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Build My Sea Ray Boat Youtuber,14 Foot Aluminum Boat For Sale Ottawa,Boat Rides Near Me 03 - Plans Download

How I Bought My First Yacht and Afforded to Sail | Sailing La Vagabonde

File Size. Download Links. Sea Ray sport Owner's Manual. Sea Ray Sport Owner's Manual. Sea Ray Weekender Manual. Sea Ray Sundeck Build my sea ray boat youtuber Manual. Sea Ray Select Owner's Manual. Sea Ray Sundeck Owners Manual. Sea Ray Sundancer Owner's Manual.

Sea Ray Sundancer Parts Manual. Sea Ray 38 Sundancer Owners Manual. Sea Ray Express Cruiser Manual. Sea Ray - an American shipyard with a rich tradition and history, building boats, cruisers and yachts in four lines: Sport Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts and Yachts began its chronology in The American shipyard Sea Ray is a Ford in the construction of ships.

Build my sea ray boat youtuber was not without reason that its founder lived in Detroit, the center of the American automotive industry. InConnie Ray with three friends built the first boat in the garage of a small office, which he bought from the owner. Having lured General Motors talented designer Harley Earl, Ray entrusted him with the design build my sea ray boat youtuber the first fully fiberglass vessels.

Like automobile concerns, they produced build my sea ray boat youtuber new model every year, and by had a dozen boats in their assortment. Production is fully automated. The interiors of yachts are tested using full-size layouts. In addition, the company has its own laboratory, where components from suppliers are thoroughly tested, the latest materials are examined, and weather conditions are modeled. This makes it possible to understand what will happen to the hull, constantly under the scorching sun or caught in the harsh conditions of the northern seas.

The shipyard offers a wide range of vessels: from small boats with an outboard engine and cabin cruise boats that can be transported on a car trailer to luxury meter yachts of various types: closed cruise yachts with a hardtop, planing yachts with a flybridge, open cruise yachts.

Beverly Van Bavel Tuesday, 30 March Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Tom Saturday, 27 March Regarding my request -below-for a manual for express cruiserbuild my sea ray boat youtuber email: tvoyt mostlynormal.

Seat and motor cover ram are not working. Thanks, 22dylanblake22 gmail. Dave Koskie Monday, 08 March Any help would build my sea ray boat youtuber greatly appreciated. Also the contact address and name of authorised service and parts agents in Australia. I live in Victoria and the boat will be exclusively used on inland water ways. For a boat of her age she is in excellent condition apart from some minor issues ie.

Hello Again Sea Ray! I would be very grateful for any owners' manual-type information you may have in your archives on my boat, a Express Cruiser. I want to operate the vessel safely, and want to know the location and access to all the systems Thanks, And A Sunny Day!

Mike Stevens. Brett Sunday, 07 February Joshua Roueche Thursday, 28 January Hell SeaRay I am the new owner of a Express Cruiser. I have obtained the service manual for the MerCruiser engines and outdrives twin 6-cylinder 's.

I am looking for the build my sea ray boat youtuber manual for this boat. Mike Stevens email: mmssolar gmail. Nicholas Smith Thursday, 14 January Can you point me in the direction for a user manual for a searay 20 foot cuddy year around Wanda Chambers Saturday, 19 December I need a manual for sea ray cubby cabin cruiser Serm F5 85 wchambers gmail.

I need a color ac panel wiring schematic for a Searay sedanbridge. Also repair manual. Craig Donahue Tuesday, 27 October I'm looking for a EB owners manual and repair manual. Scott Malnar Tuesday, 20 October I am looking for build my sea ray boat youtuber Searay sundeck owners manual and repair manual.

Kyle Hale Saturday, 10 October Matthew J Winans Monday, 05 October Tamara Jones Wednesday, 16 September Jason R Lutu Sunday, 13 September James Karp Wednesday, 09 September Bob Schreiber Sunday, 06 September Jim Amos Thursday, 03 September Steven Jackson Tuesday, 01 September Marty Tuesday, 01 September Bilge Blower quit working, gas gauage is not working, rpm and speedo seem to work randomly Also, where do I find the "Push to reset" breakers that are on the dash?

I think a couple of those may need replacing as. Thanks Marty eragz virtuallandings. George Aronson Monday, 24 August Josh Sunday, 09 August We are looking for a matching build my sea ray boat youtuber manual for our Sea Ray DA. Serial number sertj Pat Sunday, 09 August I am looking for a Sea Ray signature overnighter owners manual. Hi I'm looking for the user manual to a Searay Sundancer. Cant seem to find any older than Used or new.

Brad Anderson Thursday, 30 July Seeking a wiring diagram and any service manuals for a Sea Ray Weekender with a single Alpha One. Restoration project, and anything would help! Darren Stephan Thursday, 25 June Seeking the upper dashboard shroud and lower dashboard glove compartment for a 94 Express Cruiser. Darren rdstephan yahoo.

Gary Magwood Thursday, 25 June Wiring diagram total boat for a Sundancer with a HP engine. Darren Wednesday, 24 June I am in need of a owners manual for my Sea Ray Express Cruiser. Thank you! John Garrett Tuesday, 23 June Engine Mercruiser 6. Samuel McDaniel Saturday, 20 June I am making repairs to a Sea Ray Cuddy cabin cruiser and am in need of wiring diagrams or repair manuals.

Jerry Steger Monday, 15 June Have the lift rings on top. Five 1 two, five nine 0 two eight 1 six. Chris Burnett Thursday, 04 June I seek out a Searay Signature Overnighter owners manual. It has 1 4. If you happen to have or know of one, tophersb95 hotmail.


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Created by Princess. Video made by Twisted Knot, thank you very much! Created by zenrider The resort originally opened as an adult oriented modern and contemporary spa but soon expanded to include an amusement park on the back lot. The park inclu Deacon's Rock Party. Created by Xacktar. A Rock 'n Roll themed park with five coasters, several decorated flat rides, and a huge proft margin.

My computer can't handle much more of me adding to it, so I'm uploading it Hill Tops. Created by Jade.

Created by AchoooO. Many Layers. Planet Coaster workshop Allstar mega park challenge pirate,spooky,western,steampunk,castle. Created by yderijk This is the scenario version of my mega park. Challenge your pc with this over the top themed park full of great workshop rides all blended together in 5 areas. All rides are included. Starfighter The Cosater have Green Smilies and is under 4k Objects..

Many effects, many trigger, lights , firework.. Miniature Park - Scenario. Created by Gshn Use your imagination and whatever you find around to build the greatest theme park in your own bedroom! The guests are coming directly from the game, so make sure to keep them happy!

But before opening the park, you'll need to clean up all that mess in More than 12 places to eat, go dancing at PlanCo Nightclub, see a movie at the Cinedome or check out the Indoor Skydiving plus so much more.

Want to stay the night? Check in at Monopoly: Planet Coaster Edition. Scenario Map This is not your typical scenario Welcome to Monopoly: Planet Coaster Edition!

Where both the game, and the board challenge you. Are you ready? Roll the dice, and see how far you can get! Monopoly has gotten his hands on a copy of The Last Hold.

Created by Drakes Welcome to the last hold Surrounded by snowy mountains on four sides this is the last haven of the norse. They decided to turn this dense natural vally into a safe haven where they could grow and prosper taken advantage of everything from the dense wood Erebor- the lonely mountain. Created by jrvanes. Playland - Toy Themed Mini-Park. Created by rthur. Huge Shout-out to Micrajo for building this coaster for me!

This is my take on a toy-themed park! Created by Thorgir. Now, my dream came true and its an honor for me to say you, that you are the chosen one to complete my dream! Across the Tundra Winter Park. Created by vaugc A incredible landscape, and an epic coaster Journey to the Arctic Tundra and race across an ice-cold ake.

Dive past snowy peaks and find your way home Super Kiddie Fun Land. Created by RaptorDude. Arrow Valley. Created by JLW Games. Have fun while you visit! The opening day is set in March of This park has a total of 6 thrilling coasters!

A few touches are still to be made like custom signs and names to Chateau de Chenonceau. Created by slowly.

Sacre bleu! Our idiot new President is allowing you to build one of your tasteless American themeparks in the grounds of the historic chateau on two conditions. No noisy rolling coaster machines. And not a single tree can be cut down. Bon chance, Yankee D Disney Inspired Mega Coaster.

Created by FiveBacc. Got carried away on a wooden coaster. First real attempt at anything like this, but I had a blast! Hope you enjoy! The Hobbit: Laketown. Created by Jono. In this scenario, players are invited to create a coaster representing the great and terrible Smaug bringing flames to the lake and b Created by LiamLizard Journey to an island far far away.

An island that on ly has one creature left on it. The Anaconada. Credit to:Wikz, xtraordinar and xaphor Subterrane - An Underground Scenario. Created by Ms. Help the dwarven folk turn their network of caverns into a fantastical park for all to enjoy!

The cave network of Created by De Fleuris. Back story: Aspen is a new French alpine theme park. The park was founded very recently, but the first owner made a mess of it. He nearly caused the park to go bankrupt, but was fired. Now you are assigned to fix the issues and put the park on the The Entertainers.

Created by born2bOCD. Indoor Sci Fi Coaster Odyssey. Created by PaftDunk. Here is my 33k piece indoor scifi coaster I decided to call Odyssey. Opened the park just to see the peeps interact. Have fun with it! Star Wars - Scenario. Created by DeadEyeDuck. The management team has pulled together a small amount of funds to crea Custom Scenario - Logan's Fun. Created by cankercoot. In the youth cult of tomorrow, the populace of our neon future craves excitement!

Hone this neon park into a hive of euphoria for these peeps as they live young and die fast. Create a park that can entertain this brazen bunch else they may cause trouble! MKP Columbus World. Created by Nimzhul. This is my very first park in Planet Coaster. Everything has been created without workshop content. MKP Columbus World is a big theme park, with 4 themed areas, 8 coasters, 2 water rides, 1 dark ride, 2 transport rides, many flat rides, 2 hotels From Hanscom Gardens.

Created by maxitm. The winner park for Tier 2 in the Winter Competition held at Shyguysworld. The Park was built following the rules establishe Caligo: Curse of the Swamp.

For centuries the ancient swamp has been silent, but now things have begun to stir beneath the surface, take flight on this massive, high speed coaster, that will take you deep into the swamp where you will encounter ancient temples, strange fauna and myst Europannel over Created by Torturo.

Rudis Camel Kingdom V0. Welcome to Camel Kingdom, a way exaggerated fictional theme park, made by me: Rudi Rennkamel. Currently it features a Pirate Area with a fully functional Motion Simulator, a playful Kids Area with a small coaster, a tracked ride and a nice little playgrou Created by Palpatine This is still based on my very first park, but thanks to the scenario-editor the surroundings have changed and the park-size has been quadrupled.

Feel free to explore, but beware: this is a real FPS-killer. There is a lot of foilage, literally thousands of Created by Dudleydoright Hotel Hightower reopens it's doors to bring you a paranormal experience.

Tower of Terror is a totally functional ride with different scenes, presho Created by KITTracer7. It includes the first Let me entertain you fireworks show made in Planet Coaster!

I've used some new original ideas and have some big surprises f Created by Just. A themepark in the middle of a large city! There are three coasters, various flat rides, a racing track through the streets and a large firework show.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Volcano Island Park. Created by Silverback A part built around a live volcano. Adventures in the red coat harbor, secret pirate town built in caves at the base of the mountain, as well as long lost jungle ruins.

Dive right into the mouth of the volcano or cruise the forgot jungle temples, all the w You're a new police recruit on a ride-along with the city's best and brightest. In your nimble people-carrying drone, you'll help the cops round up the perps before they take over the town -- or die trying! Hey folks! This is my first attempt at the Re Created by oscarjofresa.

I bring you a mega stage set in the studios. There is a very important ride attraction. Download and play, you will not be disappointed Planet Coaster City Jail.

Created by nuclearmeatloaf. Jail is not always the most fun of places, in fact, at this jail, if our prisoners get bored, they start destroying stuff and rioting. We need your help! Every visitor we have is a criminal and we need your help to entertain them! We are understaffe GTA The Ride. Created by rottenfacia. A dual coaster located in a bulit up city, with ride effects and winding track Age of Empires 2 Coaster.

Created by Fuaranna. Created for Channel 5 Gaming videogame coaster contest. The game that I chose for this contest is my all time favorite: Age of Empires 2. It's such a fun strategy game that gave me a lot of inspiration for this coaster.

I really love the different Pong - The Ride. Created by JesusChrist For the contest, I decided to go super old school, with the classic game of Pong. The ride features a spinning wild mouse and takes you on a ride through a pong game Alan Wake - The Ride. Created by itsfantastic1. Created for the Channel5 Gaming Video Game contest. Explore Bright Falls as Alan Wake in this theme park story rollercoaster. Alan and his wife are in for more than they bargained for on this trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The town appears to be possessed Minecraft The Ride. This creation was made for the Channel5Gaming Videogame-contest of Step into the world of Minecraft and go on an adventure through the many biomes and dimensions this game has.

Start in the peacefull plains at day. After that you'll have to Created by CheekClencher. This is a recreation of the race course "D.

I made this for the Channel 5 Gaming videogame contest The lost Adventure. Created by Hummel. The lost Adventure! Have fun with it, please like or comment or not. Ottoman Palace Park. Atlantis Park File. A coaster inspired by the sunken city of Atlantis. This creation is also available as a two part blueprint. Het launched into the depths of your surrounding. But be safe, because danger is always lurking Created by SoggyWalnuts RustChance.

This is my planco ride contest entry it has 2 rides, a tour and a fast coaster. This ride can be riden at night or day. Tiki has taken over the city and now it is completely filled with plants boobytraps and animals you must team up with the planco avenger This is one for the Sci-Fi fans. As a big thank you to showing this coaster in their , blueprints anniversary video, I added another ride to the existing coaster, including more sci-fi scenery.

Created by jaiikaii. North end. Created by Djesperino. Hey everyone! This is my recreation of Black Mamba at Phantasialand! It is my first heavily themed recreation and I hope you enjoy it!

This recreation took over 2 months and is an almost exact replica of the real version. NOTE: Friction needs to I present you the park of Danse Macabre: The Show! It all started with Efteling's fountain show, called 'Aquanura'. This show was so exi Sierra Escape.

Created by Infinite. Inspired by the orignial Half Life from "Sierra Escape" takes you on a high speed tour through the Sierra Research Complex in the desert. This ride features a max speed of 75 mph, seconds of ride time, meters of track, 14 airtime moments, and The Forgotten Temple. Created by Quaaaz. Danger peak. Created by Coaster insanity. Danger peak is a area known for outlaws starting wild fires.

But a old man developed a system to combat the fire. Ps this is fiction Tropisches Abenteuer. Created by jankruse Redwoods Boat Ride ist schon vorhanden. Created by Fubbi. Der Park ist jedoch noch nicht Final Created by jasethefashion. Frankonia Park.

Created by Schmidti. Created by Starfuze. There are tons of roller coasters, small rides, and shops to make any cowboy or cowgirl a happy onr! Created by Hethetheth. Skyrider is an Inatmin styled coaster themed to retro-futuristic skyscrapers. Underground Express is themed to a s Kings Island Highly Themed Park. Firstly I feel like a Disclaimer is in Place.

I built this park a couple of months ago so there are some things that are out of date, for example I didnt use any in game p Distopia more that one World. Created by [BerG] Eisfair. Welcome come in, come in u are one of the lucky ones that won the golden ticket for Distopia, be my guest and enjoy our attractions like the Cracken Wars or the flying Dragon.

You are a in love with nature? You should visit Ragnartown. This beautiful Created by JimiMac. See where the Demon Barber sliced open h Created by Afarilio. Hawks Point. Created by hawksley Welcome to Hawks Point. The popular park in Sandusky, Ohio. No wait Rate if you like and leave a comment Knots Song by Watsky.

Knots is an experience based on the song by Watsky of the same name. Arctic Base. Created by HQDefault. A sci-fi themed park set in an Arctic environment. Unlike other sci-fi themes, I tried to keep this as realistic as possible, given the assets I had to work with. Basically, I didn't just make everything out of metal. I also took inspiration from Half-Li Your mission is to pilot a ship and defend the Arctic base, help destroy invading enemies and return back to Mission Control.

Expedition Antarctica A doubble launched Wing Coaster in the middle of the arctic. Created by PutinsBabushka. Created by masceline. And please note that it is saved as an scenario because in this mode you can place the spawn point there where you want it to be ,this is in a par Wilderness Springs.

Created by Sdanwolf. Started this park way back in January! Hope you enjoy exploring it! The Land of Sandel Full detailed map. Created by Indes You need to download this ima Playtime Park Created by Muserato. The story continues, as Playtime Park was seeing great success and with the introduction of new roller coasters, it was time to innovate and grow. It is now and the park is ready to be explored. See the whole story and the park as it progresssed AD - Middle West.

Created by CupraRS. Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Created by Floss. Mini park inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon What started out as a 4k rapids blueprint turned into a park with over 60 thousand pieces mainly shrubs which I started months ago and abandoned. When the vintage pack released it inspired me to con Atomium 58 Brussels Ver3-Danddv. Created by danddv. Once again, this is a fantasy inspired by the Atomium in Brussels not to scale in order to contain a coaster and some rides.

Really took a lot of work not easy to manage these damned staircases. Rating Created by Steeldragon. A theme park shaped as an airport. There are check-in stations with bag drops, carry-on luggage scanners and gates. To keep the passengers entertained while they wait for their departure times there are of course restaurants and shops. The center Treasure Planet. The loot of a thousand worlds awaits.

Fly through Montressor space port, explore Ben's homeplanet and grab as much treasure as you can from the notorious captain Flint.

As always, enjoy Miracle Kingdom [Detailed Mini Park]. Created by Appgamer. Heyo, This is my first ever Park. I started Building a Viking-Theme coaster called Goliath a couple months ago and it quickly turned into much more than just a single coaster. Created by suhanjotwhite. Mine coaster. Created by jsherwood. A spectacular coaster build into the ground for a genuine mining expeirence Created by Joy Division. My first wooden coaster upload and my biggest project yet, I had had this idea in my head for a while now a snake coaster enclosed using the pirate hull piece, raiding a town and decided with the new world's fair expansion I might be able to get Sonic : Green Hill Zone Coaster.

Created by Wasolski. If you enjoyed give this video a like and thumbs on the workshop, thanks Glow World. Created by gameface. My latest park is made almost entirely of art shapes except for a few types of lights, some doors and windows, and a few scenery parts on the stores.

I really don't know what it is but I think it turned out. The build started out with me creating a fe Created by mhover. Visit the Waterworld, a floating Building with a Coaster that goes trough underwater tunnels. Set up instructions are included, please note to move the log flume to do the queue move it into it's water flow direction horizontally to ease putting it back t Hieroglyph Egyptian Floorless.

Created by NateDaGreat Egyptian park with full scenery. Extreme Sport themed - Gulpee park. Created by Gary Hopson. Voici un nouveaux parc sur le theme mecanique et sport. Serrez vous assez fou pour decouvrir se parc? Here is a new park on the theme of mechanics and sport. Expedition Icarus: Alien Exploration Coaster.

In the year , a group of Wombat Corp scientist finally manage to fully activate The Infinity Engine They still don't understand it in the slightest, but they find the right combination of buttons to press and thermonuclear warheads to drop into the ma Pipshot Lagoon Park.

Created by Sproggle. Pipshot Lagoon is a single ride park to show case the Pipshot Lagoon Coaster The Power Plant. Created by vBrann. An inverted roller coaster that fly's through an abandoned power plant. Hope you enjoy Death Star Battle : The Ride! Any hobby centered sites and forums are good too!

Things we hate thread 3. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave. Mexico thread. Discuss drama, current events, or anything Mexico and mexican culture related here.

Cows that need to be put out to pasture. If you could lock one thread, which one would it be? What makes them milkless now? The third absolutely retarded stupid shitpost thread. I need reminders. Types of intelligence. Discuss intelligence stuff I believe everyone is smart in their own way! What are you into right now? Post away! A weird story about a rando? Interesting first date? Or perhaps you began chatting with someone you knew was weird out of a morbid curiosity and found out more about them than you ever wanted to know?

It can be creepy, amusing, funny, happy etc. Including her female roommates things. But drawings were discovered of weapons and plans of stockpiling. He also had drawn a sniper target on a chair. Favorite LC memes and in-jokes. What still makes you laugh? Which ones have sparked actual joy in your shriveled husk of a soul? This is a LC positivity thread.

We have plenty of other threads to bitch about each other! However, the anecdotal evidence logical fallacy may apply in that situation. Attacking such a fabrication as a means to suggest refutal of what was actually presented constitutes a straw man logical fallacy. A refutation with one or more vague, sweeping claims for which no proof is provided may be related.

The burden of proof rests on the claimant, so offering constructive criticism is a good idea: clear and specific, with citations if applicable. Borderline Personality Disorder. Gen-Z vs Millenials. People who are currently , what is your unfiltered opinion on people currently ? Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc. The chancellor will see you now.

When more than one person is involved such abuse should therefore constitute severely criminal behavior for any penetrative person�especially if significant mental pathology, a strong judgment-impairing drug, etc. Pornography featuring anorectal violence can have numerous effects on some viewers.

People with such inclinations, some affiliated with pornography companies, are having a field day with anorectal violence and spreading disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is promoting societal decadence. Governments worldwide have not addressed those matters effectively, and many people are suffering as a result. First and foremost, educational systems under their purview are failing to adequately and accurately educate people about anorectal anatomy, physiology, health, and especially the traumatic risks of anoreceptive activities.

Secondly, governments are failing to rein in out-of-control pornography industries over which they have jurisdiction. Lastly, for people who both 1 harm others for profit and 2 inspire countless viewers, governments are failing to ensure that they face severe criminal consequences: Some of those viewers are inspired to the point of emulation, even using coercion. Let's discuss it here. Two truths and a lie thread. Alternatively, make it 2 lies and 1 true story.

Go as crazy or elaborate as you want to! Or just have fun. Ideas that changed your life. Can be from any board. Post the latest and greatest as well as the infamous. Wholesome and cringe are all welcome. Anything to make anons kek. Lolcow's Own Caps 2 - Infight Club edition.

The lowest point in your life. Are you living through it? What's the worst that you've had it? What's your saddest, angriest, scariest, or most embarassing story or memory? Was it your fault or did circumstances lead to it? Did someone do you wrong on purpose? How did you overcome it, or how do you plan to overcome it? Share the lowest point in your life. It could anything ranging from the most traumatic shit ever "I smoke too much weed and burnt my house down" to just a silly embarassing story "I shat myself in front of class while wearing cat ears".

Please don't try to one up each other or try to seek pity points. Satisfying comeback stories. I tried to use pic related one but it is all in korean. Furthermore, the article about the perineal raphe claims otherwise with no support from any cited source. One such scientific perspective: The human anorectum is very unsuited for many all-too-common receptive activities due to the region's anatomy and physiology.

Those flaws contribute to rampant anorectal abuse and misinformation facilitating it. Be as salty as you like. Any nsfw artists you actually like? Any personal nsfw artist lolcows? There is something seriously wrong with the mod s of this place. Unexplained thread deletion most certainly is censorship, and that wasn't my only thread that was deleted.

Plenty of other threads of mine were locked as well. FYI: What I am posting is not spam. I do not stand to gain monetarily from this. To any users reading this: You might wish to seriously consider going elsewhere and telling your friends to do the same.

Characters who would be labeled cows and be posted on lolcow. SJW Imageboard? Do you think SJWs would even use or enjoy the format? What do you think the culture would be like?

What boards might be there? What would the board-tan be? This Aesthetic. Circle lenses, gradient lips, straight brows, pale skin dewy ,frilly clothes and thin. Kinda like the stereotypical koreaboo look or a chilled down version of lolita. Post College Chronicles. What's life been like for you post-academia? Do you have a job?

Has your social life improved or plummeted? Do you feel like you have more or less time on your hands? Are you happier or more stressed post-academia? What do you miss about college?

Do you feel like you truly learned anything in college? What was your major? Have any student loans. What lolcow are you most similar to? Which ones do you relate to? Weeb stories. I thought it would be fun to make a thread on it! I'll try to find some of the old stories that were screen shotted. Of course sharing new stories is encouraged. I'm on phone so it may take me a bit to actually find any of the images.

Sustainability thread. Available on Netflix. A Plastic Ocean A docu about the impact of throwaway plastic on the environment. Or make fun of "the scene", its full of creeps, redditors and fat people. MBTI General. Reddit Hate Thread 3. Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned recently as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Let out all your feelings on theatre kids. There being that one who was a giant bitch to me. Their plays and acting being really unfunny and dogshit. How lolcow has changed our lives. Have you made friends? Has your life changed? Has your worldview changed? Have you experienced the opposite?

Personally, I love this website. I used to be kind of paranoid of posting, but I think there's so many smart, amazing farmers, it's really cool to talk to all of you! Uk thread. Quiz thread. That is due to the fragility of the anorectal region. The external anal sphincter and puborectalis completely relax as a person bears down, causing hemorrhoidal cushions to engorge and increasing the cushions' fragility. There are many potential traumatic consequences of such activities, including abrasion and tearing; damage to muscle and connective tissues; colorectal perforation; hemorrhoidal disease, such as internal hemorrhoidal prolapse; rectal prolapse originating from further inside ; and inflammation.

Steven Bancarz - Spirit Science. I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb. Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.

Morning Routines. What's your current morning routine? How has it changed through the years? What would your ideal morning routine look like? What makes the start to your day a good one vs a shit one? Worst alcholic drinks? Another AA thread locked. GIF unrelated. Unpopular opinions Online child grooming. I've been in a LDR with my abuser for over 4 years. It started when I was 13 we met when a month before my birthday and ended when I was He was 17 and a colleague of my father from an online game that he played.

Because of the relationship, my depression worsened, I have developed PTSD and a cluster of identity and self-esteem issues. Throughout the relationship, I acted like textbook BPD case. Even though he is nothing but a blurred memory now I am 26 , he still affects me. Recently I started having the recurring dreams about him coming back into my life to snatch me into his reality. In those dreams, I am exactic about him coming back and heartbroken cause I have to break up with my bf for him which I would never do, I want to be together forever with him.

Every time I wake up confused and disgusted. I read some memoirs of victims of child sexual abuse to feel less alone, however I feel guilty for relating to them - after all, their experiences were so much worse, being physical for the start.

Sometimes I think I am some Soren-type freak, appropriating other people's nightmares to feel better. But there are no resources for people who went through that and deal with the fallout, only for parents concerned about their child and potential victims.

It makes me feel even worse that I got destroyed by something that so many people would laugh at as not being real not for a lack of trying, though - it went as far as him traveling from the other side of the country to the city I lived near and me bailing on him as he was getting on the train to my village.

As much as I have worshipped him, I knew that he would rape, kidnap me or worse had we met. I have never since experienced such an intense relationship. It was so much more than a sum of it's parts. As an adult, I know that it was shit, that he manipulated me and that we had nothing to talk about, to be honest.

But when I was going through it, he was my God, my life, just everything. We had our secret world just for the two of us. I loved him so damn much I thought if I ever lost him, my life would end. I wished that it truly did for so many uears, as I have outlived my usefulness. I am not even touching the tip of the iceberg here� I feel like only people who went through something similar can understand me.

Start the process of unwashing your brain today. Twitter hate thread 2. Retarded shitpost thread 2. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc.

This artist sucks. The face looks like a anime rip off. Plus she never draws people of color. She is on Instagram strawberry. Claims to be a bisexual gender fluid idiot. Also she dated a 13 year old. She is not a writer or artist she should give up don't you agree� More "artists" coming soon.

Will you press the button? Post commonplace shit or just the most absurdist dumbass scenarios. Your imagination is the limit, let's have fun! How are you? So as the question states how are you today Anon? Trufemcels Thread. Brazil won't do anything to stop them. There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.

If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them. If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them. I am still considerably young but marriage sounds fun and could also have positibe effects for both parties.

I also want to have kids even if I get to divorce later. But being with only 1 partner all your life seems like hell. I want to get married multiple times and have multiple kids which I will all love. I could also climb social ladders and get money for studies if he is richer without this meaning I won't do the same if he's poorer. Is this something anyone else wants?

Writing Advice, Tips, and Vent Thread. Post your favorite writing tips, advice, inspiration, problems, questions, memes, and vents. Horror Stories from Working. Have you ever experienced something shitty at work? Did work ever manage to make you quit, cry, go off on someone? Bitch about it here.

Paranormal Thread. Discuss experiences and share knowledge of realms beyond our own! Religious experiences are also welcome. You've been reading it for over a week. How slow of a reader are you? When I was your age, etc. They're weird. You should do something different. I'm getting informed whilst doing my exerciseeees! I'm so SICK of seeing you using it!

Has anyone else dealt with parents like this? Whats the last thing that made you cry? Maybe something happened at work. Maybe you embarrassed yourself and had a cry about it in the shower. Deathfat Encounters. Do you have any stories of seeing deathfats IRL? Family, friends, professors, coworkers, strangers? Did they live up to the expectations of retardation or were they nice? Do you see deathfats often? How old were you when you first saw a deathfat?

Conspiracy Thread. Looking for company. If you're interested shoot me an email at sarahsyna gmail. I'm trying to back up a subreddit that is under attack. I restarted and someone alerted me that I was breaking the rules with something. I reviewed the rules and everything fell in accordance.

Can someone advise me further? I'm not here to cause issues or not follow the rules. Any help with be appreciated. The Disappearance of the Internet Not Clickbait! Even Twitter startet to delete accounts who haven't logged in for 6 months, starting on December 11th this year. Are there any websites or blogs you achived or you think are important and worth to be saved as a part of internet history?

Are you salty about a website that got nuked in an unfair way? Any other thoughts regarding Internet History?

Are you worried? Discuss and Vent. Disturbing interactions on the internet. It can be anything from creepy but funny to outright terrifying. Weight loss support thread. Fatties and anas are advised to keep the sperging to a minimum. Share your knowledge thread. Share anything you might know about and find interesting, even posting random facts or silly didyouknow things is ok. Please do not vent and do not infight.

France Hate Thread 1. Instead you're bitter posting on lolcow. Links are fine too. What kind of people even post here? Do you know any people IRL who browse this site? What are they like? Old Famous Dead People as Lolcow. Since Lolcow is an Internet term, It will be intersting that some old famous or Influential people is a lolcow if they didn't die in era before the internet or born in internet era. New Years Resolutions. What do you plan to do for next year, anons?

Can some psych farmer help explain the psychology at play? The only thing I can think of is that it marries cringe, social dysfunction and sexual deviancy in a way other racial fetishes don't. I Bleed For You. Please forgive my anger and shame. I accept my responsibility and I ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you for allowing more love into my life. I have hurt you, and caused an obstacle to both of our freedom. I ask for cleansing and healing to all I have harmed.

Graphic Design General. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early s that was all over the place on deviantart and such?

I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious. I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested. The one thing I don't like about her followers or people coming to her art page is that none of them seem to criticises her.

I don't know if that is a bad thing or not. Post about the holidays and what you're expecting to happen here. Don't forget to wish nonnys a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Figure Skating Thread. Who's your favourite? Or share anything else figure skating related?

Is anyone here a figure skater? Is anyone looking to start as an adult? Right now, there's Japanese and Russian nationals going on is anyone else following these? Also kek at Tsibinova and Valieva having nearly exactly the same costume today. Lolcow Hall of Shame. The return of the absolutely retarded shitpost thread. A thread for all wicked and feral farmers to post in so they don't clog other threads.

Anything goes. How is it different to the dumbass shit thread? There's no theme here, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc Don't like it? War And Conscription. If not, should women be drafted? If there is no draft, registration with Selective Service or similar.

I have no friends and this is a fun anon game�. What do you want to be done with your dead body? I want to be put in a swamp under a big tree, my ancestors can come visit and uncover my corpse to see me preserved, then use my body for magical rituals.

What do you want to happen with your dead body? Hope you're ready for a wild ride, my listeners. First of all some info, then will put a tiny timeline to make things smoother. Chiara Dalessandro is a 42 year old youtuber, very well known for her drama, overexposing on the internet, suffering from narcisism, her attention seeking behaviours such as cutting herself and making sure it shows and being a literal leech, aside the fact she's VERY unfortunate looking and doesn't have a nose bridge.

She's also known for chasing mentally impaired men to manipulate his current husband has a psychological age around , can't eat -he sucks the food like a baby- and has a weird obsessions with teenagers, meaning he wants to be like them and when faced with people with a working brain, she cries that everyone misunderstood her.

But now, the time line! I'm doing pregnancy tests!! This will be relevant later. I was so happy, when my wife said she was pregnant I immediatly bought the test and it was positive and she told me they were too! Lies, lies, lies, they're just obese. Remember the "people's home" stuff? She's illegally there. She doesn't pay the rent and she buys stuff. If you show anywhere even online if you live in that kind of house but spend thousands a month in useless shit, the police can come to your home.

She's risking heavily. One time she wished death to a 17 year old boy just because he didn't want to invite her at his house.

She went out, bought an armani watch, vlogged it and even vlogged her crying husband that was only saying "Why are you doing this? Imagine the fucking backlash. Hurray for another member of the family! But Chiara was livid.

So she ordered a "reborn doll" which is just a Baby Alive doll and a shitton of baby clothes to make reborn videos. She stopped these videos once the family stopped caring about the baby for being a baby. If you don't know, as Italy was heavily hit by Coronashit, only one family member was allowed outside. She pretended Davide was not her husband so they could shopping together.

I have naturally dry hair, that's why!! Feels thread. I'm getting my autistic niece an apple pencil for xmas. Things we hate thread 2. A picture is always appreciated. Commentary is fine positive, negative or neutral as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Remember to make the borzoi OP picture a tradition. Psalm O Lord , who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill? He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart; who does not slander with his tongue and does no evil to his neighbor , nor takes up a reproach against his friend; in whose eyes a vile person is despised, but who honors those who fear the Lord ; who swears to his own hurt and does not change; who does not put out his money at interest and does not take a bribe against the innocent.

He who does these things shall never be moved. Dead social media and websites. How, when, and why? What's y'all opinons on this? Tbh, I'm waiting for the day twitter gets nuked. Matthew Jesus said unto him, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. He is absolutely ideal. I've never seen a man as beautiful as he is. Bollyn on Iran and the War on Terror, June 15, The Trump administration and the controlled media are singing in unison blaming Iran for the alleged missile or mine attacks on the Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian-owned MV Altair.

President Trump said:. The unanimity of the media in blaming Iran indicates that they are all reading from the same script and this is a play that does not end well. The controlled media is pushing for war with Iran, just as they did for war with Iraq, based on nothing but lies and fabrications.

The very likely possibility that these attacks are false-flag attacks meant to be blamed on Iran does not even enter into the media discussion although such false-flag incidents have been used to take the U.

The War on Terror is just the latest case of using false-flag terrorism to take the U. Behind the War on Terror is a strategic plan crafted by Israeli military intelligence in the s to use terrorism to break up and Balkanize the Middle Eastern states.

Having used the U. The attacks on the vessels off the coast of Iran are meant to set the stage for something worse that will compel Trump to attack Iran. We need to understand that we are being deceived into yet another war in the Middle East and we must not let that happen. The removal of rubble from the destroyed World Trade Center is portrayed by the media as a heroic and patriotic effort when, in fact, behind the media disguise was a well-planned operation to destroy the evidence from the scene of the crime in which some 2, people were murdered.

If it was a criminal act to destroy the evidence, we need to identify the people behind the crime. Howard Safir, the former police commissioner of New York City, is very close with the Israeli intelligence company Verint, which like Odigo was part of Comverse, an Israeli operation spun off from Unit of the Israeli military. Safir, who was police commissioner until , has been on Verint's board of directors since May As Safir prepared to join the Israeli data company, Richard Sheirer, his long-time deputy and personal aide, wrapped up his work as the commissioner of New York's Office of Emergency Management, the top official responsible for cleaning up the destroyed World Trade Center.

Is there a connection between his mentor's work with Israeli intelligence and Sheirer's work on "the pile? Safir has been on the board of directors of a shady Israeli company called Verint, since May Is there a connection?

Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the Happyland Social Club Fire? Did they cast aside the pressure-regulating valves at the Meridian Plaza Fire?

Of course not. But essentially, that's what they're doing at the World Trade Center. For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car.

Such destruction of evidence shows the astounding ignorance of government officials to the value of a thorough, scientific investigation of the largest fire-induced collapse in world history. I have combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA , but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall.

Imagine there is a terrible fire and explosion in a crowded high-rise in the middle of a large American city in which thousands of people are thought to have perished. Before the dead can be even be pulled from the rubble or the cause of the destruction investigated, the city calls in a privately owned foreign company to remove the debris.

Would it not seem a bit odd - even criminal - to see a foreign company removing the evidence from the scene before an investigation had even begun? As Bill Manning, the editor of Fire Engineering wrote at the end of , "I have combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA , but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall.

But was it really "astounding ignorance" that was obstructing "a thorough, scientific investigation of the largest fire-induced collapse in world history" - or was it something even worse? Was the obstruction of an investigation planned and intentional - because an investigation would have revealed that it was explosive demolitions and not fire-induced collapses that destroyed the World Trade Center?

What is even more peculiar is that the companies that were contracted on Day One to remove the rubble of the three demolished towers were all foreign owned. This raises several questions: Why was the U.

Why were foreign companies allowed to destroy the evidence from the crime scenes in which thousands of people had been killed? Who made the decision to hire these companies? It would be naive to think it is merely coincidence that three foreign-owned companies got the contracts to remove the rubble of the three demolished towers of , effectively destroying the physical evidence of the worst mass murder in U.

Knowing who was behind the decision to hire these foreign companies is key to understanding the cover up. The WTC debris site was divided between four contracters with the sites of the three demolished towers all going to foreign-owned companies. This means that the three buildings that were demolished WTC 1,2, and 7 - crime scenes of the worst mass murder in U.

The layout of the WTC complex prior to A map from an engineering presentation showing the companies and their quadrants. This image shows the World Trade Center site viewed from the West. Burton understood this early The first three were essentially management teams - multinational corporations in the high-rise construction business, which had little equipment of their own and relied on other contractors to get the work done. American Ground , p.

Holden brought in Tully as well. As it turned out, these were the four companies that ultimately would share the lucrative job of cleaning up, earning profits in the millions Holden and Burton also brought in the renowned engineering firm of Thornton-Tomasetti.

Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest cleanup effort in American history, coordinating federal, state, and local agencies, including FEMA. If they pass the test, he signs the documents that open them up to the public. I think it's very valuable to be invisible for the job I do. It's important to me to be prepared, to get in, get it done, and get out.

My people understand -- we don't need fanfare. Invisibility enhances our ability to work with everyone because they know we're not looking to take the limelight. Sheirer stayed on into the administration of Mayor Bloomberg, to manage the removal of the rubble saying he was doing so "to finish what I started. Richard Sheirer had come up through the ranks thanks to Howard Safir, who promoted him in both the fire department and later in the police department.

As the New York Times obituary for Sheirer said:. He [Sheirer] began working for the Fire Department as a dispatcher in and rose to deputy commissioner under Commissioner Howard Safir. In , when Mr. Safir became police commissioner, he named Mr. Sheirer his deputy commissioner for administration and chief of staff. Sheirer called Safir "the kindest, bravest, most wonderful human being I've ever met in my life.

Richie Sheirer was, as Levitt says, "Safir's crony. Giuliani on January 1, and served in that position until he was appointed Police Commissioner of the City of New York by Giuliani on April 15, He served as Police Commissioner until his resignation on August 18, Verint started as Comverse Technology's Comverse Infosys business unit, which was created in Verint's initial focus was on the commercial call recording market, which at the time was transitioning from analog tape to digital recorders.

In , Comverse Infosys was combined with another division of Comverse focused on security and the communications interception market. Source: Verint, Wikipedia. As James Bamford wrote in a article for Wired. According Build Your Own Sea Hunt Boat Tablet to a former Verizon employee briefed on the program, Verint, owned by Comverse Technology, taps the communication lines at Verizon, which I first reported in my book The Shadow Factory in What does Safir do for the Israeli owners of Verint as a director?

Why was Kobi Alexander Allowed to Flee? The latest comments come first. Thank you very much for your excellent answer. But then, everything you have written is excellent and well researched. You are a real hero and an example of courage and honesty. Do you think Trump if he has any say will allow these efforts to go forward honestly and objectively?

Bollyn Responds: I certainly think it is the right thing to do and hope that the grand jury inquiry results in indictments and a trial to determine who destroyed the Twin Towers - killing some 2, lives in the process, but my hope is tempered by the fact that the grand jury is under the control of the same court U.

The evidence presented to the grand jury is quite compelling proof that the World Trade Center towers WTC 1, 2, and 7 were demolished using explosives so I don't see how the grand jury could come to any other conclusion. There are certainly plenty of victims who could start lawsuits against those who are responsible.

Bollyn Responds: Jimmy asks, is justice merely revenge? No, Jimmy, not at all. Some might ask, why? There are two basic reasons why it is. After 15 years of waging this criminal war agenda we have killed over 1 million innocent people and destroyed the lives of millions more.

By accepting their false narrative we have empowered and enriched the very terrorist masterminds behind this outrageous crime. As Socrates said, criminals who go unpunished become only worse. Nothing could be more important to our survival and the welfare of our nation s. Question: If Trump is as utterly clueless as he consistently appears to be regarding global affairs � amongst so many other things � he presumably has people around him to feed him the basic dumbed down snippets he blathers and spouts?

I wonder who these people are who steer him and how they are able to groom him sufficiently to appear even faintly informed? From all we can see, does he not appear to be a George Bush type of useful idiot? Kind of unimaginable that they weren't? But clearly not the results we were all expecting to be rigged in favour of the elites and banksters?

Very interested to know your thoughts. Thanks for all your amazing work. Bollyn Responds: I don't think Donald Trump is clueless at all. In fact, he seems to be very aware of the fundamental problems facing Americans, as well as quite savvy on global issues.

Trump's position on rebuilding infrastructure and our domestic manufacturing sector is simple economic common sense. I watched Trump speak in Detroit last summer and he hit all the nails squarely on the head regarding jobs and trade. The fact that he has the 'smarts' of a business man and knows how to make a deal makes him an ideal candidate to straighten out the disastrous "free-trade" agreements like NAFTA, dumped on the American people by Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel in Clinton's first year in office.

On foreign policy, Trump is also right on target. He calls for improving relations with Russia and ending the "regime change" foreign policy of the Bush and Obama administrations, like that applied by Obama in Syria since Ending the wars in Syria and the Middle East and having good ties with Russia are, once again, simply good common sense.

I don't know who steers Trump, or if anyone does. Nor would I put Trump in the same category as George W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama are clearly criminals who have engaged in conspiring and waging wars of aggression and other war crimes.

Hillary Clinton is also guilty of these and other crimes. Trump, on the other hand, has a clean record. The fact that Hillary Clinton was the chosen candidate of the mainstream media, George Soros, Lady Rothschild, and the New York Times going into Iowa indicated to me that the international criminal cabal had their money on her. Trump does not talk like a politician because he is a New York business man and talks like one.

He says what he means, and I hope, he means what he says. We will have to see if he makes the changes he promised he would. That is certainly what I hope and the reason I sent him two open letters and the Solving set of books.

Comment: Mr Bollyn I have been aware of the deception since When it turned out there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the media after spending several months pounding us with fears of an impending WMD attack said nothing, I knew there was something very wrong.

Within a few weeks of independently researching, I came across a video of building 7 and that's was enough proof of a false flag for me. Given what I have been learning over a decade and what I thought was extensive albeit casual research, I'm shocked that I have only now come across your work. You have been de facto persona non grata in the alternate media it appears.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the meticulousness of your research and I am now especially motivated to exercise my critical thinking when getting my information. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I spent time engaging in the Judy Wood free energy or buck rogers space gun as you have hilariously put it and the "Russian Intelligence" nuclear demolition theories. In hindsight, even a little critical thinking would have exposed these as disinformation - as there are no sources or peer reviewed evidence.

But hey, if my dumbass now can finally understand the nature of disinformation, maybe it shows that TPTB are finding it harder to be the controlled opposition. I grew up mostly in Africa and India where the governments consistently screw the citizens pretty much on a daily basis - so maybe I'm predisposed to distrust governments. Not just naive, but aggressively so - because if there is any discussion outside of the mainstream narrative, there is usually a violent reaction.

My dream was to come live in America - but now that I'm here, I'm having second thoughts. Maybe the truth will set Americans free from the intellectual zoo that they trapped in and I ain't just talking about the Kardashians.

It is rare that I come across a bold, cultured, intelligent, and brave patriot like you who is willing to speak truth based on researched and verifiable facts regardless of taboo. I can't imagine how difficult the last 14 years has been for you and your family. I'm grateful for the work you have put in and I hope we will soon see the fruits of your efforts. And it may come soon, since the economy is bad shape - another great recession and Americans may be forced to turn off college sports and finally sit up and take notice of what is going on around them.

Comment: A Letter from Sweden. I attach a contribution to you, for your work on exposing the criminal network plaguing the current world.

Your work to expose the criminals that executed the terror and murders on September 11, , is truly outstanding. Your work is very important. You also share information and views on current events that is highly interesting. I hope that slowly the information you have uncovered will spread to more and more people. Bollyn Responds: Thank you. I hope that the process of informing the public about the truth of and the fraudulent "War on Terror" goes more quickly than it has.

This is why I am going on another speaking tour in America. We can't let the gangsters rule our world. Comment: Christopher,. I admire what you do. If we all live 20 years more without a thermo-nuclear war destroying everything, you and a few other brave individuals will definitely be appreciated and remembered for what you have done as the world's greatest heroes.

The next hurdle is the cognitive barrier, the inability of millions of adults to accept the reality that it actually did happen, and that the authorities in many countries need to be challenged to do something minimally acceptable to restore justice.

To most people, to accept this truth is like dealing with a hypothetical situation to learn that the mom and dad you lived with all these years are actually not your real parents, but rather criminals who pretend to be your parents for some pure financial gain or other benefit, and who feel nothing wrong about killing you at some point if that maximizes their final benefit.

Instead of living a continued comfortable life Go to the police? Move out, find another place to live? Run to neighbors and ask for help? Go and kill the bastards at night? Or maybe ignore the guy trying to tell you this truth as an insane lunatic, and come back to comfortable everyday life. Completely new thinking, new insights are needed to overcome it. When does the information, the knowledge of truth become compelling for an average person living in the western world and Russians mentally are not very different from it, unfortunately to act and to seek a minimal next step to be done?

Thank you for what you do and all the best wishes as well! Comment: The following comment is from a resident of Colorado who understands the gate-keeping being done by certain members of Colorado for Truth, who are opposed to my speaking in Colorado.

The Good Samaritan. I thought of a fantastic parable for how the Denver group is treating you. When they say they support your appearing in Colorado but just not under their sponsorship it seems to me akin to the following scenario:.

Imagine the Good Samaritan passing by the half-dead Jew lying on the Jericho road. He leans over to him and says:. So even though I choose not to help you now due to my cowardice, know this: I fully support the right of some other Samaritan with more courage than I to help you recover, for this is what you deserve!

Thus is the attitude of the Denver unTruth organization to Christopher Bollyn. Hollow rhetoric and false flattery that benefits no one except their own warped sense of pride. Sincerely, Michael Korn. Comment: Doctor Bob wrote:.

You may ask why it is that the Government that now controls the U. Comment: The following comment is a letter written by a supporter of mine in Fort Collins to a Boulder-based couple involved in Colorado Truth. I visited the steering committee of the group at Fran Shure's house in Denver in October and have been trying to arrange an event in Colorado for the past year but am opposed by certain people in the Colorado group, who have been able to block me because the group operates on a consensus basis:.

I have never met Chris Bollyn personally, although I have followed his writings about for many years and have been most impressed with his forthrightness and penetrating analysis, as well as his fearlessness. I lived in Israel for 20 years following my graduation from Harvard in One of my motivations in converting was to break out of the endless cycle of violence and hatred that Orthodox Judaism projects against not only Arabs and other non-Jews but also against secular Jewish Israelis.

I was raised as a Reform Jew in California and find it puzzling that Reform Jews support Israel when the Zionist state doesn't even recognize Reform Judaism and grants the Orthodox rabbinate all power.

I am well aware of the brutality of Israeli government officials, the military, and the intelligence agencies. I have been a Truther since , when the first skeptical information started appearing on the internet on many sites. I stopped supporting Counterpunch because its manager, Alexander Cockburn, refused to question the official fairytale. Cockburn would question everything else about the government except for that sacred cow.

I never understand why he was so stubborn, but I rejoiced when he died suddenly. A major impediment to disseminating Truth bit the dust. Of all Truthers, Chris Bollyn is the only person who delves into the backgrounds of the many actors and demonstrates an overwhelming Zionist connection. He may not have ironclad proof, but his research certainly should suffice to empower a Grand Jury investigation with subpoena powers.

That of course has never happened. Other investigators, like David Ray Griffin and AETruth, demolish the credibility of the official investigation, but only Chris Bollyn tracks down the likely perpetrators.

On a personal note, as a Jew who lived in Israel for many years, I understand that Chris's revelations are disturbing. For many Jewish people Israel is a sacred institution, much like the Vatican for Catholics, who also are reluctant to criticize their church when corruption becomes apparent.

It is only the teachings of Jesus that have given me the courage to consider the evidence Chris Bollyn offers without fear. And while I admit that his allegations are very painful, for me the truth is the ultimate value and so in the end I don't care if his findings implicate the government of Israel and its Neocon supporters in America and England.

Jesus taught that The Truth shall set you free, and I firmly believe in this. No organization, institution, race, religion, nationality or other entity supersedes truth in importance.

And that's why in the end I laud Christopher Bollyn and consider him to be a genuine cultural hero and a gift to humanity. My prayer for you is that you will allow the Truth to set you free too. Michael P. This statement by Davidsson suggests that the United States was calling the shots during the Six Day War, including having its own ship sunk, and that the Israelis were simply following orders from the U.

I disagree, because this is not what the historical record shows. The main thrust of the book is that Hounam tries to give Israel a pass for its murderous assault on the USS Liberty by saying that the Israelis were attacking the Liberty for the U. I don't think that is the case at all. Furthermore, Johnson was surrounded by Zionist Jews in his administration.

I have a couple basic questions about Hounam's book:. If you are discussing Israeli false-flag terrorism you really should discuss their recent history of such crimes. Johnson, he gives absolutely no background information on Johnson's role as a Zionist agent in the United States going back to the s. Johnson has a long history of serving the Zionist state and breaking U. He had big backers and he knew it.

What the record shows is that Lyndon Johnson was a high-level Zionist agent, and that he had been working for the Zionist cause since his first term in the U. Johnson had no problem breaking U.

In an attempt to explain why there was no support by U. President Lyndon B. Johnson had secretly agreed on day four of the Six Day War that the Liberty would be sunk with complete loss of life. The attack would be blamed on Egypt, allowing the U. However, according to Hounam's theory, because the Liberty did not sink after two hours, the plan was quickly reversed, Israel apologized for the case of mistaken identity, and a cover-up was put into place.

If Israel was willing to be that underhanded and drag the hard pressed American forces onto another battle front in the Mideast in , then they were and are no friend of this country, and it appears to be exactly what took place.

People are so naive to believe "the government would never do that", yet I fear that they are wrong, very wrong. Knowing that much, it is easy to conclude that Israel, with its huge influence in American politics, would likely take this route again. Comment: The following comment by Elias Davidsson was not made to Bollyn. I am posting it here because it is a good analysis of the relationship between the U.

Elias Davidsson wrote:. I have resisted engaging in this discussion. Yet, I believe that the movement is today able to assert certain facts as unassailable and build upon these unassailable facts. Let me enumerate some of the most important ones:. Government opposed an independent investigation of the largest crime on US territory;. Government condoned the massive destruction of criminal evidence, and not only the steel beams from the WTC;.

By its conduct, the U. Government utterly failed its international obligation under human rights law, to carry out a prompt, independent, impartial, thorough, and transparent investigation of the massive violation to the right to life committed under its jurisdiction.

According to international norms, governments bear the obligation not only to protect the right to life of individuals under their jurisdiction, but to investigate properly cases, in which people are murdered, particularly in massive cases, let alone where suspicion exists that state actors may have been involved.

The above assertions are not subject to dispute nor require technical expertise. They allow any person to accuse of deception, slander, and [of being complicit in] a criminal cover-up, [those] politicians, journalists, authors and judges who claim that Islamic hijackers carried out the mass-murder, or that hijacked aircraft crashed at the known landmarks. While focusing on WTC 7 may yield short-term results in terms of public awareness, the focus on the WTC leaves intact the impression that Islamic terrorists nevertheless participated in the attacks.

They are by no means useful idiots. They are fully cognizant of what is going on and they are treasonous by choice Those true patriots that refuse to go along with it are suicided, pushed out of their jobs. Bollyn Responds: You are right about this, I'm sure. Bush, spoke at the closing session of the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, an event put on by the Netanyahu Institute [founded by Benjamin Netanyahu Institute director and his father, Benzion] on July , The institute is also called the Jonathan Institute.

See: powerbase. The Wikispooks. Bush spoke on 'The U. The title page of the speech given by George H. Bush made clear that the "only reasonable course" to deal with terrorism is "swift and effective retribution", which is what his son, President George W. Bush, did in the wake of although his retribution was against a nation that had nothing to do with the crime.

The speech by George W. Most of the Bush speech can be read in the online version of the book. One of the important things to take note of about this conference is that the data about the threat of terrorism was fraudulent. Today, the state of Israel is ruled by the same ruthless and violent terrorists who gave us and the fraudulent "War on Terror.

Having lost an untold number of lives and having wasted trillions of dollars on illegal and unnecessary wars, the Israeli deception has cost America dearly. While most Americans saw the terror attacks of as the beginning of the "War on Terror," the ideological framework of this Zionist fraud was actually born in Jerusalem during an international conference on terrorism held by the Jonathan [Netanyahu] Institute in early July - twenty-two years before the terror attacks that changed America.

What is most important to note is that the same people who created the fraudulent "War on Terror" are currently running the state of Israel. The conspiratorial network included present and former members of the Israeli and United States governments Paull's thesis from is important because it documents and validates my claim that the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror" actually began in the late s when Menachem Begin and his gang of Irgun terrorists came to power in Israel.

Evans that Arab terrorists were planning to attack the tallest buildings in New York City. Harel's comments reveal that Israeli intelligence was already preparing the false-flag terrorism attacks that occurred at the World Trade Center in and As Paull demonstrates in his thesis, "the entire notion of 'international terrorism' as promoted by the Jerusalem Conference rests on a faulty, dishonest, and ultimately corrupt information base.

They are nothing more than packs of lies designed to place the blame on Arabs and Muslims. The American people have been the primary target of the vicious 'psychological warfare' waged by the Israeli government.

The purpose of the Israeli psychological warfare is to create fear through false-flag terrorism like in order to impose the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror". I have done my utmost to provide an antidote to this fear and deception with my book, Solving The Deception that Changed the World.

This was the time when George H. Bush had just served as director of the C. I think that Papa Bush is actually tied in at a higher level than just making money. I think that Bush and the Zionist criminal cabal are connected through criminal acts, including the JFK murder and drug smuggling. Nothing binds people more closely than a crime committed together.

This is actually the ideal solution to avoid friction with those gate-keepers who do everything they can to keep Bollyn from speaking. I remember you Christopher saying that even the smallest group in the smallest town was probably infiltrated. I guess that applies to the largest group in the biggest city too.

Bollyn Responds: Why would they do this? This is a question that must be on the minds of many people who read this post. Why would the Truth Alliance not want me to speak at their events?

To understand why I am not invited to speak at events like the one in San Francisco the other day one needs to realize that truth groups are often led by people who really do not want the truth about who carried out the atrocity to come out. I am hearing none of who done it, none of what to do about what next, none of Christopher Bollyn, who does; nothing but stale ole info, which furthers nothing forward.

What's up with that? What this means is that there must be people in the leadership of the Northern California Truth Alliance who pretend to be interested in truth, but are dead-set against letting me present the factual material I have put together in my Solving books. These people are acting as gate-keepers and censors, preventing others from hearing what they don't want them to hear. I have a lot of personal experience with this censorship and have seen many so-called truthers who do everything they can to prevent me from speaking.

What is it about my research that they don't want to hear? The US invasions in the Middle East are usually done with a great deal of Israeli intelligence and guidance.

These invasions have led to the creation of Al Qaida and ISIS and have led to the breaking up of Iraq and Syria into fragmented states - exactly what the Israeli strategy for the region has been since the s see the Israeli strategic plan to Balkanize the Middle East as written by Oded Yinon.

Who are these gate-keepers in the truth movement? It's obvious, at least if you are an insider. They are the people in these truth organizations or groups who work to prevent me from speaking. They are often Jewish people who are supportive of Israel but who pretend to be critical who simply don't want other people to know that was an Israeli-run false-flag terror operation.

I have seen it many times before, from coast to coast. In other words, the buildings did not collapse but were pulverized in mid-air. Is there any explanation to account for the burnt cars seen in and around the streets of the entire World Trade Center complex? Your information is interesting but just like you, no one can explain the aforementioned observations just by thermite or thermate. Steven E. Jones and a team of scientists published their page paper on the discovery of a form of super-thermite in the dust of the destroyed World Trade Center towers.

The Jones paper, accepted for publication in a scientific journal in February , can be read here:. The publication of the paper about the discovery of super-thermite in the dust effectively destroyed the official version of what happened to the Twin Towers and revealed that the public had been lied to about what had really caused the deaths of more than 2, people at the World Trade Center on The explosive bi-layered thermitic material found in the dust.

The red layer contains aluminum, iron, oxygen, silicon and carbon. The gray layer contains primarily iron, oxygen, and some carbon. Firstly, she fails to even explain to the reader what super-thermite is, much less what it can do.

This is intentional, of course, because she is responding to a previously published scientific paper, well-known in the truth community since early , yet she fails to even introduce the subject she is trying to rebut: the active thermitic material found in the dust.

This is complete nonsense. There is abundant proof that the demolitions were, in fact, extremely hot events. For more on this subject, read my recent article about the basics of super-thermite:. Answer: First of all, the vast majority of the structural steel columns and concrete did not disappear.

Most of the steel elements of the building remained near the site, albeit twisted, mangled, severed, and in some spots even vaporized. This is an egregious example of criminal destruction of evidence and the highest investigative authorities, namely John Ashcroft and Michael Chertoff of the U.

Department of Justice, are directly culpable of this crime. The concrete, on the other hand, was pulverized and turned into gigantic clouds of hot dust that rolled across lower Manhattan as each tower was demolished. The concrete did not disappear, however, it was reduced to dust and distributed with explosive force across a large area, where it fell like gray snow.

The active thermitic nano-composite found in the dust, a novel energetic material made using nano-technology, is extremely powerful and releases more energy per gram than any conventional explosive used in demolition. Thermite and super-thermite are very different things and should not be confused, which is what people like Judy Wood do all the time.

The thermitic nano-composite found in the dust ignites at degrees C. The bi-layered material also had an organic compound attached, which is what generated the enormous gas pressure that provided the explosive force seen when the towers fell.

The evidence indicates that, along with the super-thermite, other explosives were also used to demolish the towers. When the super-thermite on each floor was detonated from the top-down, it released enormous amounts of heat and generated the explosive force that pulverized each floor � and everything on it � and thrust the pulverized material with great force outwards from the center of the building.

Answer: That is correct. The largest spikes occurred before, or at the very beginning of each demolition, which suggests that powerful explosives in the basements went off first. As we can see in the video footage of each demolition, the towers are pulverized from the top-down.

This meant that the concrete and the contents of the buildings were converted into hot clouds of dust and blown away from the building with great force. This material was propelled many blocks from the World Trade Center and fell like snow, in some places more than 6 inches deep.

Question: Is there any explanation to account for the burnt cars seen in and around the streets of the entire World Trade Center complex? Answer: Yes, the clouds of dust that rolled across lower Manhattan contained billions of tiny balls of molten iron, lead, and other metals � including molybdenum, which has one of the highest melting points of all the elements.

When these hot clouds hit the cars parked near the World Trade Center the hot metal particles would damage the cars and could easily cause them to burn or blow up.

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