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Part of what makes a fishing boat ideal for catching fish is the way it�s equipped. Naturally, there�s a lot of variation between the different sizes and styles of fishing boats, but virtually all will have some form of: Fishing rod holders and/or fishing rod storage lockers. Livewells or baitwells to keep Parts Of A Small Fishing Boat 2020 the catch and/or bait alive and kicking. Coolers or fishboxes for keeping food, drinks, and/or fish chilled. Integrated tackle boxes or tackle box storage. Along with these items, different Best Aluminum Fishing Boats 2020 Mac styles of fishing boats will have specific accouterments designed to help you be an effective angler. Just because you can fish on a boat using some handheld fishing gear, it does not mean its a fishing boat. Traditionally a fishing boat is used to be a wooden hull structure made from simple tools. They were used to catch fish in fresh and salty waters from ancient times using very simple tools like spears, hook, and nets.� The best part of these boats is that you can easily increase or decrease its speed; simply by adding additional outboard engines in parallel. The second thing that i love about them is Sylvan Fishing Boat Parts University that you can toe them easily on any standard trailer; thus saving time and energy finding a suitable trailer for the purpose. 13) Bass Boat. Bass boats are a small-sized boat made of aluminum or fiberglass used for recreational fishing in freshwater. Deck: The flat part of the boat on which you can walk. Gunwale: An upper edge of the side of the boat. Cleat: A robust metal fitting to which you tie or loop a rope Fishing Boat Parts And Accessories 69 � usually sits on a gunwale. Helm: The wheel used to steer the boat. Bimini: A canvas attached to a metal frame used to provide shade over the helm.� Now obviously, there�s a lot more to a boat than a dozen parts, and every watercraft is a little different. Depending on the type of fishing you want to do, you�ll find a wide variety of fishing vessels. If you�re interested in learning more, we have a complete guide on that very subject. So there you have it. Are there any parts of a fishing boat you think we might have missed? What type of a guide would you like to read next? Let us know in the comments below.

Do you know the bow from the stern? If not, you will after reading this article. Is that a center console, or is it an express cruiser? Read on, to find out. Is that a forward stateroom, or is it aft?

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