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Building a homemade boat lift is far less expensive than buying one. Here are some steps to help you build a boat lift that is functional and affordable. Use the cutting torch to cut degree angles on one end of all four steel beams.

Weld the 5-foot beams to build your own boat lift motor keys foot beams at the edges which have been cut. When all four beams are welded together, it will form the build your own boat lift motor keys. This will look like a rectangular framework.

When you have drilled holes in the flat steel sheets, weld one plate to the bottom of each foot beam. When this is done, weld steel eyebolts on the end of each of the 5-foot beams. These eye bolts are meant for suspending the riven tackle. Once you have all these in place, you can bolt the davits to the pier or walkway of the dock.

It is build your own boat lift motor keys that the davits are one build your own boat lift motor keys length apart, according to the length of your boat. Reeve a twofold purchase with the nylon line in the blocks. Using the line, hang the sheave blocks from the eyebolts made on the davits.

Screw one eyebolt into the structural member in the front, or stem. Screw another steel eyebolt in the after structural member which is also known as the transom frame or main frame of the boat. Your boat lift is now complete. Bring your boat along the pier or dock walkway and attach the boat falls to eyebolts located on the rear and front of the boat.

Using the falls, you can raise the boat onto the davits, protecting it from water-related damage. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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