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No limit. You can build a boat as big as you want as long as it meets ABYC standards and American Bureau of Shipping standards to get it registered with the Coast Guard and a crew confident in the boat. A naval architect would be needed since it sounds like you want a custom design. You can buy boat plans for boats as large as a schooner.� Most states will register a home built boat without much difficulty, a state registration and meeting all the relevant safety requirements are all you need to enjoy your homebuilt boat. views � Answer requested by. William Chen. Related Questions. More Answers Below. Do boats involved in fishing activities have the right of way?� The shortest answer to your question is no they do not. The whole answer is for which purpose is said vessel being built for. Build your own boat. with our tried and tested plans. The oldest business of it's kind. Since our first plans were Build Your Own Boat In A Bottle 40k sold for home construction in , more than , Hartley boats have been built. Build your own boat. with our tried and tested plans. Boat plans. Hartley Boats has the widest range of boat plans for sail boats, power boats, catamarans and trimarans, dinghys and small craft, canoes and kayaks, surfboards and surf skis, vintage power boats, self steering capabilities and trailers. Established in , more than , boats have now been built by enthusiasts from our plan � Each project is unique, so you are welcome to contact us with questions. Books and Guides. Construction Methods. Want to learn how to build a boat but don't know where to start? Here we consider the options, starting with fixing up an old, tired hull through to building the entire boat yourself.� be affordable to own and operate. Did we know how to build a boat with these desirable characteristics? No, but we knew a man who did. Enter Andrew Simpson, yacht designer, surveyor and shipwright - and one of my best chums The Designer's Proposals for our Ideal Cruising Sailboat. Highly recommended reading for anyone contemplating building a wood/epoxy boat.

Purrfectfit Posted 2 hours ago. Kwall Posted 11 hours ago. Instant Fishing Reports. Direct to your inbox. Keep catch records. Fishing Magazine. I wanted to throw out a question to see what people thought. I am toying with the idea of making my own hardtop to replace my bimini. I would only be using it as shade, not for anything more strenuous. Basically I'm tired of putting up the top and snapping all the buttons. Weight is the biggest consideration as I know something top heavy could mean disaster.

It would measure something like 4 foot by 6. I'd use aluminum tubing for the skeleton. My boat is I always wondered if they could make a canvas top for a car that can go 70 mph, why can't they have something like that for a boat? I would love something like that without the mechanical part of it. No snaps, just lock it in place. Just never bit the bullet and attempted to make the top. The only down side it is a little pricey. Bob - One of my friends owns an older 17 ft Montauk Whaler and decided to put a T top on it which he did and it fit properly and looked great etc.

He is mainly a perch and crappie fisherman and fishes Caanandaigua and Cranberry Lake and smaller lakes. He now regrets doing it because when it is windy the boat is almost uncontrollable when anchored even double anchored because the weight distribution of the boat has changed, the center of gravity is higher and the wind gets under the T and lifts and pushes the boat around.

His trolling speed is also more difficult to control when there is any wind whatsoever. I believe he is now considering taking it off. Just something to think over before actually implementing something I know what you seem to be considering is different e.

Very similar with what I was thinking. Yes, it can get pricey when you factor all the fittings. Les- that is a bit surprising since it's not enclosed. I wouldn't think the wind would have that much effect. My current top is Build Your Own Boat Launch 2020 a stand up and I've noticed this catches the wind more than my old canvas top.

About how high did he have the T top? I think T tops tend to be higher than bimini tops? Not sure if that's true or not. If I were to build a hard top it would definitely be lower than a stand up top. My other lower top kept more of the sun off me and as I said before, the wind didn't catch it as much.

I don't even think an engineer could help with this problem unless they had experience with boats. I wonder if there is anyone in this area that builds hard tops for boats. Actually, it's not necessarily a hard top that I'm looking for. I'd settle for a canvas cover if I could trailer it to and from the lake.

I did that with my old boat because I knew I wouldn't be keeping the boat too long so if the canvas ripped, not a big deal. Anyway, thanks for giving me something to think about. Just a thought but you may want to talk with John Mann at Sodus Bay canvas if you deccide on that approach He is a true wizard with the canvas and has made about every possible canvas option both on salt water in Florida and back home here in Sodus Point.

He could probably suggest something that may work as well or better than the xomplexities of doing a hard top installation. Worth condsidering along with the other possibilities anyway. Either way good luck with it Bob Les. Thanks Les. I'm going to look into this. I've been meaning to look into some side curtains anyway. I have a Fishmaster folding ttop with electronics box and 2 windows for sale pm me if interested Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United.

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Ric66 42 Posted June 26, Posted June 26, Link to post Share on other sites. Seabass73 1 Posted June 26, Sk8man 1, Posted June 26, Posted June 26, edited. Edited June 26, by Sk8man. Sk8man 1, Posted June 27, Posted June 27, Either way good luck with it Bob Les Here is his number: Ric66 42 Posted June 27, Posted June 29, Ric66 42 Posted June 30, Posted June 30, Not looking for a Ttop but more of a hardtop replacement for a convertible top.

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