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Sailboat Registration Costs By State | Life of Sailing TN Boat Registration Fees. The costs of registering your boat with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are as follows: Original and renewal vessel registration�Varies by validity period and boat length: 1 year for boats measuring: 16 ft or less: $ 16 ft to 26 ft: $ 26 ft to 40 ft: $ 40 ft or more: $ 2 years for vessels measuring. 39 rows�� Fees are different for every situation and are calculated many ways. Everyone starts with the . As previously announced in March , following our national boat licence consultation, a number of changes will be made to licence fees over five years. From 1 April , a % �prompt payment� discount (reduced from 5%) will apply for those who pay on time in full, and a new % discount will apply for those who manage their payments.
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You will need:. In general , to register a vessel bought from a private seller in Tennessee, you'll need to submit the following:. NOTE: Certain TN counties may require additional items to register boats bought from private sellers�call your county clerk's office to confirm you have all the required materials. The costs of registering your boat with the Boating Licence Quiz Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are as follows:. Your Tennessee boat registration will be valid for 1 year, 2 years, OR 3 years , depending on what you choose.

Before your registration expires, the TWRA will send you a renewal notification. Upon passing the exam, you'll receive a boating safety education certificate. You must be at least 11 years old to earn a boating safety education certificate. Additionally, the following age restrictions apply to TN boaters, regardless of boating education course completion.

If you're:. The permit receipt acts your admission to the written boating exam , which you will need to take at any TWRA testing location. After passing the exam, hold onto your permit receipt �it acts as a temporary education certificate while you wait for your official boating safety education certificate to arrive. Boats registered out-of-state operating in TN for no more than 60 days.

Vessels from another country temporarily using Tennessee waters. Boats Bought from Dealers If you bought your vessel from a dealer, most of the registration process will be completed at the dealership.

You will need: A boat registration application , provided by the dealer. The dealer will need to stamp your application as proof of sales tax paid. Boats require a constant cash infusion, for a range of expenses. Whether you keep your boat in a slip, on a trailer, on in a rack, mooring and storage costs need to be in the budget. Insurance needs go beyond the norm for boaters, in many cases including towing coverage.

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