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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Circles Ex
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Solution is available in Hindi Medium and English Medium along with videos. Consider the position vector of a point P x, y, z. The angles produced by the vector along the positive directions of the x, y and z axes, respectively, are called direction angles.

The cosmic values of these angles are called vector direction cosines and are usually represented by L, M and N, respectively. Class 12 Maths Exercise Contents are in PDF to download or view online without downloading. Video solutions in Hindi and English Medium are also given here explaining each questions in simple language. Class: 12 Mathematics Chapter: 10 Exercise: Zero vector : A vector whose initial and terminal digits coincide is called a zero vector or zero vector and is denoted as 0.

You cannot give the zero Ch 10 Maths Class 10 Notes Read Pdf vector a certain direction because it has zero magnitude. Or alternatively, any address can be considered. Unit vector : A vector whose magnitude is unity that is, 1 Class 10 Maths Ch 10 Ex 10.3 Os unit is called a unit vector. The unit vector is represented by one in the direction of a given vector. Coinitial vectors : Two or more vectors that have the same starting point are called Coinitial vectors.

Collinear vectors : Two or more vectors are called collinear if they are parallel to the same line, regardless of their magnitude and directions. Equal vectors : Two vectors are said to be the same if their starting points have the same magnitude and direction regardless of their positions. Negative of a vector : A vector whose magnitude is similar to a given vector but the direction is opposite to the given vector is called negative of the given vector.

What is the main concept given in class 12 Maths Exercise Which is the most important question from Exercise Question number 4, 10 and 13 are the questions which are asked frequently in the exams. Example number 18 and 19 are considered as important one for pre-board as well as board exams.

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