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For any difficulty, please notify us for help. We class 6 maths ch 10 ex 10.1 mod here to help you free of cost. In 6 Maths Chapter 10 Mensuration, we will study about the perimeter and area related to class 6 maths ch 10 ex 10.1 mod 2-D figures. This chapter is important as per further classes.

We should learn the formulae of perimeter and areas of various figures. If more than half a square is in a region. Count it as one square. We welcomes to your feedback and suggestions. Whenever you face difficulty using website or getting contents, please contact us.

We will help you at our level best. Solutions of Prashnavali Solutions of each question with suitable answers and explanation are given on the website.

Class 6 Maths Chapter 10 all Exercises Solution. Important Questions on 6 Maths Chapter 10 The lid of a rectangular box of sides 40 cm by 10 cm is sealed all round with tape. What is the length of the tape required? A table-top measures 2 m 25 cm by 1 m 50 cm.

What is the perimeter of the table-top? Find the perimeter of a triangle with sides measuring 10 cm, 14 cm and 15 clasw. Find the perimeter of a regular hexagon with each side measuring 101. cm. A table-top measures 2 m by 1 m 50 cm. What is its area in square meters? Five square flower beds each of sides 1 m are dug on a piece of land 5 m long and 4 m wide.

What is the area matns the remaining part of the land? Chapter Algebra �.

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