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This guide will show you each of the houseboats available on the mysterious island and my opinion of each one to help you decide which one you would like to build first, they all cost social points and I have included the prices so jouseboat can start to save up while you work on unlocking a houseboat plot.

There are 4 houseboat plots to unlock, each monument unlocks a houseboat plot once you reach level 5 on that monument Which means if you are past level 33 and have reached at least level 5 on each monument you will have unlocked all of the un plots! This is the cheapest houseboat but it still costs 20SP which I think is just a bit excessive for what you. I think the kitchen and living area are really nice, they are a good size building a houseboat in heaven quest they have managed to fit a dining table in!

The bedroom and outside areas are a little cramped but overall I think its a nice little starter boat and an extra floor could always be added! This is a two story houseboat with room for 3 sims to live here, again the price is quite expensive, it will quedt you 40SP! I really like this houseboat, it has good sized living areas and I think the kitchen and building a houseboat in heaven quest sizes work well guilding this, but you could always make the dining area smaller and make those two rooms bigger, if you really wanted!

There is a good sized bedroom upstairs which has three houseboaat beds in it but you could always turn that into one big master bedroom for a couple or even put the bathroom up there!

It even has a garden plot outside the house and a good sized garden area. This is a one story houseboat that costs a staggering 65SP! This is a good sized building a houseboat in heaven quest for a building a houseboat in heaven quest of 4 hoiseboat they have substituted the garden area for those extra and larger rooms which is a shame.

There is even a games room with a ships wheel in it which is a nice decoration. Hpuseboat kitchen and hoiseboat again are good sized and this bathroom qquest has a bath in building a houseboat in heaven quest This is a really beautiful looking houseboat but it will cost you SP!

Downstairs there are two really good sized rooms, the kitchen and qudst living room, the dining table is right in the corner of the kitchen but I think it would look better moved. Glass doors lead out to the outside area which has a small swimming pool in it- I love it! However it does mean there is no room for gardening plots but I can forgive that!

There is a nice size bathroom upstairs but no bath although that could be easily added. Want to build a houseboat without social points? Find out how here:. Houseboag for: Close. The time it takes to build a house increases with every house you build this includes houseboats The boats are, click the links below to head straight to that part of this post:.

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Come one, come all to the bodacious Brightwood brunch! Building costs , , 3, Collect profits from the Tree of Dreaming once. Build 2 Houses Upgrade 2 Houses to level 3. We must repair it.

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