hold the outboard motor a fixed level above the water line of the boat.

The support bracket of claim 1 in which the end portion joining the two leg portions of each frame member includes a substantially straight section, the motor mounting pads being respectively joined to said straight sections and extending inwardly of the frame members toward each other.

The support bracket of claim 2 wherein the straight section of the frame members and the motor mounting pads extend vertically at a small angle to transom mounting pads.

The support bracket of claim 1 wherein the top of the motor mounting pads relative to the top of the transom pads is substantially higher as measured in a direction perpendicular to the water level of the boat on which the bracket is mounted. A motor mounting bracket for securing an outboard engine to the transom of a boat, comprising: transom pads adapted to be secured to a boat transom, motor mounting means adapted to be attached to the outboard engine, a pair of frame members bent in a substantially U-shape to form a pair of leg portions joined by an end portion, the frame members being laterally positioned with the two leg portions of each frame member abutting respective ones of said transom pads and the end portions projecting away from the transom pads, cross members extending between and secured to the frame members to hold the frame members and associated transom pads in laterally spaced relation, and means securing the motor mounting means to the respective end portions of the frame members.

The apparatus of claim 5 wherein the motor mounting means includes a pair of pads secured respectively to the projecting end portions of the two U-shaped frame members.

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