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The Best Boat Deck Paint [Non-Skid Additive] High-build flexible coating designed to protect, resurface, and waterproof old, damaged wood and concrete. The unique formula provides long-lasting protection against moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. It is designed to expand and contract along with the substrate while offering excellent scuff resistance for heavy duty foot traffic areas. Deck & Dock with Cool Feel´┐Ż Technology. Kool Deck has never been a paint, nor will it. As stated in our guide on Kool Deck imposters above, the knock-off products of the decking world love to have you believe they are equivalent to a superior Kool Deck surface. If you see any of the halmarks listed above, run away. They also will neglect to inform their customers of the true.
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In a changing world, many crews radically downsized after the housing crash, with many skilled concrete and Kool Deck applicators retiring. Proper raw materials like Marble Sand were becoming quite scarce, hastening the introduction of Kool Deck Elite, our 50 premix product. The advent of Kool Deck Stamp Release introduces new worlds of possibility making Kool Deck look like popular slate, stone or traverine patterns.

Kool Deck is the now the simplest stamped overlay system on the market today, perfect for the skills and crew size of the modern concrete professional.

Unless the applicator has been sleeping for the past quarter century, our PTA Bonding system allows Kool Deck to be applied to any concrete surface from a day old to decades. If you have seen this myth, it is mostly from people that either don't know about PTA or want to sell something else. To apply any overlay on existing concrete, there is some surface preparation and when isn't there surface preparation. It's relatively easy to get a great bond with Kool Deck to the concrete when done properly.

Mortex provides significant resources for helping contractors on how to properly prepare a surface for using PTA Bonding Agent. Click through the link here to learn more and watch our videos for best practices. When Salt Chlorination systems became popular, we saw some decks start to fail. This was not surprising to Mortex as concrete slab quality was already decreasing less cement weight, etc and unfortunately many placed blame when they should have been looking a little deeper.

In our experience, almost all deck failures related to salt, the underlying concrete surface interface was deteriorated, leaving the Kool Deck intact but attached to nothing. Sodium chloride ions attack Portland cement and not much with marble sand and white cement - both ingredients used with Kool Deck.

We have conducted testing with our friends at Pool Chlor , of which we subjected samples to everything from distilled tap water to highly concentrated salt solutions. No failure of Kool Deck ever occurred. We highly recommend helping the underlying concrete by using our Protect-A-Deck waterproofing agent on any Salt Chlorinated pool, as it will significantly slow the transition of salt water through the surface. With the advent of spray polymers, their whole focus was to "look" like a Keystone Kool Deck.

But it doesn't, and it sure doesn't feel like one when the heat is on. You will hear it called, "Knockdown", "Lace", "Stucco", etc. Many of the sales schticks will conflate the surface texture with coolness - do not be confused.

While there is some benefit to a true "Keystone" Kool Deck finish, there's just not enough height in a less-than-sixteenth inch surface to provide less surface area for foot pressure with a polymer spray decking. As stated in our guide on Kool Deck imposters above, the knock-off products of the decking world love to have you believe they are equivalent to a superior Kool Deck surface.

If you see any of the halmarks listed above, run away. They also will neglect to inform their customers of the true maintenance cost of a painted surface, which is pretty significant. Most decks will require repainting on a three to five year window some cheapo varieties even sooner , but that isn't a problem to them - it's a feature. They like having the repeat service work, but we expect your pocketbook does not. With quality concrete contractor skills in low supply, you end up get people cutting corners and just flat out doing it wrong.

Splashing, mixing, and applying a proper Keystone Kool Deck has been an artform from the begining. While reasonable simple, the instructions not followed will cause craze cracking from too much water to premature failures from poor timing to the underlying surface. Stamping Kool Deck, while not making it completely fool-proof, definitely helps make the installation less daunting, more consistent with better durability.

So, if you want to get the best, due dilligence still reigns supreme. We reccommend to do your homework on a few companies by seeing recent work and distinctly specifying genuine Kool Deck by Mortex!

With contractor crews shrinking over the years, we recognized that those challenges end up forcing the choice of materials used, irrespective of what the client wants. By stamping Kool Deck, the recommended crew size for that method is only a minimum of 3 people, with preferably 4 or more depending on attempted square footage and selected pattern some patterns are easier that others. If applying a traditional Keystone Kool Deck, then that recommendation of six or more people is still valid.

Stamping Kool Deck, while not making it completely fool-proof, definitely helps make the installation less daunting, and great for smaller, nimble crews to our the surface done right! Well, lots of reasons, but the four most important are..

Now with two methods of application, Kool Deck is versatile as ever! Test Area: Always apply product to a small test area and allow to dry completely before coating entire project to ensure desired color and appearance. Requires 1 coat for coverage. When filling deep cracks in concrete or locking down splinters on old extremely damaged wood surfaces additional coats may be needed. Do not apply product in extreme heat of day or if surface is hot to touch. Do not apply product if rain is likely to occur within 24 hours.

Allow surface to dry until it can be lightly walked on hours before recoating. Once the final coat has been applied allow hours dry time for normal foot traffic. Dry time may be prolonged in cooler temperatures or high humidity. Surface may remain tacky until fully dried and cured. Avoid using surface until fully dry. Coverage may vary on surface condition, type of surface and number of coats applied. On most wood and concrete surfaces the coverage will be about square feet per gallon for application of one coat per gallon.

Clean brushes and equipment with soap and water. Dispose of empty container or unused portion in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. Features High build flexible coating Can be used on new wood, old wood, or concrete. Use over existing exterior paint or stained surfaces Available in 3 packaged colors.

Color Samples Instructions Additional information Important Note: Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed, so the samples shown on this page may vary slightly in color, sheen or finish from actual product and individual results.

Always test a small area and let coating dry to ensure color satisfaction before coating entire area. USES: New or old exterior wood decking, boat docks, plywood decking, ramps, fences, rails, wood siding, balconies, porches, stairs, walkways, as well as concrete, masonry and stucco surfaces or previously painted or stained surfaces that have been properly prepared.

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