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Your boat will be added asap. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. TM2 lower unit. Propshaft is 4. Propshaft is 1. Put on M2 gearcase. Smaller strip mine lake so couldn't open her up to see what she can. Huge upgrade from my 17' Nitro. I can foresee many happy days on the water in my future! Trying to get more speed and lift. Propshaft is 2. The TR20 is a different boat but still great. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. Motor build my triton bass boat guide 5" above transom.

Propshaft is 3" below pad. Haven't got to build my triton bass boat guide it light yet with new engine. Propshaft is 1" below pad. Will post speeds as soon as 10" jackplate installed. Motor is 5. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. Going to try a 28 Tempest soon.

Motor is 5" off the transom. Motor is 5" above the transom. I need help on setting up my boat. Still getting used to the setup, will post new numbers after I get out a few more times. Propshaft is 5. Venom "Need more build my triton bass boat guide Wife says she is afraid she has just become 2nd in priorities. Propshaft is 3. HO gps. Prop is 4. ProXS 74 mph rpm gps.

I had Triton plant do all the setup this time. Propshaft is 1" below the pad. ProMax Motorguide Motor is 6" above the transom. Engine height, trim positions or maybe a different prop and jackplate?

PHOTO 70 mph rpm gps. Very smooth ride, even in rough water. The boat has more than enough storage. Motorguide TR82 digital 24V. Any and all help appreciated. It gives me excellent holeshot and better control in rough water. E-Tec "Boat chinewalks real bad above 71 mph. I need help with the build my triton bass boat guide. Right now the jackplate is as high as it will go and the motor is mounted in the top hole.

I'm running 74 mph at only rpm when max is Should get more speed out of it with the proper setup. Enough said. Still in break-in period.

Motor is 6. This boat is sweet. Might get a little more sending prop to Mark. Motor is 7" above the transom. ProXB 83 mph rpm gps. Smallmouth on Lake Erie, Detroit and St. Clair rivers don't care. Wish I could find more on multi species build my triton bass boat guide on here so have to go to Walleye site to get setup info.

I don't think 60 is too bad for such a big sled. I hit the rev limiter so thinking of going to more pitch. Only hade the boat since Sept. Minnkota Maxxum TM. Motorguide TEV. Motor is 7" off the transom. My dealer told me about the Tempest Plus and it is like night and day.

Great rig build my triton bass boat guide very very fast! Haven't had build my triton bass boat guide long enough to say much else, but I'm very happy so far. It drives and handles like a dream.

Love it. Not regrets!!!! Chine is real bad above 66 mph. This boat is a lot more to handle than the Marsh Hawk 75 hp I traded in. Want to raise the motor to help with chinewalk and try some different props. I know I should be getting higher rpms wot. Love the boat.

Motor is 6" off transom. Still have some chine walk, but have learned to cycle the steering to keep the boat on the pad. Eddie's last team boat so it didn't need any tweaking. May sand pad to get it over 80 mph. Love it!! PHOTO I have managed to control it at 72 mph gps but don't feel I have the seat time to go higher just. It does have a little muscle left in it after Universal sonar transducer is built into the trolling motor housing, and temperature cable is run out of the back of the boat.

Love it!!! Motor is 6" off the transom. The only problem with this setup is it is a little heavy out of the hole. That The 74 mph was with a guide that runs a Triton and he was smooth. With me driving is stable at 70 and anything above that is uncontrollable.

Speed is with a build my triton bass boat guide load and just me in the boat. Motorguide TM. Optimax 74 mph gps. This is a full boat wrap done by Signoptions in Chicago.

The boat runs and fishes great. The only change I could recommend would be a wider front deck and lo and behold, they now have the X-series. Everyone loves the artwork on the boat and it is an honor to display at the various tournaments and shows. I ran Ranger for 12 years.


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I checked the Raymarine Dragonfly out. The built in WIFI streaming is a great feature to put another screen at the front of your boat! If i bought one of these raymarine units, would it be compatible with the tranducer that would be built in to one of the minnkota trolling motors? US2 stands for "Universal Sonar 2" and you have to get a brand-specific adapter to use it, including for a Humminbird aka Johnson Outdoors, which is also the parent company of Minn Kota finder, oddly enough, but I'd send an email to Minn Kota to ask.

The US2 is compatible with most any 2d capable unit with the right adapter. It does not offer side or down imaging for any graph. My opinion. A boat is a tool and a platform used to catch fish. When thinking about rigging the boat, you need to think about how you plan on fishing. Are you going to fish shallow and beat the banks? Are you an offshore fisherman? Are you a bed fisherman? Will you be targeting species other than bass? Will you be fun fishing?

Will you be tournament fishing? Will you be fishing alone or with a partner? Will you be fishing small or large bodies of water? Are the lake s you fish already mapped? Base your purchasing decesions off the answers to these questions and probably a few more. Don't skimp on the trolling motor. Seems only fitting this should be of highest priority. Shallow water anchor s are great for bed fishing, for picking apart docks, and a must for panfishing in shallow water.

Side imaging is a great tool for locating and identifying structure. Not a must, but IMO well worth the cost. In order to operate a boat with a motor in Connecticut, residents, real property owners and persons with Connecticut registered boats must have a Safe Boating Certificate, Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation or USCG vessel operator license.

You should check whether your state has a similar requirement. Whenever I go fishing with someone who has the proper certificate or license, I encourage them to operate my boat. I've had some incidents, including a damaged prop, scrapes on the hull and a bent guide bunk on the trailer, but it's nice if your fishing partner can take control of the boat when needed.

My tourney partner drives my boat whenever I need to re-rig or we simply need a change of pace. I agree that "A boat is a tool and a platform used to catch fish.

But I think your thoughts to outfit it to your likings is a good idea. Get a good v-hull with a nice ride and go at it fitting it yourself up. I have boating license from when i owned that. I dont feel this is adequate experience to operate a boat however. I think i will start with a nice trolling motor, one with spot lock and wireless controls. Then i will probably get a nicer fishfinder. I ve never even used a fishfinder!

I probably just need a NICE but basic one. I think these would be the only 2 places to focus money on outside just the boat initially. I can then outfit further depending on my needs that are uncovered. The Mercury Pro-XS is a good engine, but the 4 Strokes being made today are so good, there's really no reason to go with a 2 Stroke.

The hole shots are as good or better depending on what prop you use, they're more fuel efficient, and they aren't nearly as heavy as they used to be. Plus, they just last longer and have fewer problems. My marine guy says he fixes 2 Stokes 4 to 1 over 4 Strokes and he's been in the business for 30 years.

Also, like another gent said, you don't have to worry about aluminum like you do glass, and being new to boating, it's one less thing to worry about. However, the aluminum boats today are far better than the aluminum boats of even 5 years ago. There has been a concerted effort by the boating industry to put more research and time into aluminum, and it's showed.

My Xpress aluminum is top-notch and I've had so many guys at the dock or in-passing inquire into it. I can get into the back-waters on our rivers that the glass boats just can't get in to, which has helped me fill limits that I would've otherwise failed to fill on the crowded community holes. So, don't believe glass is superior to aluminum, they're just different, not better or worse.

You had mentioned getting 2 Talons to anchor your aluminum That's not necessary, at all. Buy 1- 12 foot Talon and trust me, it'll suffice. Buying a 2nd anchor would only be aesthetically pleasing and a waste of money. If you really want to get tricky, buy an adjustable mounting plate, which will buy you almost another foot of anchoring capability.

Plus, when going under bridges, etc, you'll have one less Talon to fold down I've only owned Talons, so I can't speak on Power-Poles, but most guys I fish with and against have them, and some have owned both, with a preference toward the Talon.

I've used Lowrance and Humminbird electronics exclusively, with my latest purchase being the Mega-Imaging Humminbird and they're so clear, user friendly, and the goodies are just incredible.

I've mapped some of our smaller lakes that were paper-mapped 30 years ago and they're nothing like they used to be; I've found so many great spots that have produced some great days. My buddy Chris has a couple Garmin Panoptix Units on his rig and they're so cool, with guys only just beginning to exploit their capabilities.

They work in a similar fashion to the Humminbird units but in "real time". The truth is, all the high-end units are great and you wouldn't go wrong purchasing any of them, so it's really just preference. I prefer the Humminbird units because of their Minn Kota compatibilites, so it works great as a "system" of finding and presenting lures to fish in the most efficient manner.

That being said, the absolute most important thing regarding electronics is learning how to properly use them, period. Most guys don't understand how to use them properly, so it's just a waste of money. All in all, think about building your rig as a fishing "system" because that's really what it is, a means to find and catch fish by being efficient.

If you're going to make a large investment in an aluminum boat, electronics, anchors, an on-board charging setup, etc A recessed trolling motor pedal 2. Rod lockers that accommodate 8 foot rods 3. An auto bilge pump 4. A live-well system with all the bells and whistle if you're going to fish tourneys 5. A hydraulic jack plate 6. An on-board charging system 7. A top-notch insurance policy don't skimp, trust me 9.

LED lights in your storage areas a must have for early mornings or night fishing A power-trim switch, anchor switch, and livewell switches on your front console, Put a bigger graph on the bow of your boat, If you're serious about becoming a better angler, buy units with mapping card compatible , Side-Imaging, Down-Imaging, Imaging if you go Humminbird , and traditional 2-D sonar Buy high quality trolling batteries so worth it Shallow water anchor Trailer brakes Keel guard especially on a glass boat High qualith PFD don't skimp Full range of console gauges A 36 volt, high powered trolling motor so you have no control issues Anything you can think of that you want or need This will certainly add to the price of your boat, but it'll also increase your fishing success, your comfort, and the fishability of your rig.

Buying a boat is a rather large investment, so do it right. Good luck brother! I run an '05 tin boat Crestliner CMV wouldn't swap it for anything. If something bad happend to my boat, I'd replace it with one a lot like Ajay's Possibly the soon to be released Crestliner Bass Hawk IMO, the whole "Glass boats have a better ride" thing is vaporous at best The "Tin boats blow around more in the wind" is nonsense IMO observation as well.

I've never seen an apples to apples comparison All that said, there's nothing wrong with glass boats - several folks I know have them, I like them just fine I must have missed the post where someone tried to tell the OP that glass is better than tin, but having owned both tin and glass bass boats, I can tell you for certain that glass boats have a much, MUCH better ride than tin boats.

Does it matter when you're motoring around slowly using your trolling motor while fishing? Heck no. Does it matter when you're making a five mile run down a tidal river against the incoming tide and wind during the winter in the northeast? Heck yeah! I'm old and comfort is more important to me than expense. But could I be happy with a tin boat? Sure I could. If I had to store my boat outdoors, I probably would have bought another tin boat.

Even with a garage, I'd bet if I had that 18 TX, the thought of trading it in for a glass boat would never enter my mind.

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Fishing Glossary Frequently Asked Questions. Triton aluminum bass boats. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Stan Smith 6 Posted September 6, Posted September 6, Link to post Share on other sites. Russ E 2, Posted September 6, Shop around for different brands to find one with the layout you like you can afford.

KTinman86 20 Posted September 6, A-Jay 38, Posted September 6, It has been a fantastic rig. There may be boat owner's as happy with their rigs as I am with this Lund. But none happier. Catt 22, Posted September 6, BrianinMD 1, Posted September 6, PECo Posted September 6, Thank you to all our owners for making this another great TOT.

This year Chuck Murray and Ben Parker took home first place honors with a See full results. We believe that the lake will return to summer pool before the tournament. Kentucky Lake Big Bass Bash has been canceled this weekend due to the high water.

See www. Tournament rescheduled for August Triton had 5 fishermen in the top 12! There were four Triton angler to finish in the Top 10! Join up now for the exciting new American Series! Team tournament concept for anglers who fish from smaller boats. Limited to engines of horsepower or less. Triton Gold payout for older model boats have been revised to include them in Triton Gold contingency money. Good luck to you all!

Don't miss out on a great day of fishing Lake Kissimmee Saturday, November Even if you don't catch the most fish there is still a chance to win at the TOT. Haven't registered for the TOT West and still want too You can register up until the pre-tournament meeting on October 9th. Fishing for Freedom needs boaters on Lake Belton in Central Texas October 10 for this event to honor those who serve our country.

The 10th Annual Triton Owners Tournament boasted beautiful weather, great fishing and a wonderful time with friends and family. With a huge check on the line, David Gnewikow bests last year's winner Rogne Brown to take the title. Anglers participating in the Triton Gold Elite Tournament can check their start positions by clicking here!

The start positions are now available for the Triton Owners Tournament. Click here to see where you are in the field. Don't miss out on the opportunity to fish the 10th Annual Triton Owners Tournament! Registration deadline is May Click here for more details!

You can now view all the Triton owner benefits online in our catalog. Take a look at this interactive catalog and see the many benefits there are in owning a Triton. Anglers can pay at the ramp Saturday morning. Triton has never received so many "well-done" letters as we have from our loyal owners West of the Rockies.

Western Triton owners have less than 3 weeks to get their entries in. Please hurry and get your entries in. Brown's two day total of The 9th annual Triton Owners Tournament was a great success with over 7, pounds of fish caught over two days! Brad Marr of Chico CA. Triton launches its innovative new Cypress Cay Pontoons. They're as much a destination as a pontoon boat. Check out the new web site! Registration closes September 22, Konocti Resort has rooms and will hold them until September 6, Tim Young and Jason Catchings brought two redfish weighing Triton Pro Bill St.

Registration will be closing September 22, Konocti Resort still has rooms within our reserved block and will hold them until September 6, at that time they will release them to their regular booking. Thomason was overcome with emotion after three grueling days that ended with his first championship title after five long years on the circuit.

See final results. The Triton Owners Tournament boat assignments are here! Click here for details. Alabama native, Triton angler, Open qualifier and first Classic qualifier Boyd Ducket wins bass fishing's biggest event!

With only minutes left in his fishing day, Tennessee pro Jason Sain boated a 2-pound bass. He, and year old son, Michael Frenette won the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup in a fashion befitting a year old angler. They slowed down, way down. Dave finished the day with Two time Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Bassmaster Classic winner and Trition Pro Davy Hite clinched the Pride of Augusta tournament on Sunday when he weighed a five-fish limit that registered 15 pounds, 11 ounces on the scale.

The official boat of the Bassmaster Classic has the ride and performance both weekend and professional anglers demand. Triton Boats is proud to announce the newest addition to the Triton fishing team; Brent Chapman. Clark bagged 23 pounds, 5 ounces on Santee Cooper Reservoir on Sunday. Oberto Team of the Year race. The Texas team did that and more, winning the Championship with two fish totalling The Triton Owner's Tournament is almost here!

The event will occur June 23 through June 25 and will be better than ever. Entries are due June 6th by mail so enter now and make your reservations with area hotels while the best room choices are still available. Forms are now oline in the Triton Owners Tournament section of this web site! He came out of 18th place, loaded down with a pound, ounce sack Build My Nitro Bass Boat Game of bass that dropped jaws and earned whistles of admiration from his fellow anglers on the way to the weigh-in stage.

According to Jason, the hardest part of his wait came immediately after he caught the fish midday in a BASS Federation affiliated local club tournament on Milford Lake Reservoir Sean Alarid and Bradley Roy released their bass back into Lake Norman Monday, but ended up with something that lasts forever. The two young anglers became the first Junior Bassmaster World Champions. A cold front, strong east winds, heavy boat traffic and rough water could not stop Donald Cordle Jr.

Naturally he thought of a boat. Oberto Redfish Cup qualifier event on Sunday. Randy Howell was understandably emotional Saturday when he accepted the winner's trophy for the first tournament in the inaugural Bassmaster Elite 50 season. Triton Boats, Mercury Marine and BASS, the worldwide authority on bass fishing, today announced a strategic marketing alliance that will make the two manufacturers the official and exclusive marine engine and boat brand of BASS.

It is with great sorrow that we announce the loss of a valued Triton employee, a great person, long-time friend, and colleague, Bob Kitts. Triton's Wirth and Hill finish second and third respectively. Mike Desforges overcame a 3-pound, ounce deficit with a huge stringer of smallies weighing for the win Saturday.

Rescues two fellow Professional Walleye Trail competitors from a capsized boat with his Triton Grigsby, Klein run away with Bass Fishing gold gold and silver medalists lap the field´┐Ż twice.

Congratulations to the following anglers on their qualification into the final day of the Triton Owners Tournament. The following lists results of Wednesday's competition; the first 83 anglers will proceed to Friday's tournament. Congratulations to all! Triton Pro Ron Shuffield boated 12 pounds, 2 ounces of bass Sunday, to leap ahead for the win with a total of on Lake Hamilton. Te first eight B.

Tour events are complete and 50 of the original professional bass anglers are even closer to the super bowl of bass fishing the BASS Masters Classic.

The first six B. Triton owner Mason Brock of Marianna, Fla. Boats Sports Marine and Marina is the oldest and the largest marine complex in north-east Wisconsin, established in Triton saltwater anglers Terry Lacoss and his son T.

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