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CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 3 Notes - Mineral and Power Resources

These minerals are different from each other based on their composition. Cbse class 8 chapter 3 geography, minerals are divided into two categories, i.

Metallic and Non-metallic. Metallic minerals are those minerals that are formed by the reaction of metals and other elements. The metallic minerals represent the properties of metals. They exhibit characteristics such as Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/sailing-boat/boat-sailing-close-to-the-wind-10 read article and lustrous. They are good conductors of heat and electricity. Based on their chemical properties, minerals can be oxides, sulphides, and carbonates.

Non-metallic minerals are those minerals that do not contain any type of metal. Even if we cannot extract metals from these minerals yet, they are of great importance to us. Petroleum, coal are examples cbse class 8 chapter 3 geography Non-metallic Minerals.

Minerals are essential in our day-to-day activities. Here we have listed down the various uses of minerals. Metallic minerals such as copper are good conductors of electricity and are thus Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/yacht/sailing-yachts-for-sale-in-the-caribbean-malaysia sailing yachts for sale in malaysia in electrical equipment.

Minerals are also required by our body, such as calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Minerals like aluminium are used for packing food products.

Hence, it can be said that minerals are of great use Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/steamboat/steamboat-takeaway-recipe steamboat takeaway recipe humanity. By power resources, we simply mean the energy or power that is used to run industries, agriculture, transport, communication, and defence. Power resources are required cbse class 8 chapter 3 geography all Ncert Solutions For Class 10th Geography Chapter 3 Function fields and play a very vital role in our lives.

Power resources can be of two types: Conventional Resources and Non-conventional Resources. Image to be added soon. Conventional resources or conventional sources of energy include oil, natural Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Geography Chapter 1 Table gas, coal. These are generally formed in nature and are non-renewable. This means that once these resources are exhausted, they may take millions of years to be formed. Coal, petroleum, firewood, and natural gas are all examples of conventional sources of energy.

Non-Conventional resources are those energy resources that are abundantly found in Class 10th Geography Chapter 1 Ncert Solutions Asia nature. These energy resources are also called renewable sources of energy because they can be replenished.

These sources of energy are considered as clean and pure sources of energy. This energy is environment friendly. They are emerging as the most used energy resources because of the scarcity of conventional resources. Non-conventional energy resources include Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/dinghy/algebra-upstream-downstream-problems-amazon http://myboat282 boatplans/dinghy/algebra-upstream-downstream-problems-amazon.html energy, solar energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and Biogas.

The Class 8 Geography Chapter 3 briefs the students on all about mineral and power resources. The Mineral and Power Resources Class 8 act as an cbse class 8 chapter 3 geography guide for the students to understand the chapter easily. The chapter provides detailed information about types of minerals and power resources and extraction of minerals.

The Minerals and Power Resources Class Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/builders/steel-hull-yacht-builders-nz click the following article provides an overview of the chapter through various solved exercise questions. These-provide all the questions and answers of the chapter that helps the students to gain a brief knowledge of the chapter.

Answer: Minerals are found in different types of rocks. Solar Cell: Solar cells are devices to convert solar energy into electricity. Choose the correct Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Geography Chapter 1 Error option. Solar energy is used in solar heaters, solar cookers, solar dryers, etc. These forms of energy are safe to use and clean. Some times this heat energy may surface itself in the form of hot springs. Tidal Energy � Energy generated from tides is called tidal energy.


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