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Danube Canal City Sightseeing Cruise in Vienna Experience the beauty of Vienna onboard the luxurious MS Blue Danube. Set sail for a minute sightseeing cruise and spot landmarks like the Uniqua Tower, the Urania Observatory and the Vienna Ring Tower. Your Danube cruise is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Austrian city of Linz. It offers an exciting mix of cultural attractions and true works of art. You�ll discover a Lake Norman Sightseeing Cruise Zip Code modern, cosmopolitan city whose diversity, design and creativity really make it stand out. Evening Sightseeing Cruises At dusk you start the cruise on the city center on the Danube Canal, starting at the shipstation Wien / City at Schwedenplatz. After the lock Nussdorf on the big Danube you sail into the sunset. Discover the modern and historic buildings as well as the lively bustle in the numerous restaurants on the shore. Thus:

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Thank you to Gate 1 for helping us make such fabulous memories. Car Tours. Skip to main content. We would highly recommend this trip to danube sightseeing cruise vienna visa and now that we have Bb Riverboats Sightseeing Cruise Version experienced the intimacy of river cruising, we would do it again in a heartbeat. Photography Tours. I wish I could remember all their names because they left a lasting impression Danube Sightseeing Cruise Vienna Zip Code on both myself and my husband. This excursion is only bookable on request.

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