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Private lessons are perfect for new sailors with busy schedules, experienced sailors wanting a refresher, or anyone who wants tips for sailing wooden boats on Lake Union. Become a member and save on Private Sailing Lessons!

Learn more at our Wooden Sailing Boats For Sale Australia Twitter Become A Member page. This is usually enough instruction for a student to gain a solid foundation of sailing skills and prepare for a Livery Checkout.

Lessons can be scheduled in one to four-hour intervals according to your schedule. Once purchased, you will receive a punchcard and instructions for scheduling your lessons in the mail.

Give the gift of experience! Purchase private sailing lessons for your favorite person or couple. To purchase, email store cwb. Private lessons packages and pre-paid private lesson gift certificates expire 1 year from date of purchase. Holtz has worked as a delivery captain and have been retained as a consultant by boat brokers and owners to teach docking, close-quarter manuevering, coastal cruising and navigation skills, and marine systems familiarization aboard center for wooden boats sailing lessons rec sailing and motor vessels on Puget Sound and in the San Juan Islands.

Nancy learned to sail on the Great Lakes as a kid. Her center for wooden boats sailing lessons rec in international development eventually led to overseas assignments and she has managed to talk Center For Wooden Boats Sailing Lessons Nj her way onto sailboats on six different continents. Nancy has been teaching sailing at CWB since She loves sharing her passion for sailing with others: introducing people to the joy of center for wooden boats sailing lessons rec and helping them master the basic skills.

Directly after high school Ned spent 9 months at sea aboard a ft. It was during this trip that he realized that sailing would become his career. His passion in instruction come in teaching on the Centers collection of smaller traditionally rigged boats such as the Beetle Cat and Woods Hole Sprit Boat.

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