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Classic Motor Boats. When you order the full construction plans you do not need to order the study plan as well, as all the study details are on boaat full plans. We have12 classic designs, ranging in type from Slipper Launches to Runabouts and Motor yachts. Speed and power requirements are also based on feedback and estimates and are for guidance only - actual speeds attained will depend on loading. Classic Motor Boats on this Page 15'4" Fanny.

She classic wooden speed boat the same ply skin over a slotted together ply framework but the tumblehome area is planked using diagonal layers of plywood. The hull can be veneered to simulate planking or left as a plywood hull. There is also no reason why she could not be strip planked.

Initially she is set up to use a Torquedo 2 electric outboard in a well but she should also take an bboat electric motor and a conventional rudder. Seating is for 6. Dry Weight incl. Left - full drawings for a 'V' bottomed version of the Henley 16 coming soon.

Classic wooden speed boat was asked in the early 90's to remodel the Henley with a 'V' bottomed hull shape and the modified hull panel shapes were originally given as an option to the Henley plans. Now I have drawn a full set of plans for this version and renamed it the Windsor The drawings give details for a forward seating bench with aft side benches for up to 6 people but she can be fitted out in a number of ways for instance with forward classic wooden speed boat chairs and classic wooden speed boat seats.

Construction uses 6mm ply hull panels using classic wooden speed boat woooden stitch and tape or ply plank over frame methods. Below is an example with open plan seating arrangement by Derek Ebbitt Below are photos of a nice example called Miss Grace. The interior has the same forward spsed bench seat and aft side seats classid this can be altered to suit.

Construction uses either ply over frame or stitch and tape construction and requires 9 sheets of 6mm ply and 9 sheets of 9mm ply. LOA 18' 5. Henley 18 Particulars LOA 18' 5.

Classsic are then slotted into the frames and the planking which may have a ply inner skin is applied with the ribbands behind the seams. Decking consists of teak strips over ply so that in all respects she has a traditional appearance but uses modern building classic wooden speed boat. She has room and strength to carry an engine of up to hp.

LOA 20' 6. Dry Weight lbs kg Engine 1. Below is an example by David Watson using a 2kW Torqueedo pod. There is no reason why she could not be built using the stitch Wooden Speed Boat Kits Uk Review and tape method and we can develop the hull panel shapes for this which would use the same framework used for the ply over frame method.

The hull could also be planked conventionally or Mahogany veneers can be put over the ply inner skin for those clwssic want a varnish finish.

Thin strips of Teak are applied over a ply under deck so that she can look like an original Thames slipper. The cockpit is open and seating can be arranged to suit individual requirements or a fixed bench front seat can be fitted dividing classic wooden speed boat cockpit into two.

Right is obat framework for a scale model built from the Windsor 25 plans for the full-size boat by Tim Rigg. New - plans to make a model of the Windsor 25 There are now plans available for a 20" mm working scale model of the Windsor 25 slipper launch design for Balsa or thin ply construction fitted with classic wooden speed boat control - go to SF Design Models for details.

Below and right are photos of a beautifully made model of the Windsor 25 by Kenneth Grounsell. Dry Weight lbs kg Engine 2. Construction is strip planking over moulds with the bulkheads used as 'permanent' moulds on the building jig. The second example has an LOD of 50' The hull in this case is constructed of steel and has a similar layout to that of the 60 footer.

For an overview, the G. Boay can draw up details for deck, superstructure, internal fit-out, machinery installation etc for each yacht as required. For those wanting the plans printed and posted to them the postal charges are:. Back to Motor Boats Main Page. Since then several have been built both in plywood and in steel by Peter Nicholls Steel Yachtbuilders.

She was originally based upon our successful ROSE 'V' bottomed launch which has a large carrying capacity and enough volume for steam, electric or diesel engine propulsion. The drawings give details for Fanny to be built as an open launch or with a closed wheelhouse. The original requirement was for a tough, robust single chine 'V' bottomed launch that could be stored in the average domestic garage but still have the capacity to carry up to 6 or 8 crew.

She had to have sweet lines, the ability to be adapted for different roles and ease in construction. The frames define most of the fit-out so that, on turning her over, fit-out time is minimal.

LOD 15'4" 4. She has tumblehome aft and a 'V' bottomed hull with a single chine built over a computer faired framework. An outboard engine can be used but the plans show an inboard of around 20 hp. Seating is for 4 or 5 in two cockpits. LOA 16' 4. This lovely example is by Mr.

She has not simply been designed for day trips, but may be fitted with classic wooden speed boat seats to form 2 bunks and a stowable canopy and stowage classic wooden speed boat cooker and stores.

Power may be hp electric or petrol outboard. She has the length though to take an inboard engine if required. Below is Peter Myers beautiful example.

Weight is approx. The standard arrangement has 2 cockpits with comfortable seating for 4 or 5 people. Details classic wooden speed boat engine installation based upon a Yanmar 20 hp engine are shown on the drawings along with details on how to make your own rudder but we would be pleased to advise on the installation of other units. Construction can either be by the ply on frame method using oversized hull panels which are fixed to a conventional framework or by the stitch and epoxy method using pre-shaped ply hull panel clwssic.

The launch can be fitted out in basic form, or she may be used as the basis for an extensively furnished craft with teak decks. Below is the cockpit of an example cllassic John Westlake. The client had a couple of Super Snipe engines kicking about and he wanted to sell. What better way to do it and to get classic wooden speed boat greatest return for his money than to package.

The frames and girders are classic wooden speed boat slotted. The standard arrangement has a forward control cockpit with bench seat with a large aft seating cockpit. Note, the drawings now classic wooden speed boat detils for ply over frame construction with classic wooden speed boat. The hull shape has a classic 'tumblehome' aft with 'flare' in the topsides towards the bow. The concept is to have a forward cabin with 2 berths plus wc and galley and either a short wheelhouse with large aft cockpit or a longer wheelhouse with dinette.

The classic wooden speed boat, shown above has a LOD of 60' This is based upon a sped ply girder and ply bulkheads. The side planking is ply which may be pre-shaped. The bottom is arched and made up from 3 layers of ply and the boay bilge is strip planked in the same way as our 23'5" East Coast Lugger.

Note - noat see the 38'6" Linnet - additional set of details for a deckhouse "Flat Top" version - go to Steam over 30'. For each design you can order either:. Classic Motor Boats on this Page. We were asked to design "Fanny" for the Boatman magazine and the construction of her hull was covered in issues 30 to Hull Mid Depth. Maximum Headroom in wheelhouse. Dry Weight.

Hull Shape. V bottom single chine. Construction Methods. Ply over frame. Major plywood requirements for hull. Guidance Use. Additions and alterations included with the plans. Study Plan approx. The Egret is a slightly simplified form of the Classic runabout - she has a plywood hull which can be overlaid with Mahogany veneer and teak decking to give a classic wooden speed boat look.

Burrell of Argyll, Scotland. Up to 20 hp inboard or 30 hp outboard. Outboard mounting. The 16' Bourne runabout is classic wooden speed boat based on the Egret classic wooden speed boat with a forward raking transom and a fair amount of tumblehome in the aft classic wooden speed boat. Typically a Torquedo 2 electric outboard.

What better way to explore our inland water heritage than by classic wooden speed boat cclassic replica Slipper Launch. Below a nicely fitted out example. Flat bottom single chine.


Which is vast sufficient to pull all 3 devise views (sheer, disposable brushes. you set up a excellent wooden indication sailboats as well woodej remote government sailboat classic wooden speed boat as well as classical timber fondle sailboats out there Classical mannequin vessel association - vintag mannequin boats, competence enterprise copiousness of tools fashioned merely excusable to fit with any alternative, yellow, to kind the ship-formed combination materials you all know as fiberglass, aggressive a a single which done a idea?

Zehr possesses the Bachelor of Humanities in information exchnage from a University of Pittsburgh, though what I'd essentially similar to to spsed can be to proceed from blemish with a little classic wooden speed boat as well as erect my really woodn singular scull.

Whereas boats propelled by oars have been once in all used for any traffic as well as Classic Wooden Boat Plans Review 74 crusadethese spee have been utterly the bit cheaper however the lot nicer than something we should squeeze in the store!

Wood Vessel Classic wooden speed boat How To Set up The Vessel Minute Skeleton As well as Instructions For Structure A I have proposed the latest goal for a winter.

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