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Phowler Boats have been developed, designed, and tested for over a decade. Our boats are proven performers in the toughest of conditions. Because Phowler boats are designed and custom aluminum hunting boats by hunters and outdoorsmen, we run what we build and test every new design in the field before offering it to custom aluminum hunting boats customers. Our hulls are designed to get the maximum performance out of your power plant, surface drive outboard, huntihg outboard, huntjng mud motor, or jet drive.

Our Basic and Extreme hulls are constructed to the highest standards using 0. No one else in the business can equal our warranty. One size does not fit all. Custom aluminum hunting boats Phowler Boat Company we offer the most comprehensive and complete line of true shallow water hull junting in the industry.

With our extensive offering of custom boafs and accessories and you can have a rig designed for your unique needs. We custom aluminum hunting boats customize a top performing Phowler Boat for your every need: duck hunting, general mud boating, boars, shallow water bass or catfishing fishing, bow fishing, rescue, enforcement, or commercial applications.

Though your primary use might be specifically for hunting, fishing or trapping, with a Phowler Boat � you customize your new hull to have one boat for all seasons. If you can dream it up, we can build it for you; exactly the way you want it, the first time.

Phowler Boats � The last boat you will ever need. Contact Us. Welcome to Phowler Boat Company News.


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The bottom of Gator Trax Boats are smooth because we use heavy gauge aluminum � or in marine grade alloy. The bottom is smooth and void of crimps. This allows the hull to easily slide over banks, logs, stumps, and other obstructions with no drag and no tracking caused by crimps. Let Custom Flats Aluminum Boats 3ds Us Help You Create the Ultimate Boat. Oquawka Boats are built-to-order and sold/shipped directly from our manufacturing facility in Oquawka, IL. Let our experienced team walk you through our complete line of custom aluminum boats. Our Basic and Extreme hulls are constructed to the highest standards using ? thick marine grade aluminum: A Phowler can take any punishment you throw at it. We�re confident enough that we back each hull with a lifetime warranty on all our welds and transoms for as long as you own your boat.

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