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Algebraic Expressions and Identities Class 8 Notes: Get Free Notes Here
CBSE CLASS 8 MATHEMATICS Algebraic Expressions and Identities � Chapter 9 /MCQ Multiple Choice Questions. Choose the correct answer from the options given below: 1. The numerical factor of a term is called its ����- A. constant B. numerical coefficient C. variables 2. The coefficient in the term -5x is ����- A. -1 Byjus Class 7 Maths Chapter 2 Answer B. -5 C. �x 3. Expressions that contains only one term is called a ���� A. Monomial B. Binomial C. Trinomial 4. An expression containing one or. more terms with non-zero coefficient is called a ���� A. Trinomial B. Polynomial C. Binomial 5. The product of 4 and 7p is ���� A. 11p B. 2. Revision Notes Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 proves to be tremendously important for the students eager to complete the entire chapter in less time. These revision notes are prepared by subject matter experts at Vedantu who have extensive years of experience in teaching Mathematics. Algebraic Expressions and Identities Class 8 Notes will improve your knowledge and will be useful in understanding the important concepts of the chapter before the examination. Download Revision Notes Class 8 Maths for better preparation of Chapter. These revision notes are designed as per the latest NCERT syllabus issue. Class VIII Mathematics revision notes by askIITians are more detailed and include a lot of diagrams, solved examples, and step-by-step explanations for each chapter you cover. They have been prepared by experienced and knowledgeable teachers and can serve as excellent stand-alone study material. We recommend you to look at these revision notes.

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