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Mount the completed center console on the boat, and remove the rear console. Caulk all seams of the front and side panels of the console with marine silicone caulk. Remove the rear panel. Drill and cut all openings for controls and instruments. Customize your dream rig right here in real-time. May 17, �� Re: how to build a steering console A friend installed a nice console made out of mahogany on his 13' BW when he refurbished the boat. Attached is a pic of that boat w/ console. BTW - the boat is about 30 years old. The boat was in pretty rough shape and did an amazing job refurbishing it as it looks better than new! Thus:

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Re: how to build a steering console Bamboo said:. Joined Jul 30, Messages Roughneck Tunnel Jet. In the mean time I'll poke around on the internet to see if can find the vendor on-line. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Stinger C. Joined Jan 14, Messages

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