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Welcome To Boat Lift Kits These boat lift kits have been designed with the easiest setup for installation. Most of your time will be spent measuring to make sure your lift is centered in the location you prefer in your boat house.

The person doing the installation is responsible for insuring that the structure that the components are to be installed on is suitable for lifting Build Your Own Boat Lift Motor Zip Codes a boat. The installer is responsible for knowing installation procedure, how to operate the lift, maintenance, and servicing of the lift.

It is their responsibility to instruct all operators of the boat lift on these Build Your Own Boat Team Edge Keynote items. We are the exclusive Texas danopy lift distributor and national dealer for the gear unit manufacturer.

Our boat lift warehouse has all owj units in stock and ready to ship. Our gears are manufactured in the U. A build your own boat lift canopy key the best materials. They are selected for strength and performance. Our gear units come with a 2 year electrical warranty and 6 year gear plate warranty.

With the manufacturer having over 70 years combined experience building gear drive units, how can you go wrong? When setting up the boat lift kit make sure to use the proper electrical wire gauge to prevent motor failures that will void out warranties.

Build your own boat lift canopy key have boat lift installation charts to help you gauge the wire required when installing your boat lift kit. Never operate these boat lift kits off an extension cord.

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Adding a canopy to an open boat can be an expensive project--or not. With some PVC pipe from the hardware store, some Velcro and some #3 canvas, any open boat can have a pleasant canopy under which the boater may enjoy the view, the breeze and shade from the noonday sun. Acting much like an awning over a patio, the. This is largely determined by the length of the watercraft being placed on the lift. As an example, if you have a 22� boat, you will want to allow at least one to two feet of canopy coverage at the front and back of the boat. So, for a 22� boat, we would recommend a 24�� canopy Build Your Own Boat Lift Canopy Guitar frame. The next step will be to determine the dimensions of your canopy frame and the material out of which the canopy is . When shopping for a canopy frame it is important to know the inside width of your existing lift. ShoreStation, Craftlander & LakeShore canopy frames widths match that of the inside width of your existing lift. When measuring your inside width make sure to measure across the lift from inside of one upright to the inside of the other upright.

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