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The Flats River Skiff 15 is the perfect 2 person shallow water fishing skiff. Ideal for a first time boat builder with basic carpentry experience.� Flats River Skiff Materials List: 8 sheets � 4? x 8? x 1/4? Okume or Meranti marine grade plywood (included in Plywood Kit). 2 sheets � 4? x 8? x 3/8? Okume or Meranti marine grade plywood (included in Plywood Build Your Own Flats Boat 7.5 Kit). linear feet � 1? x 1? stock Cypress, Juniper, or Fir. 68 linear feet � 3/4? x 1? stock Cypress, Juniper or Fir. 12? linear feet � 3/4? x /2? stock Fir or Sapele. 6 gallons � Marine Epoxy (add 1 lb of fumed silica for fillets). 14 cu/ft � 2 lb density expanding pour foam, closed cell (included in Plywood Kit). 25 yards � 10 oz cloth 50? wide. 10 yards � biaxial cloth. 1 skiff 2 skiff | Skiff Life - Fishing & Boating Articles, Classifieds, Photos and Video. Jamie Gray says: Little bit of a different view! Awesome to have Skiffy and Skiffy2 together! Can�t wait to have skiffy2 in the water! Gonna be a whole other animal! Top Selling Gear. Plywood Boat Plans Wooden Boat Plans Small Fishing Boats Small Boats Boat Crafts Water Crafts Canoe And Kayak Kayak Fishing Free Boat Plans. MICROSKIFF. Plywood Boat Plans Wooden Boat Plans Wooden Boat Building Boat Building Plans Building Ideas Free Boat Plans Flats Boat Boat Projects Build Your Own Boat. Flats River Sk. Skiff2 / SimplyVFD_V2. Notifications. Star � Latest commit. Skiff2 ����������. 4b Nov 9, ����������.

Build Your Boat. Use our dealer locator tool to become one step closer to owning your Maverick. Dealer Locator. The 17 HPX-V does just that. For one boat to give me such a distinct advantage in all those diverse fisheries is simply incredible.

My clients have never been more comfortable or happier fishing out of this skiff and neither have I. To be able to go super shallow and be as quiet in technical poling situations, handle the requirements of deep water tarpon fishing with a fly and then still run home with speed comfortably and dry in a stiff afternoon sea breeze is remarkable.

There are no other boats out there that offer this complete performance like a Maverick. The boats are simply bulletproof and do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Build yours! Customize your Maverick. Dealer locator Use our dealer locator tool to become one step closer to owning your Maverick. Hop on board Check out our latest videos. Get the skinny from those who know! After missing last years fun we are excited to ope. Maverick 17HPX-V maverickboats fishthelegend ta. Maverick 18HPX � V carbon edition maverickboats. Even with all of the best possible tools, finding.

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