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Metal Boat Kits | Premium CNC boat kits in Aluminum Alloy and Steel Response Marine has been designing welded aluminum boats since our first fire/rescue boat in We are the primary supplier of designs and cutting files for a number of small boat builders and metal fabricators, and we also provide designs to individuals for one-off construction. aluminum boat kits, landing craft kits, aluminum landingcraft kits, customize boat kit, customized boat kits. All of the kitset´┐Żs include all of the alloy plate required to build the boat, unlike some other kit boats on the market that only include the exterior shell. (Please note no extruded aluminum is included in the kit, but can be supplied at extra cost.) The kit arrives as a flat pack to save on shipping costs.
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Our designs are built by amateurs and professionals alike in more than 70 countries around the world. Enjoy hours of free boatbuilding video content, including this part how-to that takes you through a stitch-and-glue kayak kit from start to finish. Dozens of videos on strip-planked kayaks are here , and most boat pages have engaging intro videos like this one.

On this site you will find not just boat kits and plans but boatbuilding materials , marine plywood , boatbuilding tools , MAS epoxy , paint and varnish , kayak and canoe paddles , oars , paddling gear , books , DVDs , and sails. Have a boatbuilding question? Check out our pages of illustrated boatbuilding tips and tricks.

At our Annapolis showroom and boatbuilding shop you can see finished examples of our boat kits and pick up boatbuilding supplies and paddling gear. However, most of our business is through the mail: we will ship one of our meticulously prepared boat kits right to your door.

It's a big web site, so please use our handy search tool to find the right kayak kit, canoe kit, sailboat kit, rowboat kit, or paddleboard kit for you. Over the years, we have designed a number of boats for aluminum aluminium boat manufacturers. These tend to be more complex, as they are designed to take advantage of processes and technologies available for well equipped, specialized fabricating shops.

The designs can be customized to the shop's capabilities. Design for a single vessel builder. With more time at his disposal, an amateur builder, with limited access to heavy machinery like a break press , might prefer weld-on flanges rather than press-break ones. We Complete Boat Trailer Kits Journey can customize the design to suite a builder with limited shop capabilities a good MIG welder is still a must.

Custom design. As well as a number of our own designs, developed over the last nine years, we offer custom marine design services and naval architectural assistance, to individuals who would like to realize their own vision of a perfect boat, but lack the necessary professional skills and tools to undertake the entire detailed design by themselves.

We will guide you through the whole process; from the napkin sketch to a crate of parts ready Software Tools. For drafting and cut file detailing we use Microstation. Fitout With the hot work done, the boat will now be fitted out with your motor, seats and paint of choice, how far you take it is up to you. Enjoy Once on the water you will quickly see why Hall Marine Design is one of the best in the business. A Hall Marine Design hull provides a smooth, dry ride and great performance.

Please note no extruded aluminum is included in the kit, but can be supplied at extra cost. The kit arrives as a flat pack to save on shipping costs. Flat pack trailer kits are also available for all models and Hall Marine Design has secured great pricing on a full trailer component kit. Recognised member.

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