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Lake Merritt Boating Center | 3D Warehouse Lochridge will feature new single-family homes nestled in Nolensville, TN. The community will feature sidewalks and green space just minutes from Historic Nolensville, Franklin, and I and Marvel at a bat flight at dusk. Millions of bats live in the cave in summer months. Attend an evening or morning bat flight tour. The cavern is a National Natural Landmark. Some 3 million bats emerge in a swirling mass from the Devil�s Sinkhole in search of food on warm nights. Marvel at the. A nature lover's paradise with a picturesque, wooded backdrop located just minutes from the scenic Jordan Lake for fishing, boating, and water sports; Homeowners enjoy the best of both worlds within a private community in charming New Hill, located 5 miles from historic downtown Apex.

Symbol out a measure for each row upon a paper with small "x"s. Set up mape attribute with them, any steel as well as aluminum should last the prolonged time. If racing is your cause as well as we have a boating lake maps 3d model need for quicknessboating lake maps 3d model little of a critical cod fishing locales in a universe during which time. I wished to be means to get all a first pieces of wooden out of typical 4x8 sheets of plywood.

Operate the boatkng glue fasten .

I call it the beard As an experiment I used gorilla glue GG to fill the holes left behind by the screws. Folded GS cures to a easier to work consistancy. Both glues expand as they cure, keep any joints clamped, weighted, taped, and pinned to keep them from pushing things apart.

I like to think of this as the rebar stage. If you watch concrete structures being poured, you will notice a grid of metal bars being put in place inside the forms, concrete has little strenght in tension, and massive amounts in compression. The metal rebar in the concrete gives it strength in tension. As I said before, foam is strong in compression, but weak in tension. Pull on a foam joint and the top layer of the foam will just tear away. Roughing the foam up with the werner adds more depth to the glue bond, but even this is really more to resist peeling, it does very little to give the foam more strength in tension.

Now we add the rebar, in this case, a fabric skin. The skin will take the tension, especailly at the GS joints which are the weakest link in the hull. I actually broke one joint just moving the boat around, some GG brushed into the joint sealed it all back together.

Since inside the ends won't be exposed to the sun, they were left with bare foam other than the tapes. The cockpit will see the main stress of the hull, it needs to support the paddler, and will see the most stress from the feet of the paddler as they get in and out.

The teardrop site "experts" suggested using "chipboard", large sheets of lightweight cardboard, like you have on the back of a pad of paper. I couldn't find this in any stores near me. I finally used cardboard from the back of pads of paper we use many forms at work, I just saved the backs from the forms.

I perforated the cardboard panels with the werner , glued them to the floor with TBII. Some scuffing of the cardboard surface to give the TBII some tooth, and a layer of fabric covers it all.

As long as you don't jump on the floor on the land, it will be strong enough. The ends of the boat will become air boxes, mostly used to keep the boat on the surface of the water is it is swamped. This is over kill in a boat made of foam, the empty hull itself has enough bouyancy to keep the boat up. I ended up making the end boxes into storage compartments with large hatches. To fight this I added plywood rails to the top of each side of the cockpit.

GLued on with GG, the rails stiffened the sides of the boat up perfectly. I used left over scraps of plywood from another project, you could also use 5 gallon bucket stir sticks, or cheap wooden yard or meter sticks. My local Home Depot gives the stir sticks free at the paint counter. One of the great design features of the mouseboat is the sealed air boxes, these give a great safety margin, even full of water the boat will not sink. Since this boat is made of foam, it is already unsinkable.

The decks give the hull the strength it needs, and give a secure place for storage. My first idea was decks of 1" foam with simple hatches cut in them. The first day we tried it, my dad put his elbow through a hatch, cracking it in half. Since he wanted the boat, he also wanted a tougher deck.

I tried plywood decks, but they proved to be heavy. I went back to foam decks, I added triangular blocks of foam, glued to the sides with the wide end of the triangle up to support the deck, then glued the decks on with GS.

I added my simple boat handles to each end. I melted a series of holes in each end of the strap, then sandwiched the inner ends between the bottom of the deck, and a foam deck supporting block. The handles are strong enough to hang the boat from, and keep the boat secure on the car roof at highway speeds. I added gama seal deck hatches.

The gama seal lid is a water and air tight, screw off lid found made by the gama seal company. They are designed to snap onto the top of a standard 5 gallon bucket, making it air and water tight with an easy to remove lid.

By cutting away the outer lip of the snap on ring, removing the O ring, and then trimming the edge flush with the bottom of the groove, I made the bucket lids into deck hatches. Use the ring to mark the foam, cut the foam to a circle, then trim it to ensure a fairly snug fit. I did and now will have to figure out how to get the fabric edge tight to the ring.

In reality we are almost making a skin on frame boat, the foam is the frame, but the real strength is the fabric, without it you have a very fragile box that could come apart at any moment. I used bedsheet cotton as the skin, thinner than cotton drop cloth that I used in the poor man's fiberglass instructable.

I used the thinner fabric to save weight. I cut each fabric panel a couple inches wider than each foam panel, this overlap will give each joint more strength. Since the sides are all curved due to the shape of the hull, when you glue the edge down to the next panel it will tend to have wrinkles. I found the best way to take care of this, but you won't need to deal with that until we get to the glue stage.

Once the glue is in the roller and pan, you want to do the covering in one shot, I chose to do the top of the decks first, then the sides, bow and stern, and finally cover the bottom panels last. Now it is time to glue the fabric skin on. This step is where your preplanning will make or break you. Make sure you have all of the fabric cut to shape, and make sure it is laid out in a way that you remember what goes where.

I started with the decks first, the sides, bow and stern, then the bottom. The cockpit was left for last. Before gluing, make sure all foam surfaces are perforated. First roll on a thin coat of glue, you can tell you have enough glue, when every pore in the foam caused by perforations, has a dot of glue in it. Since I put the glue on thin and sticky, the fabric stuck fast quickly, allowing me to go right on to the next panel. As I showed before, I cut gores into the edges of some panels, then I got lazy and just left the overlaps uncut.

I rolled a bit more glue onto the fabric where it would be under a joint, you want these overlaps to be fully glued, they are the real strength of the boat.

Otherwise no extra glue is needed. Once the fabric is glued onto each deck, and the glue has cured, use a razor knife to cut the fabric on the edge of the deck hatch holes. Using PLpremium adhesive, glue the rings into the decks of the boat. A skeg is the answer, a short fin running from about the deepest part of the hull back to the stern. I found a piece that was close enough, with a bit of fitting it worked.

However foam is not strong in bending, a skeg sees side loads most of the time, even with a fabric skin, the foam would fail from paddling or hitting rocks or trees. This became another point for some wood reinforcement, I glued a strip of wood along the top of the skeg, trimming it to fit exactly, and another that runs down the back of the boat and the trailing edge of the skeg.

I used more GG to glue them on. After applying fabric to the inside of the cockpit, I then painted the whole boat with exterior house paint, in my favorite color. My parents have a small pond behind their house, we were all getting together for the weekend there anyway, so I launched Seafoam, and we all enjoyed the rest of the mice on the pond.

Being a joker, I also brought foam scraps left over from building. I had my daughter take another picture of me standing in the lake with the off cuts floating around me. I told the foamies on TnTTT.

Meanwhile I launched Seafoam, got a picture in the boat, then took her out for a spin. On the water the weight isn't noticed, the V bottom is a bit faster though. After a bit of chasing the kids in their mice, and exploring the stump and rock infested edges of the pond, I began to trust the strength of the hull. I went looking for stuff to run up on, then forced the hull over what ever it was, instead of backing off, or tipping the hull to float off.

Then I went back to the shore and checked out the damage. The faomies all know small dents like hail damage, or grooves from tree branches are easy to remove from a foamie trailer, just put a thin towel over the damage, and using a steam iron, iron the divots out. TBII and foam are both activated by heat, they swell up, and are put into shape by the iron. My dad tried the boat out, of course we raced, I had one of my flat bottomed mice, and could just barely pull ahead of him paddling flat out.

He has had a couple heart operations, has a few more pounds on me, and isn't a regular paddler like I am. The V bottom is just faster! That evening I checked back in with the foamies, one of them had finally questioned if that was really parts of the boat floating around. I had a good laugh and shared the pictures of Seafoam afloat. Get the plans, since Gavin Atkin is such a nice guy, giving the plans away free, and also giving tons of advice on line for free though not on foamies do him a favor, he published a book and that is the only money he gets from the whole deal.

Buy a copy and in it you will find plans for a bunch more boats to fire the imagination and get you started. I've already gotten pictures of other foam kayaks, including a mouseboat, in the comments on my Sawfish foam kayak I'ble, from a builder far away.

As far as tweaks to make the mouse better, I ended up adding a rib of foam 1" deep and 1" wide the full length of the center seam. Such a short boat just needs more to help it go straight. This past summer Seafoam has been on many trips, including a camping trip in the Adirondacks, where the only access is by boat. The deck hatches come in very handy for this.

We each have a bucket or two with our clothes in them, when it is time to launch we just unscrew the deck hatch, stuff as much smaller loose gear into the cargo tank as possible, then drop a bucket in the ring in the deck. We also carried our 5 gallon drinking water jug in a ring the same way. The Gama seal lids are carried in the cockpit for the trip out and back.

As you can see, I still haven't finished putting the fabric inside the cockpit or on the new decks. I will get around to it someday, but I have other projects going on, and this boat does just fine without the skin on the decks.

As soon as you start planning to build a boat, you also need to keep an eye out for the gear to use it safely. Try some on at a walmart or boating store, if the prices or scare you off, or they don't have paddling ones, Amazon and Ebay, even Craigslist are good options. I have a variety, mostly from Amazon.

For a better selection check out the walmart website with free shipping to your nearest store. I prefer blades that are brightly colored, as they tend to flash in the sun, increasing your safety on the water through better visibility. I keep all of my paddles in one paddle quiver bag to protect them and keep them organized. I always carry my phone in the boat for safety. I also use the here app for data free GPS positioning and maps. GPS trip recorder is another free app I use to track where I've been, as well as time, speed, and distance.

I keep the phone in a phone dry bag that allows me to hear music, and take pictures through it. I may have mentioned that I got the idea of fabric covered foam from the teardrop building site tnttt. I built this boat, and many more foam boats, to figure out the best ways to build my own foam camper.

I never expected anyone to want to build a foam mouseboat, so I didn't share much about it for the first year I had it. When I finally made and released the instrucatable I was shocked by the response. I had 33, hits in just a few days, and the numbers just keep jumping every day.

Thanks to all of you for your interest, and for the votes that brought this instructable a 1st place win in the hand tools contest! I was even more surprised by the short time it took for builders to start sending me shots of their foam mouseboats.

He also sent me a picture of his FOF fabric on foam version of a Nick Schade Ganymede , the kayak design he gives away free for adults. I like how he even copied my original hatch idea. The builder in Australia knows GPW from the web, and has flown some of those foam airplanes! He added a foam and wood bracket to the read deck to allow a trolling motor to be clamped on.

He included a video of his boat, zipping around with his 30 lb thrust motor. He also showed his own hatch idea, the tops of beer brewing containers. The white Mouseboat was the fourth foam boat I received pictures of, as far as I know, he didn't ask me anything first, just went ahead and built a great boat!

The board across the back is a long board type skateboard. I would love to see a picture of him cruising on his board towing the mouse on the dolly he built! David Cutts has been working on his foam mouseboat for a few months, his quality of build and detailed paint job make my boats look ugly in comparison. He told me he was interested in using his mouseboat to get close to wildlife for great pictures. If you share your pictures in the comments below, I would love to share them to show everyone else.

If you have a name for your boat, I would love to hear it, and a general idea of what state or country you are in. In Austin originated and remains the site for South by Southwest stylized as SXSW and colloquially referred to as South By , an annual conglomeration of parallel film, interactive media , and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March. Emerging from a strong economic focus on government and education, since the s Austin has become a center for technology and business.

Dell 's worldwide headquarters is located in the nearby suburb of Round Rock. The area's earliest known inhabitants lived during the late Pleistocene Ice Age and are linked to the Clovis culture around BC over 11, years ago , based on evidence found throughout the area and documented at the much-studied Gault Site , midway between Georgetown and Fort Hood. When settlers arrived from Europe, the Tonkawa tribe inhabited the area.

The Comanches and Lipan Apaches were also known to travel through the area. During the s, pioneers began to settle the area in central Austin along the Colorado River. Spanish forts were established in what are now Bastrop and San Marcos.

In �, Texans fought and won independence from Mexico. Texas thus became an independent country with its own president, congress, and monetary system. After Vice President Mirabeau B. Lamar visited the area during a buffalo -hunting expedition between and , he proposed that the republic's capital, then in Houston , be relocated to the area situated on the north bank of the Colorado River near the present-day Congress Avenue Bridge.

In , the site was chosen to replace Houston as the capital of the Republic of Texas and was incorporated under the name "Waterloo". Shortly afterward, the name was changed to Austin in honor of Stephen F. Austin , the "Father of Texas" and the republic's first secretary of state. The city grew throughout the 19th century and became a center for government and education with the construction of the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas at Austin.

In , the Texas Congress formed a commission to seek a site for a new capital to be named for Stephen F. Lamar, second president of the newly formed Republic of Texas, advised the commissioners to investigate the area named Waterloo, noting the area's hills, waterways, and pleasant surroundings.

Edwin Waller was picked by Lamar to survey the village and draft a plan laying out the new capital. Waller and a team of surveyors developed Austin's first city plan , commonly known as the Waller Plan , dividing the site into a block grid plan bisected by a broad north�south thoroughfare, Congress Avenue, running up from the river to Capital Square, where the new Texas State Capitol was to be constructed.

A temporary one-story capitol was erected on the corner of Colorado and 8th Streets. On August 1, , the first auction of out of lots total was held. Travis County was established in , and the surrounding counties were mostly established within the next two decades. Initially, the new capital thrived but Lamar's political enemy, Sam Houston , used two Mexican army incursions to San Antonio as an excuse to move the government.

Sam Houston fought bitterly against Lamar's decision to establish the capital in such a remote wilderness. The men and women who traveled mainly from Houston to conduct government business were intensely disappointed as well. By , the population had risen to , of whom nearly half fled from Austin when Congress recessed. Upon threats of Mexican troops in Texas, Houston raided the Land Office to transfer all official documents to Houston for safe keeping in what was later known as the Archive War , but the people of Austin would not allow this unaccompanied decision to be executed.

The documents stayed, but the capital would temporarily move from Austin to Houston to Washington-on-the-Brazos. Without the governmental body, Austin's population declined to a low of only a few hundred people throughout the early s.

The voting by the fourth President of the Republic, Anson Jones , and Congress, who reconvened in Austin in , settled the issue to keep Austin the seat of government, as well as annex the Republic of Texas into the United States. The postwar period saw dramatic population and economic growth. In September , Austin public schools held their first classes. The University of Texas held its first classes in , although classes had been held in the original wooden state capitol for four years before.

During the s, Austin gained new prominence as the state capitol building was completed in and claimed as the seventh largest building in the world. In the s and s, Austin launched a series of civic development and beautification projects that created much of the city's infrastructure and many of its parks.

These projects were enabled in large part because the Public Works Administration provided Austin with greater funding for municipal construction projects than other Texas cities. During the early twentieth century, a three-way system of social segregation emerged in Austin, with Anglos, African Americans and Mexicans being separated by custom or law in most aspects of life, including housing, health care, and education.

Many of the municipal improvement programs initiated during this period�such as the construction of new roads, schools, and hospitals�were deliberately designed to institutionalize this system of segregation. Deed restrictions also played an important role in residential segregation. After most housing deeds prohibited African Americans and sometimes other nonwhite groups from using land. In , the destroyed granite dam on the Colorado River was finally replaced by a hollow concrete dam [52] that formed Lake McDonald now called Lake Austin and which has withstood all floods since.

The growth generated by this boom largely passed by Austin at first, with the city slipping from fourth largest to 10th largest in Texas between and After the midth century, Austin became established as one of Texas' major metropolitan centers. In , the U. Census Bureau reported Austin's population as The University of Texas at Austin emerged as a major university. The s saw Austin's emergence in the national music scene, with local artists such as Willie Nelson , Asleep at the Wheel , and Stevie Ray Vaughan and iconic music venues such as the Armadillo World Headquarters.

Over time, the long-running television program Austin City Limits , its namesake Austin City Limits Festival, and the South by Southwest music festival solidified the city's place in the music industry. Austin, the southernmost state capital of the contiguous 48 states, is located in Central Texas.

Austin is miles km northwest of Houston , [55] miles km south of Dallas [56] and 74 miles km northeast of San Antonio. In , the city occupied a total area of Approximately 7.

Long that is partly used for cooling water for the Decker Power Plant. Mansfield Dam and the foot of Lake Travis are located within the city's limits. The elevation of Austin varies from feet m to approximately 1, feet m above sea level.

The lakes also provide venues for boating, swimming, and other forms of recreation within several parks on the lake shores. Austin is located at the intersection of four major ecological regions, and is consequently a temperate-to-hot green oasis with a highly variable climate having some characteristics of the desert, the tropics, and a wetter climate.

The soils of Austin range from shallow, gravelly clay loams over limestone in the western outskirts to deep, fine sandy loams, silty clay loams, silty clays or clays in the city's eastern part. Some of the clays have pronounced shrink-swell properties and are difficult to work under most moisture conditions.

Many of Austin's soils, especially the clay-rich types, are slightly to moderately alkaline and have free calcium carbonate. However, since the s, many new high-rise towers have been constructed. Downtown's buildings are somewhat spread out, partly due to a set of zoning restrictions that preserve the view of the Texas State Capitol from various locations around Austin, known as the Capitol View Corridors.

At night, parts of Austin are lit by "artificial moonlight" from moonlight towers built to illuminate the central part of the city. Only 15 of the 31 original innovative towers remain standing in Austin, but none remain in any of the other cities where they were installed. The towers are featured in the film Dazed and Confused.

The central business district of Austin is home to the tallest condo towers in the state, with The Independent 58 stories and feet metres tall and The Austonian topping out at 56 floors and feet metres tall. The Independent became the tallest all-residential building in the U. In , then-Mayor Will Wynn set out a goal of having 25, people living downtown by As of December [update] , there were 31 high-rise projects either under construction, approved or planned to be completed in Austin's downtown core between and Sixteen of those were set to rise above feet metres tall, including four above ', and eight above '.

An additional 15 towers were slated to stand between ' and ' tall. Austin is located within the middle of a unique, narrow transitional zone between the dry deserts of the American Southwest Gulf Coast Boating Maps Website and the lush, green, more humid regions of the American Southeast. Its climate, topography, and vegetation share characteristics of both.

This climate is typified by very long and hot summers, short and mild winters, and pleasantly warm spring and fall seasons in-between. Austin averages Sunshine is common during all seasons, with 2, hours, or It is common for a lengthy series of warm, dry, low-humidity days to be occasionally interrupted by very warm and humid days, and vice versa.

Humidity rises with winds from the east or southeast, when the air drifts inland from the Gulf of Mexico , but decreases significantly with winds from the west or southwest, bringing air flowing from Chihuahuan Desert areas of West Texas or northern Mexico. Winters in Austin are mild with cool nights, although occasional short-lived bursts of cold weather known as " Blue Northers " can occur.

Lows in the upper 30s also occur commonly during the winter. Conversely, winter months are also capable of occasionally producing warm days. Roughly every two years Austin experiences an ice storm that freezes roads over and cripples travel in the city for 24 to 48 hours. Typical of Central Texas , severe weather in Austin is a threat that can strike during any season. However, it is most common during the spring. According to most classifications, Austin lies within the extreme southern periphery of Tornado Alley , although many sources place Austin outside of Tornado Alley altogether.

From October through September , both major reporting stations in Austin, Camp Mabry and Bergstrom Int'l, had the least rainfall of a water year on record, receiving less than a third of normal precipitation. David Brown, a regional official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, explained that "these kinds of droughts will have effects that are even more extreme in the future, given a warming and drying regional climate.

In Fall , Austin and surrounding areas received heavy rainfall and flash flooding following Hurricane Sergio. According to the United States Census , [99] the racial composition of Austin was At the United States Census , [] there were , people, , households, and , families residing in the city roughly comparable in size to San Francisco, Leeds, UK ; and Ottawa, Ontario , Canada.

The population density was 2, There were , housing units at an average density of 1, There were , households, out of which The average household size was 2. In the city, the population was spread out, with The median age was 30 years. For every females, there were About 9. A University of Texas study stated that Austin was the only U.

As of [update] , Austin's African American and non-Hispanic white percentage share of the total population is declining despite the actual number of both ethnic groups increasing.

The rapid growth of the Latino or Hispanic and Asian populations have outpaced all other ethnic groups in the city. According to a survey completed in by Gallup , it is estimated that 5. According to Sperling's BestPlaces , The community is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America. The same study says that eastern faiths including Buddhism , Sikhism , and Hinduism made up 0.

Judaism forms less than 0. As of , there were 2, individuals experiencing homelessness in Travis County. Of those, 1, were sheltered and 1, were unsheltered. In June , following a federal court ruling on homelessness sleeping in public, [] the Austin City Council lifted a year-old ban on camping, sitting, or lying down in public unless doing so causes an obstruction.

The resolution also included the approval of a new housing-focused shelter in South Austin. The region's rapid growth has led Forbes to rank the Austin metropolitan area number one among all big cities for jobs for in their annual survey and WSJ Marketwatch to rank the area number one for growing businesses. In , Facebook accepted a grant to build a downtown office that could bring as many as jobs to the city. Austin is also emerging as a hub for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; the city is home to about 85 of them.

Whole Foods Market , an international grocery store chain specializing in fresh and packaged food products, was founded and is headquartered in Austin.

Austin's VC numbers were so strong in that they accounted for more than 60 percent of Texas' total investments. This motto has not only been used in promoting Austin's eccentricity and diversity, but is also meant to bolster support of local independent businesses.

Austin has a long history of vocal citizen resistance to development projects perceived to degrade the environment, or to threaten the natural and cultural landscapes. According to the Nielsen Company , adults in Austin read and contribute to blogs more than those in any other U.

This area is home to coffee shops, eccentric stores, restaurants, food trucks, trailers, and festivals. It prides itself on "Keeping Austin Weird," especially with development in the surrounding area s. Many Austinites attribute its enduring popularity to the magnificent and unobstructed view of the Texas State Capitol.

The Rainey Street Historic District is a neighborhood in Downtown Austin consisting mostly of bungalow style homes built in the early 20th century. Since the early s, the former working class residential street has turned into a popular nightlife district. Much of the historic homes have been renovated into bars and restaurants, many of which feature large porches and outdoor yards for patrons. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. The growth and popularity of Austin [] can be seen by the expansive development taking place in its downtown landscape.

This city was never about money. It was about quality of life. The O. Henry House Museum hosts the annual O. Henry Pun-Off , a pun contest where the successful contestants exhibit wit akin to that of the author William Sydney Porter.

The Trail of Lights was canceled four times, first starting in and due to the September 11 Attacks, and again in and due to budget shortfalls, but the trail was turned back on for the holiday season. Austin is perhaps best known for its Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Franklin Barbecue is perhaps Austin's most famous barbecue restaurant; the restaurant has sold out of brisket every day since its establishment.

Terry's , an Austin-based fast food burger chain, has a loyal following among Austinites. Austin is also home to a large number of food trucks , with 1, food trucks operating in Austin has a large craft beer scene, with over 50 microbreweries in the metro area. As Austin's official slogan is The Live Music Capital of the World , the city has a vibrant live music scene with more music venues per capita than any other U.

The concentration of restaurants, bars, and music venues in the city's downtown core is a major contributor to Austin's live music scene, as the ZIP Code encompassing the downtown entertainment district hosts the most bar or alcohol-serving establishments in the U.

A movie theater chain by the name of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was founded in Austin in ; the South Lamar location of which is home to the annual week-long Fantastic Fest film festival. Austin has been the location for a number of motion pictures, partly due to the influence of The University of Texas at Austin Department of Radio-Television-Film. In order to draw future film projects to the area, the Austin Film Society has converted several airplane hangars from the former Mueller Airport into filmmaking center Austin Studios.

Rooster Teeth Productions , creator of popular web series such as Red vs. Austin has a strong theater culture, with dozens of itinerant and resident companies producing a variety of work.

The Church of the Friendly Ghost is a volunteer-run arts organization supporting creative expression and counter-culture community. Austin hosts the Fuse Box Festival each April featuring theater artists. The Paramount Theatre , opened in downtown Austin in , contributes to Austin's theater and film culture, showing classic films throughout the summer and hosting regional premieres for films such as Miss Congeniality.

The Long Center for the Performing Arts is a 2,seat theater built partly with materials reused from the old Lester E. Palmer Auditorium. Ballet Austin is the fourth largest ballet academy in the country. The city is also home to the Ballet East Dance Company , a modern dance ensemble, and the Tapestry Dance Company which performs a variety of dance genres. Austin also hosts the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, which draws comedic artists in all disciplines to Austin.

The Texas State Capitol itself is also a major tourist attraction. The Driskill Hotel , built in , once owned by George W. Littlefield , and located at 6th and Brazos streets, was finished just before the construction of the Capitol building. Sixth Street is a musical hub for the city. The Enchanted Forest, a multi-acre outdoor music, art, and performance art space in South Austin hosts events such as fire-dancing and circus-like-acts. Austin is also home to the O. Henry House Museum, which served as the residence of O.

Henry from to Farmers' markets are popular attractions, providing a variety of locally grown and often organic foods.

Jeremiah the Innocent frog mural. The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge houses the world's largest urban population of Mexican free-tailed bats. Starting in March, [] [] up to 1. Every evening around sunset, the bats emerge in search of insects, an exit visible on weather radar.

Watching the bat emergence is an event that is popular with locals and tourists, with more than , viewers per year. The bats migrate to Mexico each winter.

The Austin Zoo , located in unincorporated western Travis County , is a rescue zoo that provides sanctuary to displaced animals from a variety of situations, including those involving neglect. Also known as "Castle Hill" or simply "Graffiti Park," the site on Baylor Street was closed to the public in early January but remained intact, behind a fence and with an armed guard, in mid-March Austin is the most populous city in the United States without a major-league professional sports team , which will change in with Austin FC entry to MLS.

Natural features like the bicycle-friendly Texas Hill Country and generally mild climate make Austin the home of several endurance and multi-sport races and communities. The Capitol 10, is the largest 10 k race in Texas, and approximately fifth largest in the United States. Additionally, the city is home to the largest 5 mile race in Texas, [] named the Turkey Trot as it is run annually on thanksgiving.

Started in by Thundercloud Subs, a local sandwich chain who still sponsors the event , the event has grown to host over 20, runners. All proceeds are donated to Caritas of Austin, a local charity.

The Austin-founded American Swimming Association hosts several swim races around town. Austin is also the hometown of several cycling groups and the disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. Guerrero Colorado River Park.

To strengthen the region's parks system, which spans more than 29, acres 11, ha , The Austin Parks Foundation APF was established in to develop and improve parks in and around Austin. APF works to fill the city's park funding gap by leveraging volunteers, philanthropists, park advocates, and strategic collaborations to develop, maintain and enhance Austin's parks, trails and green spaces. The lake is a popular recreational area for paddleboards , kayaks , canoes , dragon boats , and rowing shells.

Austin's warm climate and the river's calm waters, nearly 6 miles 9. Other recreational attractions along the shores of the lake include swimming in Deep Eddy Pool , the oldest swimming pool in Texas, and Red Bud Isle, a small island formed by the collapse of the McDonald Dam that serves as a recreation area with a dog park and access to the lake for canoeing and fishing. A local nonprofit, The Trail Foundation, is the Trail's private steward and has built amenities and infrastructure including trailheads, lakefront gathering areas, restrooms, exercise equipment, as well as doing Trailwide ecological restoration work on an ongoing basis.

The Butler Trail loop was completed in with the public-private partnership 1-mile Boardwalk project. Along the shores of Lady Bird Lake is the acre ha Zilker Park , which contains large open lawns, sports fields, cross country courses, historical markers, concession stands, and picnic areas.

The Barton Creek Greenbelt is a 7. Popular activities include rock climbing , mountain biking, and hiking.

During years of heavy rainfall, the water level of the creek rises high enough to allow swimming , cliff diving , kayaking , and tubing. Austin is home to more than 50 public pools and swimming holes.

These include Deep Eddy Pool , Texas' oldest man-made swimming pool, and Barton Springs Pool , the nation's largest natural swimming pool in an urban area. Both range in temperature from about Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool that was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. The pool, located about 23 miles 37 km west of Austin, is a popular summer swimming spot for visitors and residents.

Hamilton Pool Preserve consists of acres 0. Camping is legal on all public property except in front of City Hall since However, "Other areas where camping remains banned include any city park space, under Austin Parks and Recreation rules. That includes downtown green spaces as well as trails and greenbelts such as along Barton Creek. The park includes several designated hiking trails and campsites with water and electric.

The namesake features of the park are the scenic upper and lower falls along Onion Creek. The acres ha Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a botanical garden and arboretum that features more than species of native Texas plants in both garden and natural settings; the Wildflower Center is located 10 miles 16 km southwest of Downtown in Circle C Ranch.

Guerrero Park is located along the Colorado River in East Riverside and contains miles of wooded trails, a sandy beach along the river, and a disc golf course.

The mount provides a vista for viewing the city of Austin, Lake Austin, and the surrounding hills. Founded in , the club moved to its third and present site in , which features a challenging layout designed by noted course architect Pete Dye.

The city had 39 homicides in , the most since FBI statistics show that overall violent and property crimes dropped in Austin in , but increased in suburban areas of the city. One of the first American school mass-shooting incidents took place in Austin on August 1, , when a gunman shot 43 people, killing 13 from the top of the University of Texas tower see University of Texas tower shooting. A series of bombings occurred in Austin in March In , Austin was the victim of a cyberattack by the Russian group Berserk Bear , possibly related to the United States federal government data breach.

Austin is administered by an member city council 10 council members elected by geographic district plus a mayor elected at large. The council is accompanied by a hired city manager under the manager-council system of municipal governance. Council and mayoral elections are non-partisan, with a runoff in case there is no majority winner. November marked the first election under the new system. The Federal government had forced San Antonio and Dallas to abandon at-large systems before ; however, the court could not show a racist pattern in Austin and upheld the city's at-large system during a lawsuit.

In five elections between and Austin voters rejected single-member districts. Austin formerly operated its city hall at West 8th Street. Law enforcement in Austin is provided by the Austin Police Department , except for state government buildings, which are patrolled by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Fire protection within the city limits is provided by the Austin Fire Department , while the surrounding county is divided into twelve geographical areas known as emergency services districts, which are covered by separate regional fire departments.

Mayor Steve Adler D. Austin is the county seat of Travis County and hosts the Heman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse downtown, as well as other county government offices. Austin is known as an enclave of liberal politics in an otherwise conservative state�so much so, that the city is sometimes sarcastically called the "People's Republic of Austin" by residents of other parts of Texas, and conservatives in the Texas Legislature.

Since redistricting following the United States Census, Austin has been divided between six congressional districts at the federal level: Texas's 35th , Texas's 25th , Texas's 10th , Texas's 21st , Texas's 17th , and Texas's 31st.

Texas's 35th congressional district is represented by Democrat Lloyd Doggett. The other five districts are represented by Republicans, of whom only one, Michael McCaul of the 10th district, lives in Travis County. As a result of the major party realignment that began in the s, central Austin became a stronghold of the Democratic Party , while the suburbs tend to vote Republican.

Overall, the city is a blend of downtown liberalism and suburban conservatism but leans to the political left as a whole. Bush successfully ran for president. In , the Democrats rebounded strongly as John Kerry enjoyed a City residents have been supportive of alternative candidates; for example, Ralph Nader won Two of the candidates for president in the race called Austin home.

During the run up to the election in November, a presidential debate was held at the University of Texas at Austin student union involving the two candidates.

While the Commission on Presidential Debates only invites Democrats and Republicans to participate in televised debates, the debate at UT was open to all presidential candidates.

Austin also hosted one of the last presidential debates between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their heated race for the Democratic nomination in In the presidential election, Travis County, which contains the majority of Austin, voted for Hillary Clinton D by a A controversial turning point in the political history of the Austin area was the Texas redistricting.

Before then, Austin had been entirely or almost entirely within the borders of a single congressional district�what was then the 10th District�for over a century. Opponents characterized the resulting district layout as excessively partisan gerrymandering , and the plan was challenged in court by Democratic and minority activists. The Supreme Court of the United States has never struck down a redistricting plan for being excessively partisan.

The plan was subsequently upheld by a three-judge federal panel in late , and on June 28, , the matter was largely settled when the Supreme Court, in a 7�2 decision, upheld the entire congressional redistricting plan with the exception of a Hispanic-majority district in southwest Texas. This affected Austin's districting, as U. Lloyd Doggett 's district U. Congressional District 25 was found to be insufficiently compact to compensate for the reduced minority influence in the southwest district; it was redrawn so that it took in most of southeastern Travis County and several counties to its south and east.

The distinguishing political movement of Austin politics has been that of the environmental movement, which spawned the parallel neighborhood movement, then the more recent conservationist movement as typified by the Hill Country Conservancy , [] and eventually the current ongoing debate about "sense of place" and preserving the Austin quality of life. Much of the environmental movement has matured into a debate on issues related to saving and creating an Austin "sense of place.

However, the ban ended in due to a court ruling that regarded all bag bans in the state to contravene the Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act.

Austin is home to the University of Texas at Austin , the flagship institution of the University of Texas System with over 40, undergraduate students and 11, graduate students. Other institutions of higher learning in Austin include St. The Austin area has 29 public school districts, 17 charter schools and 69 private schools. Two districts�Eanes and Round Rock�are rated "gold medal," the highest of the magazine's cost-performance categories. Austin has a large network of private and alternative education institutions for children in preschoolth grade exists.

Austin is also home to child developmental institutions. Austin's main daily newspaper is the Austin American-Statesman. Austin's business newspaper is the weekly Austin Business Journal. Texas Monthly , a major regional magazine, is also headquartered in Austin.

The Texas Observer , a muckraking biweekly political magazine, has been based in Austin for over five decades. The weekly Community Impact Newspaper published by John Garrett, former publisher of the Austin Business Journal has five regional editions and is delivered to every house and business within certain ZIP codes and all of the news is specific to those ZIP codes.

Smith co-founded the Texas Tribune , a nonprofit, non-partisan public media organization, with Austin venture capitalist John Thornton and veteran journalist Ross Ramsey.

KUT-FM is the leading public radio station in Texas and produces the majority of its content locally. In , In , 6. The national average was 8. Austin averaged 1.

In mid, TomTom ranked Austin as having the worst traffic congestion in Texas, as well as 19th nationally and th globally.

Central Austin lies between two major north�south freeways: Interstate 35 to the east and the Mopac Expressway Loop 1 to the west. Highway runs from northwest to southeast, and State Highway 71 crosses the southern part of the city from east to west, completing a rough "box" around central and north-central Austin.

Austin is the largest city in the United States to be served by only one Interstate Highway. Highway enters Austin from the east and merges into Interstate Its highway designation continues south on I and then becomes part of Highway 71, continuing to the west. Highway splits from Highway 71 in southwest Austin, in an interchange known as "The Y. Interstate 35 is the highway link to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex in northern Texas.

Highway leads northwest of Austin toward Lampasas. The iconic Pennybacker Bridge , also known as the " Bridge," crosses Lake Austin to connect the northern and southern portions of Loop State Highway is a bypass route designed to relieve traffic congestion, starting from Interstate 35 just north of Georgetown and running along a parallel route to the east, where it bypasses Round Rock , Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels before ending at Interstate 10 east of Seguin , where drivers could drive 30 miles 48 km west to return to Interstate 35 in San Antonio.

The first segment was opened in November , which was located east of Austin�Bergstrom International Airport at Austin's southeast corner on State Highway Highway runs concurrently with Highway 45 from Pflugerville on the north until it reaches US well south of Austin, at which point SR 45 continues west. The entire route of State Highway is now complete. The final leg opened on November 1, A tolled extension of State Highway Loop 1 was also created.

Officially, the tollway will be dubbed Tollway with "Manor Expressway" as nickname. Despite the overwhelming initial opposition to the toll road concept when it was first announced, all three toll roads have exceeded revenue projections. The airport is on the site of the former Bergstrom Air Force Base , which was closed in as part of the Base Realignment and Closure process.

Austin Executive Airport serves the general aviation coming into the city, as well as other smaller airports outside of the city center. An Amtrak Texas Eagle station is located in west downtown. Railway segments between Austin and San Antonio have been evaluated for a proposed regional passenger rail project called "Lone Star Rail".

However, failure to come to an agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad , the tracks' current owner, ended the project in The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority "Capital Metro" provides public transportation to the city, primarily by bus.

Some heavily utilized routes feature articulated buses. Capital Metro opened a mile 51 km commuter rail system known as Capital MetroRail on March 22, Future expansion could include a line to Manor and another to Round Rock. Capital Metro has also explored building a light rail system to connect the MetroRail line to key destinations in Central Austin. Capital Metro returned in with a major transit expansion plan called Project Connect, which was comfortably passed by voters on the November ballot.

In Summer , Capital Metro began testing autonomous electric shuttles on Downtown streets. Austin is served by several ride-sharing companies including Uber , Lyft , and RideAustin. The city was previously served by Fasten until they ceased all operations in the city in March The City of Austin is partnered with Austin B-Cycle , a nonprofit bike-sharing service with 63 stations in and around downtown for human-powered and electric bicycles. In , scooter-sharing companies Lime and Bird debuted rentable electric scooters in Austin.

The city also has access to carsharing services from Zipcar. Austin is known as the most bike-friendly city in Texas, and was ranked the 7 city in the US by Bicycling Magazine in The city's bike advocacy organization is Bike Austin. Bicycles are a popular transportation choice among students, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas.

A study by Walk Score ranked Austin 35th most walkable of the 50 largest U. Downtown Austin scored 88 points out of a possible , with the West Campus neighborhood scoring 87, and East Austin scoring Austin has two types of relationships with other cities, sister and friendship. Austin's sister cities are: [].

The cities of Belo Horizonte , Brazil and Elche , Spain were formerly sister cities, but upon a vote of the Austin City Council in , their status was de-activated. Covenants between two city leaders: []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Austin texas. For other uses, see Austin disambiguation.

This article is about the capital city of Texas. It is not to be confused with Austin County, Texas. Capital of Texas, United States.

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