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10/16/�� Now built in Argentina as a full-fledged, bluewater catamaran and cruiser that can be safely operated by a shorthanded couple or family crew, the Antares 44i features a fully covered cockpit with a quartet of big, standard solar panels recessed within the hardtop, one example of a yacht capable of long-range passagemaking. They are frequently used for traditional, time-honored endeavors such as overnight cruising, day cruising and sailing. Catamaran produces models with inboard, electric, outboard, outboard-4S and inboard/outboard propulsion systems, available in diesel, gas, electric and other fuel systems. Catamaran. Related Topics: cruising, island packet, privilege, manta, pdq, mahe 36, maine cat, shuttleworth, dazcat, kit catamaran, leopard, gemini, Lavezzi, Broadblue, Seawind, jaguar, Prout Quasar, extended cruising, fountaine pajot, leopard 40, leopard 45, leopard 46, gemini , Seawind , seawind , Boat Manufacturers. Page 1 of

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