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These two smaller boxes can be sent via UPS. There is much more to the design of an efficient paddle than would appear at first glance. They include full-sized patterns for both bow and stern paddles. Although the North Woods Paddle is an efficient paddle for almost any stroke, it is Wood Strip Canoe Kits Square Stern Key specifically designed for the North Woods Stroke. We urge paddling enthusiasts to explore this technique. In this brochure, Alexandra Conover guides you through each step in carving a North Woods Paddle, using only sharp hand tools, without the need for expensive power tools.

You will find detailed photos of design features, a brief history of the paddle, and scaled-down plans. This brochure, which comes with the Paddle Plans see above , is also available separately.

Skip to content. I am keen to hear how the Paulownia goes. There is a bit on the net and other places suggesting that because of the lower strength compared to Cedar that the Paulownia strips need to be thicker. The balsa canoe with 6mm hull and much lighter glass than you will be using was plenty strong enough.

My take is that it is the timber that gives the boat its strength and the glass that stops the timber from denting. This is a practical view only. The engineeering view ie the correct one is that the glass gives the timber cross grain strength its real function but the 0.

So if a very light glass gives enough cross grain strength � if follows that heavier glass fulfills a different function Wood Strip Canoe Kits Square Stern Open � which is to protect the timber from denting in contact with stones or snags. Usually it is land based damage. With a bit of care it was amazingly robust and it looked great after three years of use. Sold on to a new owner. This is daft because the stiffness of the structure depends on the timber thickness.

Read about the Balsa Canoe Experiment here. Keep the gunwale trim keel and perhaps external stem in contrasting colour and it will be just gorgeous. In a way I think the hull timber is irrelevant � it is the trim that gives you the shape of the boat so that should be really pretty I found some Cedar Strip Canoe Kits Australia 77 Australian Red Cedar for my tiny gunwales and inwales. Quote: I am thinking a bit of Jarrah for Gunwale, trim and stem outer is that overboard sorry no pun intended.

Do I need the strength for the inner stems or will a bit more paulownia do? Jarrah is the right colour but is WAY too heavy for a boat of this style. If you'd like to simply purchase plans, you can visit our Plans page. If you would like to purchase a Pre-Kit, please click on the price under the Pre-Kit column. For purchasing a full Kit we request that you call us at for updated pricing. Since we don't assemble a Cedar Strip Canoe Kits Minnesota University kit until you order, you have the opportunity to change your materials list to suit your own needs.

For any questions you may have, feel free to e-mail us at info newfound. Our newsletters will contain sale information, technical articles, frequently asked questions with the answers of course!

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