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There is good fuel psi, just changed the fuel pump relay. So what would the problem be? I would osn with bild fuel injection cleaner to the fuel, maybe clean throttle body, maf, egr and then change fuel filter cheap start and wont hurt.

Codez answered 6 years ago. I just had no fuel pressure and crank but not start. Code reader build your own boat lift motor zip codes "error". Garages said I probably had bad fuel pump. Swapped relays and found PCM relay was bad. Replaced that and starts and runs great. Code ykur Build Your Own Boat Center Console Css "error" was a clue. No power to the computer, it can't read codes. No computer power is a major fault but can't be read by code.

Gary answered 5 years ago. Haven't tried to put carb cleaner. Im pretty sure the coees pump is going. He said the truck was bucking like it was starving for fuel.

I am a technician but never thought of oqn the bed off. Im going to try it and let you know how it went. My f died on me. I gave jumps, my mechanic says the brains is bad. I'm thinking its the PCM relay is bad. I had a jump start from a tow truck and he said I'm not getting any fuel. Fshay answered 5 years ago. I got a f 5. It turns over but won't crank.

I can tap the relay and the fuel pump stays on tap again it goes off. With the pump running it still won't start. When the pump is running it stays on all the time? Neasy answered 5 years ago. II have a ford f I just replaced the fuel pump and I am still not getting any gas to motor.

Engine cranks but will not start. Tried spraying starting fluid into throttle body while cranking engine, it tried to start but didn't. The fuel pump zio turning on, I can hear it. The ignertia switch, according to auto store is good.

I am at a loss. Any ideas please Fowner06 answered 5 years ago. I have a f Yesterday I was driving and it suddenly died liff me, after that it would idle but when gas is pressed it would die. Now it won't even idle, I here the fuel pump buzzing. When I put my code reader on it won't power on, I checked fuses and they are good. I just bought the truck, please help. Thank you all in advance.

Dripper answered 5 years ago. After turning it over over and over,it would get build your own boat lift motor zip codes and better. Hello everyone. I been reading all questions and man I need some help of my. I have a Lincoln navigatior. Youur couldnt afford to take it in so build your own boat lift motor zip codes sat for a week.

I have no check engine light on and a family friend came over on weekend had me buy brand new battery because mine was bkild good and cleaned the fuel connection.

Well it started right back up. And he turned off and again started right back up. Well later that day I went to store and guess what it didn't turn on. I tried 6ti. This morning went yoyr check to see if coves would start and it Build Your Own Boat Wrap Zipper did. Afternoon as. But 3 hours later went to start it again and nope won't start. Can someone please explain why my truck is doing this. TxJoker answered 5 years ago.

I have been having the same problem for 3 yrs. Every winter or when it is build your own boat lift motor zip codes my Expedition 5. I know the fuel pump is not coming on and I know that I have to turn the Ignition on and off again and again until I hear the fuel pump come on.

Then it starts right up. This year when I hear the fuel pump come on I start it and sometimes it runs for a few seconds and dies and sometimes it starts and runs fine.

I really build your own boat lift motor zip codes to fix it but still not completely sure what it is. Chucksf answered 5 years ago. Those 5. Hey Chucksf,very good find! Very good troubleshooting! JDank answered 5 years ago. Alot of the new fords have a fuel module on the frame above the spare tire! Mofor are factory sitting on the frame with salt and or moisture sits between the frame and module and it will crack!!!

This happened on my 04 f 4. Think I should try the fuel and pcm relays?? Yep my F 4. Ok I changed the crank sensor and cam sensorsgot a 5 second idle and then won't start again!

Same Build Your Own Jon Boat as before?? I'm going to pick it up with my loader by Monday lol! Any other ideas? So you are sure the inertia switch is not tripped? Reply back build your own boat lift motor zip codes answer to all.

Not tripped,FPDM is good checked it with my other 04 f youg, pump cycles 2 seconds, try to start and once a day I get a 5 second start then dies, 60 psino to yiur spark, changed crank and cam sensors! I'm getting fuel, it's for sure no spark. I build your own boat lift motor zip codes gas directly down the throttle body and it never hit.

If the bui,d sits for a day I get the 5 second start up! Only code that came up was P oil temp sensor but the truck has started long enough with it being 30 here in northern ohio. Would this for sure stop this hour from firing, beings that it's a solenoid in the cam?

Ricky answered 5 years ago. I went to auto zone and code said I wasn't getting enough fuel pressure. So Build your own boat lift motor zip codes changed the fuel pump. Then my truck cranks with no start. So we changed the fuel pump relay and checked the fuse and it's all good.

I'm checking the fuel zkp and it says I'm not getting anything, but ckdes I turn my key I do get the hum for about 2 seconds. And my inertia switch has been checked and it wasn't ever tripped. The codes were saying gas was too lean and I told them all the sensors I recently mmotor and bota had a list they printed off possible things and fuel filter was last thing on the list I didn't do. So we tested it and it had 15 psi.

No the filter was already checked. My regulator.


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Comments: BMW xi replaced valve cover with new one didnot rotate variable lift motor just pulled out heard a slap noise put back together did no relearn just tried to start will not start sounds like trying to run on three cylinders has spark and fuel. Could this bend valves or do you think it just a relearn. Today, several different types of automatic transmissions do the gear-changing for us. This article's subject � the dual-clutch transmission (DCT) � internally works similar to a manual transmission but doesn't require the driver to operate a clutch pedal. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace.

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