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Installed Seating. Floor and Sides. Storage Options. Livewell Options. Side Consoles. Center Consoles. Console Parts. Specifications, options and standard features are subject to change without notice. Paint-Exterior Upgrade. Fuel Tank. Rigging Extras. Photos of popular custom options below. Top of Page. Custom Boats. Facts Why Futrell Marine? Why Bennington? Why Cobalt? Why MasterCraft Why Ranger?

Why Xpress Boats? Home � Boats For Sale. Back to top Sort and Refine. Hide Search. Search By Make. However, if one drives carefully and maintains their Havoc boat well, they can serve as durable and reliable rides for years to come. While the aluminum is thin, it is strong enough to withstand responsible use with little maintenance required.

No manufacturer can make a boat designed for all conditions, driving styles, and after-market preferences. Therefore, you will need to make some adjustments to your boat and possibly its hull to achieve peak performance.

Often, these touchups should be limited to cleaning up welds along the bottom of the hull. Small, incremental changes to the smoothness and shape of welds along the edges or bottom of a hull can dramatically change the way a boat drives. For many boat owners, these modifications can be too intimidating to make themselves. For some, this means an awkward holeshot; for others, it means a limited speed to keep from getting soaked.

One of the most significant issues with Havoc boats often comes from after-market installation errors. When the wrong motor is installed on a hull, it can cause catastrophic damage from transom cracks to critical safety issues out on the water. Most of the time, boaters with a lack of knowledge or those seeking to modify their purchase to their liking will install mud motors onto Havoc hulls designed for use with outboard motors.

Many dealers offer new Havocs as a complete bundle with the motor and trailer included. The thinner aluminum construction makes the Havoc boats excellent options for those hunters or fishers looking to get from one spot to another in a snap.

These lightweight hulls are designed for speed from the ground up, and Havoc even offers a racing line. However, this can also be one of the issues with Havoc boats: the sleek construction for speed comes at a cost.

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