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Very Popular Nitro Performance Bass Boats Decal. If there is another fishing type logo that you need, I can custom make it and send you a proof of it. Each order contains 2 Decals This particular decal can be used for absolutely anything from your back window, to the man cave, to placing it on your.� NITRO Boats: Performance Fishing Boats. The lineup of NITRO� performance Z-Series, Sport, and ZV-Series fiberglass fishing boats are built tough to take you to the top of the leaderboard in ba Lifted Chevy Trucks Classic Chevy Trucks Rc Cars And Trucks Cool Trucks Nitro Boats Boat Radio Buy A Boat Electric Boat Radio Control. Early 50's Chevy Clear Body for Stampede Pro for sale online | eBay. NITRO fiberglass fishing boats are built to carry bass and multi-species anglers to the top of tournament leader boards with fast, Missouri, we custom build trailers for every NITRO� boat, so you can be assured the fit will be perfect. This ensures a smooth, solid ride to and from the water, year after year. NITRO Fishing Boats - YouTube. ��������� ��� ��������.� NITRO boats are designed with input from the top anglers in the world�like Kevin VanDam, Edwin Evers, Rick Clunn and Ott DeFoe�so you can be sure they will perform at the highest levels. We work very closely with these NITRO Pro Team members to make sure every NITRO is the perfect tool for any day on the tournament trail. Build Your Own Ranger - Ranger Boats | Bass ��������� ��� ��������. I finally got around to putting new boat bunks on my Nitro Z=6. The bunks 20 Bass Boat Trailer Youtube were getting soft, growing fungus, and needed replaced. I hope this video was.

I have owned various boats over the last 15 years including Skeeter, Triton, ProCraft, Ranger, and unfortunately now a Nitro. To be honest, I did not have a real high opinion in Nitro boats prior to making my purchase. I had always commented on how Nitro had a great layout, but did not think the quality was as good as some of the more expensive competitors. The boat was setup how I wanted, was ready to go, and realistically priced.

The seller was up front about his likes and dislikes, but overall recommended it as he had just ordered a new Nitro. I had just sold my Ranger six months earlier so the Nitro Z9 had some big shoes to fill. I practiced out of the boat for four straight days and really enjoyed the layout.

My uncle, who is a proud Skeeter owner, also practiced with me several days. He was also pleasantly surprised with the stability and ride of the boat. During practice, I had found a pocket of fish on the main lake that held up good enough for me to score a top ten finish enabling me to participate in the third day. The third day continued to go well for me like the previous two days. I pulled together my largest catch of the tournament earning me a 4th place finish.

In addition, I was able to put my two of my co-anglers on a nice limit earning one of them 14th place and the other 2nd place on the co-angler side.

I was very fortunate on that third day, but I did not realize how fortunate until the boat was on the trailer. We finished fishing as the check-in time approached and prepared for the 10 mile run back to the ramp.

I proceeded to head back running about 50 mph as I had allowed more than enough time. About 3 miles from the weigh-in, I felt something funny happen and the boat immediately lost speed. I did not dare take the boat off plane in fear than I would not be able to get it back on plane.

Initially I thought I had hit something small and damaged the prop. However, upon reaching the check-in boat, I raised the motor and saw no damage. I proceeded to load the boat and head to the scales.

I am not a fiberglass expert, but most contacts I have consulted with in regards to the delaminating hull state that it is usually caused by improper curing or resin application during the manufacturing process. Prior to taking the boat to the Tracker dealer, I dropped it off at a fiberglass shop for an analysis and estimate.

They lifted the boat from the trailer and did an analysis on the damage. In their opinion the damage was definitely delaminating fiberglass and there were not any signs of any impact.

Although they would love the work, I was told that repairing the boat really was not an option as it would be extremely costly and would never be right again. I picked up the boat and proceeded to take it to the Tracker dealer the following day in hope of a resolution. All manufacturers have problems like this from now and then; what is most important is how they take care of the problems when they arise! Tracker Marine investigated my situation and responded saying that my boat was no longer under warranty.

They did not want anything to do with my old boat, motor, and trailer. I was stuck with it. At this point I am very disgusted. I had saved up my money and paid cash for what I thought was a very nice Nitro Z-9 boat. Less than two weeks later, it is completely worthless and the manufacturer wants nothing to do with me. In the end, I had to go out and buy a used Triton boat to get me through this situation. Take this information as you wish. I just want to make sure that somebody else does not have the same problem I have.

I have owned boats since I was 16 years old and have never had such a bad taste in my mouth. Please feel free to PM me if you would like more info. Regards, Matthew Scogin. I was very surprised as well. I prepared several professional letters, was very patient, and tried to work with them. I waited to post anything until I had a resolution. Originally Posted By: Matthew Scogin. I am the thrid titled owner. I transferred the the title on January 13th, Nitro Z20 Bass Boat For Sale German it fell apart on the 22nd.

This did not matter to tracker. I bet a legal letter would change your options. Just my 2 cents. Here are the pics for your viewing "dis"pleasure. Thanks for the heads up Mathew, they have never really been on my list or top 5 because you cant even open a compartment at BPS without a hinge breaking. On the last picture, you can see how deep the delamination is. It is into the bulk layer and would require complete disassembly of the boat to even think about fixing.

So I guess this effected your top end I would pull it through the BPS parking lot or park out on the road just outside of BPS with a little sign about their customer service. That might get their attention. Especially, during the big Spring Classic. What about insurance? Are you sure you didn't hit anything? Well i can tell you one thing Taking care of you would have been much cheaper then the economic impact of this thread.

I know that I personally will never buy a nitro and I imagine after reading this several others will choose the same path. I hope they make this right and you can tell everyone. I have insurance on the boat, but they will not cover manufacturer's defects. Since there was no sign whatsoever of impact and the analysis shows clear delaminated on the fiberglass, it is between me and tracker.

That is huge -- I'm so sorry. The absolute last thing a manufacturer wants to hear is one of thier hullS delaminating -- it could be A death nail for the business. I would not give up and get your complaint to the highest level you can. It's hard to believe that if you got to the right person in the chain they would not make this thing right. If not for any other reason then to keep you quiet! Even "if" the glass was layed to hot when building the boat it would had to have some sort of impact to break through the gelcoat.

Most likely the impact occured months earlier and left stress crack that you may not have been able to see or were under a bunk. After running the boat the pressure from the water works its way between layers of glass and causes a self inflicted delamination..

See it all the time.. Insurance claim in my opinion. Spend your weekends the local BPS doing the same. Originally Posted By: Barn. This is why it is very imporant to know what you insurance company covers. I have been doing insurance for 10yrs and some of my carriers cover manufactured defects and some do not. Everyone should ask their agent if this is covered. One of the biggest insurance companies does not cover Manufactured detects.

If you have any insurance questions you can PM me and I would be glad to answer any questions. There are some fine boats out there with very good companies manufacturing them. All of them were built with a focus and emphasis on customer service. That is good customer service. I struggle as a business man thinking that they will not resolve this issue after thousands Build My Nitro Bass Boat Game of fisherman telling this story to other bass fisherman and so on.

As bad a story as this is, you may have kept other TFF members decision easier when they get ready to buy their next boat. I'll tell ya I had not completely counted nitro out for my next boat but after reading this you can bet your hind end I will not be purchasing one Hope it works out for you man! OMG that is awefull, I cant beleive they won't take care of you on that one! Man sorry about your luck. I had a similar problem with a older Skeeter boat of mine.

The bottom of my boat started coming off while I was fishing in the back of Salanes creek on Falcon and started taking on water. I had the boat fixed by Toledo Fiberglass. They have a hull repair called the gorilla hull and it is awesome! I have a nitro Sorry for your losses. Truly am. I'm heading to New Orleans next week I will tow it down there and leave it in the parking lot of the weighin for ya!!!!


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