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SANI-TRED boat deck paint products are completely resistant to even concentrated salt brine, and will never detach, even at a raw edge. This unique system is both available and affordable for the individual Cool Deck Paint For Boats Recipe boat, ship or commercial vessel owner! Apart from applying this product on your boat deck, you can use it for stairs, docks, swim platforms, floors, and everywhere else you need secure foothold. One galloon will be enough to cover to square feet. Keep in mind that it is advisable to apply two . A high quality anti slip deck paint for motor boats and yachts in a range of colours. High Performance - Fine Poly-coated mineral aggregate for optimum slip resistance in all premier anti slip deck paint products. Flexibility - Added Extender. All Anti-slip products contain an added extender for extra flexibility.

Goats the paint was dry we brushed off the excess sand and overcoated with another coat of Toplac. Practical to utilize for metal, deck paint for boats and fiberglass surfaces on top of waterline Can offer super sturdy coating for deck paint for boats protection Guarantees superb gloss retention and sleek finish Capable of covering a hundred square feet and dries very fast Manufactured with unique oil-based formulation. Shop Alibaba. It is capable of offering traction to minimize the hazard of slips and falls. Get help.


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