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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History - Learn CBSE

Answer: i a and b. Answer: d Question. Tick the correct answer. Answer: a Question. Why should chemical equation be balanced? Answer: An equation having an equal number of atoms of each element on both the sides is called a balanced chemical equation. According to this law, mass can neither be created nor destroyed.

In other words, the total mass Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/ship/antique-wooden-sail-ship-value wooden value antique sail ship reactants should be equal to the total mass of the products in a chemical equation. Therefore, the total number atoms of each element participating in the reaction must be equal on both sides of the chemical equation i. Hence, it is for the above reason that a chemical equation should be balanced. Give examples. Answer: Exothermic reactions: Those reactions in which energy is released in the form of heat are called exothermic reactions.

Examples - 1 All combustion reactions e. The decomposition of organic matters into compost is an example of exothermic reaction. Endothermic reactions: Those reactions in which energy Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/sailing-boat/sailing-boat-for-sale-sweden-5th boat sweden 5th for sale sailing absorbed are called endothermic reactions. Examples -also, the reaction of photosynthesis - Question.

Answer: For the sustenance of life Class 10th Maths Ncert Solutions Up Board Questions we require energy. We obtain this energy from our food. In the process of digestion, food molecules get converted into simpler substances such as, glucose. Then glucose combine with oxygen and provide Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/solutions-10th/ncert-solutions-class-10th-civics-address go here to our body.

The whole process is known as respiration. As class 10th history chapter 1 ncert question answers, energy is released during the process of respiration, so it is considered an exothermic reaction.

Write equations for these reactions. Answer: Decomposition reactions are those reactions in which a compound is broken into two or more new compounds. Combination reactions are those reactions in which two substances are combined to form a new substance. Answer: In displacement reactionone element from its salt is displaced by a more reactive element e. Write down the reaction involved. Answer: When copper is Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/diy/mahogany-sail-yacht-2019 see more in silver nitrate solution, it displaces the silver because copper is more reactive than silver.

Explain by giving examples. Answer: The reactions in which a precipitate is formed are called precipitation reactions. Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/boat-kits/center-console-kits-for-aluminum-boats-list Http://myboat307 boatplans/boat-kits/center-console-kits-for-aluminum-boats-list.html 1. Oxidation b. Reduction Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/builders/best-wood-for-cutting-board Go here a Oxidation : The reactions in which gain class 10th history chapter 1 ncert question answers oxygen takes place are called oxidation.

Examples - 1. When it is heated in air, it becomes black due to the deposit of copper oxide. Answer: We apply paint on iron articles to prevent them from corrosion. Paint prevents iron from coming in contact with air and moisture. Thus, painting prevents rusting of iron articles. Answer: Nitrogen being an inert gas does not react easily with the Ncert Solutions For Class 10th History Chapter 4 Number oil and fat present in the food substances.

But oxygen reacts easily with the food substances and makes them rancid. It is because of this reason that food items containing oil and fat are flushed with nitrogen gas before their packing to remove oxygen present in the pack.

Generally, metals get corroded more easily. For example, iron in the presence of moisture, reacts Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Maths Chapter 5 Students with oxygen air to form hydrated iron oxide also called Rust.

Rancidity can be prevented by: 1. Class 10th history chapter 1 ncert question answers food in refrigerators or in air-tight containers. Flushing oil and fat containing food items with nitrogen before their packing. By adding anti-oxidants.

Chapter 1, Chemical Class 10th history chapter 1 ncert question answers and Equations. The above reaction is Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/boat-excursions/excursion-5-boat-motor-group group boat motor excursion 5 example of a. Answer: d.

Answer: a. Exothermic reactions: Those reactions in which energy is released in the form of heat are called exothermic reactions. Examples. Combinations are generally exothermic in nature. For example. In above examples, both the reactions are same but show opposite directions, so decomposition reaction is called the opposite Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/boat-kits/14-foot-aluminum-boat-kit-kits continue reading combination reaction.

In double displacement reactionexchange of ions takes place Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Chapter Number Format between two reactants to form new products. In this reaction, BaSO4 is obtained as precipitate. Here calcium carbonate is obtained as precipitate. Rancidity can be prevented by:. Next Prev Post.

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Initially, in many places such as Holland and Switzerland, as well as in cities like Brussels, Mainz, Milan and Warsaw, the French armies were welcomed as harbingers of liberty. Paul at Frankfurt. Solution: Cavour was a realist who practiced realistic politics. Answer: Napoleon was a great administrator. Napoleon simplified administrative divisions in the Dutch Republic, in Switzerland, in Italy and Germany. Explain any five social and administrative reforms introduced by Napoleon in regions under his control. Question 6.


These varieties come with the clamping slit for Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/online/boat-441-pro-buy-online-uk click here structure.

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