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Are you planning baot go fishing with a partner? Or do you want to enjoy a fishing trip with a group of friends? Your answer will decide what kind of boat you invest in � a bass boat or center console. Both are excellent fishing boats but come with their set of pros and cons. So if you are confused about which one to buy, then you are at the right spot. In this article, I have listed some of their details and compared them in terms of structure and functionality.

Keep reading! As the name suggests, a bass boat is a small boat for fishing bass and other panfish in freshwater bodies. These boats are made of aluminum or fiberglass and have an average length of 17 feet and a width of 95 inches. They typically have V-shaped hulls and come with powerful outboard motors and trolling systems. Here are some of the reasons why bass boats are a personal favorite of batezu majority console bateau bass boat 10 anglers:.

A bass boat has one or two large built-in livewells and can carry a large amount of fishing tackle. The typical flat front deck has several storage compartments beneath, specially designed to keep all sorts of fishing equipment.

It is easy to maneuver bass console bateau bass boat 10 through shallow waters and around obstacles. This console bateau bass boat 10 because you can paddle them around as they are small and lightweight. You can also change your fishing direction while seated on swivel chairs. Since nothing is ever perfect, bass boats have a few drawbacks. Some of which are:. When it comes to fuel consumption, cost, and maintenance of bass boats, you will be surprised by the facts.

But you need to wipe a bass boat console bateau bass boat 10 every time you take it out of the water, or you would be left with stubborn spots. Moreover, the fiberglass hulls are prone to sun damage, cracking, and breakage, which can cost you a lot of money for their repair.

So if you fish on a frequent basis, a bass boat is not a good option for you. Another disadvantage of bass boats is that they can only carry a few people on board. These boats, designed primarily for bass fishing, have enough room to be comfortable for two people. However, you can fit up to four people in some varieties. Generally, though, bass boats console bateau bass boat 10 limited seating capacity and more nass deck space.

This makes them comparatively less comfortable. As the name suggests, a center console has a console control panel that sits in the center of the boat. These are single decked, console bateau bass boat 10 hull boats that are uniquely designed to provide walking access to all sides. These boats are usually 18 to 40 feet long and are available in six types, namely: technical poling skiff, flats boat, console bateau bass boat 10 boat, offshore, hybrids, and cats.

Center consoles provide an array of benefits to its owner. Here are some of them:. A major advantage is that it provides a degree angle for fishing.

You can cast in from the console bateau bass boat 10, the sides, or the bow front of the boat and have plenty of space to move around when struggling with a big catch.

It can easily fit five to eight people on board, making it Ranger Bass Boat Console a good choice to fish and cruise with your friends and console bateau bass boat 10. A center console is a fuel-efficient boat with 3 gallons per hour of fuel consumption rate. You can use a center console for fishing in both saltwater and freshwater as clnsole boats can keep their balance in the heavy ocean waves.

Moreover, center consoles are not just restricted to fishing. These boats can also be used for enjoying thrilling watersports like water skiing and wakeboarding. Some new center console models come console bateau bass boat 10 additional features of forward lounging, transom seating, and galleys with stove and freshwater faucets.

So with a center console, you can just hang out with your friends one day, fish for salmon the next day, and hunt down some Mahi Mahi the day. Center consoles do have some setbacks, as all boats. Some of them are:. They usually have small storage compartments suitable for keeping bait, hooks. You cannot pass under a lowset bridge or go through a lake tunnel in a center console, as most of these boats come with a large hardtop.

Also, if you run into the trouble of failed engines, you would be stuck in the middle of nowhere! Centre consoles are too heavy and huge to be paddled. Bass boats and center consoles, both, are designed for fishing purposes mainly. With a bass boat, 100 have an expensive small vessel with limited personal space that can carry a large amount of fish tackle. You can fish in a wide array of freshwater fishing spots. Cknsole, bass boats are preferred by serious anglers and those competing in bass fishing tournaments.

In comparison, a center console is a large, spacious, budget-friendly, and comfortable boat that allows you batdau fish in both saltwater and freshwater. This boat is a better bads for people who enjoy staying out on the waters and fish for recreation. In terms of speed and durability, a bass boat and center console are pretty similar to each. If you want to take your fishing hobby to the next level, I would suggest investing in a bass boat.

Or, if you like to recharge your batteries on weekends with your friends or conso,e, then a center console is what you need. It all depends on your budget, the type of water you fish in, and how enthusiastic you are about fishing. But no matter which fishing boat you decide to buy, bot sure you take a test ride before making the purchase.

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Features include a heavy-duty molded frame and moisture barrier design. Get on the water faster and with more money in your wallet! Our factory discounts and promotions change throughout the year so be sure to follow Lowe Boats on social media! Click each icon above to get more details.

At Lowe Boats, we strive to keep your personal information personal, our policies simple and our boats the best in the industry. As part of that commitment, we have recently updated our privacy policy. Bay Boats. Professional Grade Features Reset Your Expectations of a Center Console Stand tall behind the wheel of the fiberglass center console with a padded leaning post plus footrest , stainless steel grab rails - navigate freely with the included compass, windshield, and analog gauges.

Spacious Cockpit for Endurance, Performance, and Style The spacious cockpit of a Lowe Bay Boat makes it one of the most complete and feature rich aluminum center console boats on the market with clever battery storage underneath the console, and a 30 gallon aerated aft livewell located behind the leaning post.

Easy Access Underseat Baitwell The bow-side of the feature-rich center console has a handy 16 gallon under-seat baitwell, keep anglers fishing out of the bow reeling in fish all day long. As you can see I didn't worry about over hang at this point. You will have to glue the strips together every few inches to make sure they are all even with each other as well as both ends.

I started laying them flat at the bottom where they meet with the curved piece the when it reaches the facer I glued as well as nailed it down using the finishing nails. At this point after you finish your sides you will want to make everything look nice and even. I used a 7" grinder with a cut-off disk to chop off all the overhang. Then I sanded everything with a little mouse sander. You should have everything looking nice and even by now.

If you have large gaps between the strips, don't worry about it. The fiberglass will cover that. I wiped it all down with a damp rag the cover one side with fiberglass resin. Make sure to mix your hardener with the resin as required. When it was covered I the started wrapping it with the fiberglass.

I found it easiest to lay the fiberglass on top of the resin then take a paint brush and firmly "dab" it everywhere until the fiberglass is coated. I put 3 layer of fiberglass on due to all the sanding needed to be done.

After 24 hrs I started to sand it all smooth. It turns out beautiful. I am showing a picture of it cured but not sanded and painted. That part it self explanitory. You can come up with your own paint job and design to match your boat. Mine is going to be black and yellow to match my Bass boat.

I am also going to include an Instructable for making a windshield in the near future for this console. Depending on your type of boat, you will have to decide for yourself how to fasten it to your boat.

That much is outta my hands, most boats are different with different layouts. Participated in the Instructables Outdoor Projects Contest. Home Boat Reviews. Updated on Updated on Feb 18, at AM. Center Console Fishing Boats There are a million center console fishing boats on the market, but different models are ideal for different anglers.

Boat construction Hull design Size and weight Seakeeping abilities Livewell capacity and quality Style-specific fishing design Rod and tackle stowage Drifting characteristics Fuel capacity Comfort You always want quality construction like this Morgan 24 center console.

Boat Construction Nobody wants to buy a flimsy fishing boat, period. Some power catamaran hull designs run smoother than V-hulls, but they may have their own set of unique trade-offs. The weight of this Sea Hunter is part of why it can take the punishment of running in a raw ocean.

Size and Weight When it comes to boat size, the mistake most people make is thinking that bigger is always better. The wide beam of the Parker is part of why it is so stable while fishing. Seakeeping Abilities Once again, considering this trait means considering trade-offs � reflect back to the plusses and minuses of hull design, size, and weight.

If you enjoy live-baiting, clearly, picking a fishing boat with the best livewell possible is important. Livewell Capacity and Quality Obviously, this has a much bigger impact on live-baiters than it does on those who are dedicated to trolling or light-tackle casting. Organized tackle storage is a key element to fishing success and consistency. Rod and Tackle Stowage Give this variable more or less importance depending on where and how you travel.

How a boat drifts can have a huge impact on how well it matches your style of fishing. Drifting Characteristics Once again, the importance of this trait will vary depending on how you fish. Knowing your fuel capacity and range is key. You can use a fuel bladder to extend your range. Comfort is not required, but it sure goes a long way when your making the long haul.

Comfort A hard-core angler will place this last on the list of importance when it come to considering the traits of a center console fishing boat, but it does still belong on this list.

A center console that matches your lifestyle can bring you a world of pleasure and great memories. Lenny Rudow. Lenny Rudow �has been a writer and editor in the marine field for over two decades, and has authored seven books. View all articles Website. Southern California. Boating Tips.

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