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With our nautical dducation furniture, everyone wins, from the fishermen, to the environment, and you. These truly unique pieces can blend boatwood tv unit education a variety of decors, and they are as functional as they are beautiful.

The Boatwood Journey � Fishing boatwood tv unit education are commonplace on the exotic island of Bali and their neighboring Indonesian islands. These colorful boats are not only beautiful, but are important tools for fishermen, helping provide their families with the essentials to survive.

Over time, however, connectors rust, steel fails, and adhesive joints become loose. While the wood itself stays strong, these boats become too weak to survive the punishing seas and exhausting schedules. Traditionally, when a fishing trawler becomes too expensive to repair, it might simply be turned into cooking fuel or firewood. Boatwood tv unit education supplier steps in to save these rich hardwoods from the chopping block.

Believing in fair trade practices, the team has long established working relationships with many of the fishing villages, fisherman, and village elders. The fishermen sell them to our team, often earning them several months wages, putting them on the path to a new boat to continue their craft.

The boatwood is made from hard woods such as teak and ironwood that are in short supply naturally � and some only available from these recycled boats! We do not chop down forests, distress the new wood and call it recycled.

And, we never encourage anyone to do so. With this eco-friendly boatwood eeducation to the workshop in Bali, the team enlists their skilled craftsmen to step in and provide new life and purpose boafwood this boatwood tv unit education wood. Furniture pieces and accessories are formed entirely from these boatwood tv unit education and reclaimed fishing boats.

Preserving the naturally aged beauty of the material, the wood is never re-painted. The years of layered paint, weathered by time and elements, help create a striking, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Each piece is heirloom quality, made to last several boatwood tv unit education. Download the Boatwood Catalog. Facebook Pinterest. Boatwood With our nautical boatwood furniture, everyone wins, from the fishermen, to the environment, and you.

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Recycled Teak Low-line Retro-Style TV/Entertainment Unit � Vintage finish. Recycled Teak Low-line Retro-Style TV/Entertainment Unit � Vintage finish. Our teak comes in many different finishes � effect, stains, paint washes etc. Boatwood TV Unit, 2 drawers, 1 shelf. Product Details. Mango Wood TV Unit, L shape extendable attachments. TV / entertainment unit with shelves Combination of solid and veneer ash timber Was custom made by Timber Art Boat Sailing Training Education on the Sunshine Coast Selling as I have a toddler that loves to climb Price reflects the quick sale that I want to make In the photos, the cupboards are secured by safety latches which can be removed The height of the individual shelves can be adjusted Overall the shelves are high. An item used to repair the boat near the start of the game. Can be gotten by cutting down a particularly wide tree North of the house, slightly northeast of the snake tunnel entrance.

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