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When the Mirror dinghy was designed in the early 60's, the Daily Mirror build your own mirror dinghy values wanted a boat that build your own mirror dinghy values kit form was simple enough for a teenager to assemble with perfetly commonplace tools.

The construction method used on the first prototype which Barry Bucknell, a TV handyman, had built for his build your own mirror dinghy values, fitted the bill perfectly. Build your own mirror dinghy values of the traditional method of using softwood battens inside the hull where the plywood panels were joined, Barry used one of the simplest and oldest boat building methods know to man: sewing.

The Vikings used it on their ships. The Polynesians still. They "stitch" the skin of a hull together - then waterproof all the seams. The edges of the plywood panels were "stiched" together using copper wire. With the panels held in place in this manner, the joints between them were made permanent using glass fibre tape and resin.

This method is now commonly know as "stich and glue" construction and is now widely used for wooden dinghy construction. A frequently asked question is "Can we build it easily and quickly? Thousands of ordinary people have built a Mirror dinghy from a kit. A group of nine schoolgirls completed the hull at an exhibition in eight Build Your Own Mirror Dinghy One hours! Apart from a kit available from a licenced kit manufacturerthese are the things you need to provide as a minimum.

If you are tempted, why not have a look at this short video presentation of the building of Mirror by Ben Hill? Then browse through the building instructions to get a good idea of what is involved. If you want to use a jig to hold panels together, rather than use the traditional "stitching" process, the UK Mirror Class Associtaion has Build Your Own Mirror Dinghy Instagram a jig available for members build your own mirror dinghy values borrow to build Mirror kits on.

Sell your Mirror dinghy on this site. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience Cookies Policy. A bit of spare time - about one hundred hours - that's a month of evenings and weekends, should see your boat ready for painting. A bit of spare room - a space about 5m X 3m 15' X 9' is the minimum you require A few simple tools - no sophisticated equipment is necessary but, although you don't need an electric drill, it does save a lot of time.

Slowing down and stopping - basic pricipals Landing What if my boat capsizes? What if my boat capsizes? How do I turn in a boat?

What Colour? Spend time on the water Go-Fast Gear! Remember Me. Latest forum posts No posts to display. Latest 5 boats for sale - Wild Thing - Dragon fly Sell your Mirror dinghy on this site. Check out our Facebook Group. Latest 5 owners looking for ex-owners of their boat - Magwa, Amazon Renewal due on 1st January.

Build a Mirror kit. View Calendar.


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The finals of this Build your own mirror dinghy values months's America's Crater proceed September 7th.

The Mirror was designed to introduce the masses to sailing, with the chance to own your own boat cheaply. Many tens of thousands fulfilled their dreams by building a Mirror from a kit. Building a Mirror is not difficult, easy accomplished by anyone with basic DIY skills and although these days many prefer the convenience of an the 'Off the. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Sorry. Download something a little more recent! Mirror Dinghy Build Your Own Boat Boat Kits Great Hobbies Boat Plans Radio Control Scale Models Sailing How To Plan. Got the time? and got the space? Try the TridentUK Mirror dinghy wooden hull kit. Just add your fittings and rigging pack if you need myboat140 boatplansing everything to build the hull. For ? you can receive all Build Your Own Wooden Dinghy Labs wooden parts and 36 pins.

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