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If loading fails, click here to try. Your answers are highlighted. Question 1. The cost of a boat in india quiz of the master driver of a vessel is to:.

Maintain a proper lookout and avoid collision. Ensure the safety of those on board the vessel. Ensure that all safety equipment is accessible and stored on board correctly. Question 2.

Where should you drive a vessel when in a channel? On any side � it does not matter as long as a collision does not occur. Question 3. Question 4. Travelling at a speed the hull is designed to reach. Travelling at a speed at which sudden danger can be avoided. Travelling at a speed for the best comfort of passengers and fuel efficiency. Travelling at any quoz unless signposted. Question 5. Question 6. Question 7.

Stay in the middle of the channel regardless of the mark. Question 8. Question 9. You see this light displayed on a vessel ahead of yours. It could be:.

Question What lights must a 7. All-round white light and separate or combined sidelights. What navigation mark is this? When happens when an engine kill switch is activated?

The vessel maintains its current speed and course. What does this sign mean? Maximum speed of 4 knots is required until signposted. Powered vessels are prohibited in this area at all times. Travel at a speed which minimises the wash created, to ensure the wash does not cause a nuisance, annoyance or danger. Water-skiing prohibited in the area at all times. When do sail vessels, operating only under sail, have right of way over a power-driven vessel under way?

At all times � unless the sailing vessel is overtaking, or if the power vessel is displaying an orange diamond. Only when approaching from the right-hand. Only when participating in an aquatic event such as a race or regatta.

What is the main purpose of navigation lights on a boat? To light up the waterway ahead like the headlights of a car. To allow the crew to see what they are doing on board. To help rescue or emergency response craft find you at night. At night, a vessel at anchor MUST display:. You ondia driving a vessel at speed and your vision is suddenly affected by glare from the sun. Your immediate reaction should be:.

Continue driving at speed in anticipation that you will regain your vision. Increase speed and manoeuvre vessel to find a direction to minimise spray and the effect of the sun.

What factors influence the way a boat handles at sea? Wave direction and the way a boat is steered. The ccost including people carried on board. The maximum number of people permitted to be towed behind a vessel is:.

Whatever the apparatus manufacturer states is permissible. What is the responsibility of the observer on board indoa vessel towing water-skiers or aquaplaners? To signal to skiers when they get too close to the shore. To keep a lookout for dangers ahead only when towing.

To inform the driver about other vessels approaching from ahead. To watch the towed people and report all matters affecting the tow to the driver.

Who should be encouraged to wear a lifejacket at all times? Children even when cost of a boat in india quiz mandatory to cost of a boat in india quiz lifejackets. Persons with medical conditions e. On all vessels proceeding more than 2 nautical miles on the coastline. Only if going more than 2 nautical miles offshore. What is the minimum number of hand held distress signals required to be carried on a vessel on OPEN waters?

Three orange smoke flares and three red flares. Four orange smoke idia and four red flares. You have an emergency on board your vessel and you assess that you need flares to signal for assistance. When would you ignite the flares? When you see an aircraft, or when people on shore or in other boats are in visual range. Lifejacket Level formerly Type 1 as a minimum for each person on board. Either lifejacket Level formerly Type 1 or lifejacket Level 50 formerly Type 2 for each person on board.

Any type of lifejacket as long as there is one for each person on board. Any mixture of lifejacket Build Your Own Boat Supplies Quiz Levels formerly Type 150 formerly Type 2 and 50S formerly Type 3or a wetsuit as long as boah is one for each person on board. When operating a vessel less than 5 metres in length on enclosed waters. When operating a vessel 2 or more nautical inndia off the coast. When navigating through a mooring area you:. Only give way to vessels on your starboard Pontoon Boat Trailer Building Plans Quiz right-hand.

To reduce the risk of hypothermia when in a runabout in cold weather, a person should:. Wear light clothing to easily move around cost of a boat in india quiz boat.

Stay immersed in water if their boat capsizes. Do nothing since hypothermia is unavoidable. If you find yourself in cost of a boat in india quiz water, what can you do to extend survival time? Remove all wet clothing and float on your. Remove clothing and maintain movement of your arms and legs. When a vessel and its occupants are in grave and immediate danger.

Cost of a boat in india quiz a vessel has broken down and requires a tow. Operate a power boat at 10 knots or more while towing a person.

Operate a vessel after sunset and before sunrise at a speed of 10 knots or. When is a reduction of cosh maximum number of persons shown on a Safety Label recommended? Only when boating in poor weather conditions. When boating in poor weather conditions or when operating on indi waters.

Who is responsible for ensuring towed persons wear a lifejacket? It is not an cost of a boat in india quiz, so nobody is responsible. Once you are finished, click the button. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.

Main point:

These concede a builder to squeeze an complete package of pre-minimize plywood tools domestically, cost of a boat in india quiz be means to discharge these pier stresses which bluster to take we. Bolder, sanded. Wood Cpst Building There have been countless methods of growth convenient to a home vessel builder - upon this web page l will concentration upon a many renouned strategies used as well ckst inspect them so which a code latest builder could have the essential preference for hisher vessel constructing venture.

I am acid for a little impulse. Shipbuilders found which by re-rigging brigantines with dual sq.

COST Rs. This lightweight, affordable, multi-purpose boat holds up to 4 people , is super stable and works great with a small petrol outboard motor or electric trolling motor. Great boat for the beginner angler and the veteran fisherman alike. NET WT : 65kg.

Versatile to fit with outboard motors from 3 hp to 9. Weighing only 80kg, this boat can accommodate 6-persons or kg load. Given their stability, safety, versatility, and extremely reasonable cost, they are just about the best value boats.

NET WT : 80kg. A solid boat for carrying people or luggage, this boat is perfect for tenders or as a recreational boat made out of tough and reliable plastic. NET WT : kg. Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Water sport equipment, water sport gear, boat dealer india, kayaking, boating equipment, recreational boat, inflatable boat, inflatable fishing boat, Cost Of A Boat In India Pdf inflatable raft, fiberglass boat, dinghy boat, electric boat, boat trailer, kayak sale India, kayak dealer, sit on top kayak, small boats sale, inflatable kayak, fishing kayak, kayak paddle, kayaking equipment, satnd up paddle SUP boards in India, bic boats sale, whitewater rafting equipment, rafting kayaking helmets, water sport life jackets, pfd, electric trolling motor, adventure tourism equipment india, camping gear, camping equipment, camping tent, camping stove, dry bag, waterproof bags, life vest, fishing equipment, fishing rod, atv quad bikes, dune-buggy, atv -trailer, off-roader, electric-golf-carts, electric-vehicle, atv spares, 4X4 adventure india, dirt bike, atv tyre.

Rating: Not Rated Yet Ask a question about this product. Description 2 person, 3 person, 4 person, 6 person, 8 person plastic fiber boats for sale in India New stock of PE Boats now available: Colours: Yellow, Blue. PE is a compact boat for two people but can hold up to three persons Multipurpose boat for 1 person, 2 person or 3 person boat.

Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Mahal, Nagpur No. Pondicherry, Pondicherry. Kolkata, West Bengal. Rajkot, Gujarat. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Edayar, Ernakulam Plot No.

Ernakulam, Kerala. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Hooghly, West Bengal. Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Verified Supplier. Gollapudi, Vijayawada, Dist.

Krishna, Andhra Pradesh. Uran, Dist. Raigarh Surkichapada, Karanja,, Uran - , Dist. Raigarh, Maharashtra. Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Motor Boats products available Video. View by: Product Supplier. Location Near Me. Popular Motor Boats Products. Excell Fibrotech Private Limited. Rubber Orange Air Build My Own Xpress Boat Quizlet Boat. Twin Hull Boat. Calcutta Sportsboats Mfg. FRP Legacy Boat. FRP Motor Boat. EPapayya India Private Limited. Baroda Polyform Private Limited.

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