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Add the following snippet to your HTML:. Project tutorial by marcozonca. I love sailing alone because when a man is on the sea with his sailing boat he got everything he needs to evolve to a greater level. Sailing in raw sea with bad weather can be very hard but keyboadd he choose good weather days with sun and nice wind the enjoy will be at maximum. Happiness means infinite horizons, perfect athletic technics, optimal choices, but also human things as a good drink and a tasty sandwich!

A sailing boat does not have an engine and cannot go along a programmed path from harbour to the beach, then to the fishing condole, turn around the Lighthouse and back, all itself, it. When the Sailor decides for a break, let say just 10 seconds or up a few minutes the famous "tea time"he switches Autopilot on.

Build your own boat steering console keyboard a cup of seconds its GPS acquires position, speed and direction of consols boat and is able to mantain the direction route. The steering system, a stick connected to the rudder, usually moved by the expert Sailor hands, now is under control by Autopilot through the Stepper Motor connected to it by pulleys and ropes.

Control the rudder is a continuous work of fine or gross tuning. Smaller lighter is the boat and greater will be the changes of direction factors influences it: sea waves, direction and pressure of the wind, shifting of the weight on board by Build your own boat steering console keyboard movements, sea currents.

These buttons are present on the Autopilot too, the green right and the red left ones. The blue button middle is for activate or deactivate the Autopilot, the pause. It is also a black button for setting up parameters in memory.

The other MPU, Arduino Nanois the watchdog: I know it does exist a kind of watchdog inside the Uno but I liked to do it with and independent external processor, it is a life long dream I covered, I am happy now! It never happened build your own boat steering console keyboard, can you believe? It is used a popular display in conjunction with a i2c circuit converter both soldered together, finally using just 4 wires to significantly spare digital pins to communicate ocnsole Uno.

The RF Mhz Remote Control RC circuit works well; to improve distance coverage and kryboard to success, I added a coil antenna you could made by yourself with a piece of copper wire; I tested it 10 meters away but I think it can work even at 20 meters or more, more than enough considering the target sailing boat I used to testing Autopilot has been just a 4.

The data contains all navigation data used to calculate correction to do by the Motor: date, time, position latitude and longitude, true course, speed and validity of satellites fix. There are a few sensors on the circuit all connected to Arduino Uno by the help of IC bbuild. It is a Thermistor to take under control voltage Build Your Own Boat Center Console Zero regulator heating dissipator temperature, a 2W resistor and 4x10k as voltage dividers to calculate Ampere as power consumption of whole circuit.

Also the battery voltage is taken under control: LiPo are known to be critical when single elements are discharged below 3. Do not wait too long to switch off, and recharge soon! The Leds : yellow one blinking at 1Hz let you know the WatchDog is working; the blue one is on when Autopilot is on, off if paused; the red led blinks when one of the remote control buttons is pressed. All circuit works at 5. Current should not be greater than mA, but usually it is around mA.

Please put on it an heating dissipator. Is used single face PCBs for that reason I had to include a few wire jumpers the dotted line ones to solve routes for whole circuits. Build your own boat steering console keyboard shown here the components faces but below you have all files, components and solder faces, mirrored, build your own boat steering console keyboard downloading and printing by the way of a laser build your own boat steering console keyboard on "yellow" or "blue" sheets.

I used the yellow ones but they say the blue are better but the price is significantly higher. When printing remember to disable toner saving settings, use instead dpi resolution to build your own boat steering console keyboard deep real black result. The toner transfer process from magic sheets to PCBs is made by the use of an hot iron Printing on both faces, also on the components face, makes it easy to build your own boat steering console keyboard positioning of items and even makes the project "professional".

There are around unsoldered connections then, it means unexpected and unwanted malfunctions or different behaviour of the circuit can happen from time to time, it is normal. Suggestion is to solder everything for a more stable circuit! Pressing the black button on the side of the box it enters in Setup mode ; this can be done also during active navigation, it is unnecessary to enter Pause. The 6th page shows "Updating Yiur parameters are necessary to fine tuning Autopilot when installed on the sailing boat.

Responseness, sensitivity and smoothness depend by the diameter keyvoard the pulleys, how many pulleys, the diameter of main pulley on the Stepper Motor, the sensitivity of the rudder, how length is the rudder stick connected build your own boat steering console keyboard it, and so on.

Let install everything and let try and make experience on board. Steeringg course choose a sunny beautiful day with light wind for all testing phase! You are navigating on the sea, on the lake or just around the harbour. It is the Tea Time and your coke and your favourite sandwich are waiting in the pocket. Here we are: switch Autopilot on and let it take satellite GPS fix, you should now read on the display actual speed in knots, clock and heading direction i.

Heading number changes for sureslowly or fast depending of weather conditions we already talked. To take back control of the steering you just have to press Pause blue button, disconnect the rope from the rudder stick consle the job by your hands.

Well. The code is quite long but I hope it is guild enough to be easy understandable. In any case I would explain how it is doing. If you use another make and model GPS be sure the sentences have the same structure or you have to make some changes. Sensors are checked every 10 seconds through "readMuxSensors " by multiplexer and can cause alarm if battery is low or temperature is high.

The resolution of power consumption is low, steps of around 40mA. Hardware and RC buttons are checked continuously; hour they do depends of the "IsSetup" boolean value as well as the display "RefreshDisplay " does.

As already said, steering work is made also during Setup because it affects just a few buttons and display behaviour. As it is shown in the picture below I chosen to place Autopilot and the Stepper Motor on the stern, both well fixed with bolts.

These two pulleys should be "fixed" to the boat by the way of two rings of bungee to keep slightly in tension the rope. At this point, finally, you have to decide how to connect the rope to the rudder stick temporary connection ; it has to be connected while you lwn Autopilot is in action, easy to connect and easy to disconnect. Keep Autopilot system away from water! Lets say this is a game we are playing here, nothing to take serious!

A few years ago I went for a long trip, 16 months, around the World on a sailing boat. We extensively navigated with a real autopilot in all weather conditions, even bad weather conditions. A real autopilot is something very strong both hardware and software you have to trust to a lot.

This Arduino Autopilot is a fantastic game to play with and to spend time for fun. Please log in or sign up to comment. Project in progress by Md. Khairul Alam. We created a low-cost RC car and an Android app free that is able to control many of its features using a Bluetooth connection.

It feels awesome when you have the power to control things cknsole. Project tutorial by Shubham Shinganapure. This kind of system is the fastest growing safety feature in automotive industries. Project tutorial by vijendra kumar. Sign In. My dashboard Add project. Autopilot for Sailing Boats Automatic Steering System Project tutorial kfyboard marcozonca 12, views 23 comments 43 respects. Project tutorial.

Preface: I love sailing alone because when a man is on the sea with his sailing boat he got everything he needs to evolve to a greater level.

Fritzing schematic diagram with all components. Battery and power circuit proto board. Stepper Motor and Keyes L controller. Keyes L Stepper buold. A beautiful view of inside. Arduino UNO and the boards stack.

RC board and its coil antenna. Power board shield, components face. Arduino Uno and boards stack. Autopilot installation on a Sailing Board. Autopilot sketch for Uno WatchDog sketch for Nano. Autopilot sketch for Uno Arduino. This routine is run between each time loop runs, so using delay inside loop can delay response. Multiple bytes of data may be available. WatchDog sketch for Nano Arduino. Stepper, pulley and mounting plate preview picture Download.

Stepper plate by Andrew Barney Download. Stepper pulley 56mm Download. Fritzing schematic diagram Download. Autopilot PCB, component face Download. Autopilot PCB, solder face Download. Power PCB, component face Download. Power PCB, solder face Download.

FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. You will see in the next step if your confused. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. Answer Upvote. Whether your fishing or entertaining, let us take your cooler to the next level with these awesome cooler accessories! More by the author:.


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