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Skeeter Performance Fishing Boats One Skeeter Rd, Kilgore Texas () BUILD YOUR Skeeter FXR21 APEX Bass Boat. The standard for tournament bass boats, the FXR21 Apex Edition. With refined styling and next level performance the FXR21 Apex is engineered like no other. Advanced design concepts and hundreds of hours of testing provide you the ultimate bass boat with lighter and stronger components and a whole new level of fishablilty. BUILD YOUR Skeeter ZX Bass Boat. The ZX has taken the best features from the ZX line and expanded on those to create a boat built for your needs. Redesigned to continue to out-do the competition with hull performance derived from the number one selling series in Skeeter.

Gel Colors. Color Package. Dealer retains Skeeter Seasonal Incentive. Color Package Colors. With an all new efficient storage layout, a redesigned helm, new seats, and bold styling, the ZX will outperform jumpign boat in its class Photos used to show color of the product.

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