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Jon boats with Watercraft / Jetski Engines. A place to share and learn information on these custom builds. We are a dealer for Blazer Boats. This company has led the way in the most innovative design since the invention of the jon boat. Ernie�s takes their basic design and custom builds to each customer�s needs. Building the very best boats is not only our business, it is our passion! And if that boat is yours, it should reflect your personal style and preferences. The boat builders from Custom Jet Outboards know Custom Jet Jon Boats Uk how to craft boats that look great and hold up for years to come. Call now to speak with one of our boat builders in Vinton & Cedar Rapids, IA.

Send Joj a Message. Storage Options. This custom jet jon boats 95 you can use them in shallow water and can reach many new areas. Renegade Models. Vee jon hull boats, designed for rough chop, are available to be customized with a wide variety of options and accessories. Great bunch of guys still running my Weldcraft E-TEC not one thing has went wrong with this rig. Make Duracraft.

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