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Convert a RV travel trailer to a pontoon houseboat - barge hull. Is it possible make some pontoon house boats out of converting a travel trailer, to be like RV houseboat trailers? Could it be as simple as adding pontoons to, or setting a travel trailer on top of pontoon houseboats, barge, or other type hull?

Thanks, Mike. You can advertise here for pennies a day! Are you a boating related business and want to increase sales and profits build a pontoon boat trailer worker targeted traffic? It would definitely reduce the cost, difficulty, and building time. Now, as to getting it all approved or certified by the Coast Guard, that you would have to make some inquiries on your end. If you look into state laws regarding the approval, certification process of either a "floating home" or "self-propelled" houseboat status, do let us know.

I'm sure that there's others build a pontoon boat trailer worker would like to know. For further reading on the subject, there's been a previous article on the same subject, Anyone ever converted a RV Travel Trailer into a Houseboat?

I don't think that all of this will become a new trend for the houseboat building industry, but I can see the possibilities for someone who wants to have a floating home, base camp for fishing, anchored or moored in a bay, style of inexpensive pontoon houseboat.

Do keep us posted. Lastlyhopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their RV Trailer - Pontoon House Boats building experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments. Thanks again for sharing,IAN from all-about-houseboats If you're still looking for information, you can try our search functionfound at the bottom of the left Nav bar.

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It is not intended to replace the advice of a professional. This site does not take responsibility for the accuracy of comments, opinions, suggestions and any other messages posted by visitors. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Convert or add an RV travel trailer to simple cheap pontoon house boats?

All you need is the apropriate USCG navigational lighting. I have seen travel trailers on lakes where there are alot of houseboats. This is accomplished by building a deck which is floated with huge pieces of foam wrapped in black plastic. The foam is not quite as big as the bed of a truck build a pontoon boat trailer worker close. I am sure different areas have different guidlines for these kinds of set ups.

The tt simply floats on the foam dock. Most have a roof and porches added to make them look more pleasing. All in all seems like they function pretty. Rating In re: regulations by: josef faber Mike, check with your state agency as each state has different requirements for anything afloat. Most of the USCG requirements re: boatbuilding are aimed at commercial builders and concern various technical specifications.

For DIY builders, they have Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/10th/vedantu-10th-ncert-solutions-to click common sense requirements for safety afloat. When you draw up your plans, your local USCG might be able to look them over and give helpful suggestions.

Their website has the regulations available for download at no cost. They'd rather have you safe than have to fish you out of a dangerous situation! Rating Always Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/boats-models/used-fishing-boats-canada-revenue this web page catch by: Bob Isn't it sad that the only thing that could stop a great idea is a government regulation? I don't mean to say we should put junk on the water but if someone has a seaworthy pontoon boat that will carry the weight of an RV, it would be a great little houseboat alternative.

Attention to balance would need to be considered using a ballast system of some sort. Build a pontoon boat trailer worker would be handled just like a live aboard boat I would think.

Propane, solar, extra batteries and a generator would be needed. I always wondered if this would work and I'd love to see someone try it. Rating Turn an RV into floating home. Cost is a factor. I don't build a pontoon boat trailer worker to move it so motors and engines are not important. Does anyone know of photos Pontoon Boat Trailer Building Plans Quiz or a website I can build a pontoon boat trailer worker information from? Please help if you. Thanks, Sue. Rating Drive on by: Muley Back in the late 70's Lake Havasu in Arizona had drive on pontoon flatboats so you could park your RV on them and motor around the lake.

I've been looking all over and can't find any info now, they probably got regulated out of business. It was built in the early 80's by Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/small-boats/boatslip-tea-dance-now http://myboat352 boatplans/small-boats/boatslip-tea-dance-now.html company in the state of Arizona. The build a pontoon boat trailer worker was driven up on the back of the unit when secured it became a motorhome.

They only built two I believe. The company had a fire or something and then went out of business? I can't remember the name of the unit. Thank you. Apparently you drove your RV onto it and it had a front deck with a covered patio and the outboard motor controls you could rent and cruise around the lake.

I have tried to search for it but apparently doesn't have a website. This seemed like a great way for a marina or RV park on a large body of water to earn more money. The pontoon boat had a big enough outboard motor and gas tank to cruise for several days if you anchored part of the time.

Wish I could find the place, Big D. Rating Cheap Houseboat - a lightweight inflatable boat by: Greg Hood For all of you boat loving people out there wanting build a pontoon boat trailer worker fish, relax, enjoy the sun and just being out on the water at a cheaper than normal price, you can't go past the new CamperCat.

You can build one in 2 weekends. CamperCat can be used in the ocean as. Rating Cheap Houseboat Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/ship/model-ship-building-tools-program Please click for source - simple house boat plans by: mark When it comes to some cheap houseboat living, we have come up with some simple houseboat plans Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/byjus/byjus-concise-maths-class-9-full byjus concise maths class 9 full build yourself an inexpensive boat.

We basically assume the houseboat will build a pontoon boat trailer worker be mobile but it will be movable to a another lake etc You have to closely estimate what your finished living quarters are going to weigh then build a wooden or metal build a pontoon boat trailer worker truss just like a dock, allowing for plumbing, electrical, sewer etc and if you need protection from low temps in winter.

Most of our customers have been using the houseboats micro-houses on small private lakes or large ponds and occasionally on lakes. We can't keep up, but there are just three of us building them and we're not interested in expansion, etc so we can only do so many in a year. I advise them to go rent a big one if they really have a large party to go once every few years if. If we were on the coast it might be a different story as they can be towed anywhere on the lake and removed using a simple flatbed trailer.

Good luck everybody, Mark and Build a pontoon boat trailer worker Rating Cheap houseboat ideas - trailer camper conversion by: Chris Brooks I just left my brothers build a pontoon boat trailer worker and he Build A Pontoon Boat Kit Piano Sheet wants to sell his 25' trailer camper.

The first thing I thought of what to covert it to a pontoon. First, I would have to waterproof the bottom because it's a light board type on the camper. Next would be adding a generator to pull 50 amps I think. I see a market for it guys. Chris, Macon, Ga. Pontoon boats are considered a multiple hull boat thusly no over sight by the USCG. Rating converting an RV or travel trailer to a houseboat by: Greg Hood Hi Mike, I have designed a system to convert any travel trailer into a houseboat by using inflatable pontoons.

They will take the weight no problems. I'll show you. It's a matter of welding some cross brackets to your trailer, then sliding in some cross bars and clipping on the pontoons and inflating them, and the wheels will be out of the water.

Check out the Camper Cat, Greg. Rating Inflatable pontoon houseboat by: Greg Hood I have been building inflatable houseboats for 3 years.

They are incredible.

New England for the summer. If interested please send cv and availability. We are only supposed to get about 2 hours of rain this afternoon. Seeking full time licensed Captain for privately owned 90' motor yacht located year round in Fort Lauderdale. Basic wash down.


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